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Bike Maintenance Basics

Hi Gang. REI is giving a free course on Bike Maintenance Basics on August 5th at 7pm to 8:30pm. Go here for details:
George J. Waldbusser
Jul 31

Canoe Trip 8/1

Hey Gang - Next Saturday is the canoe trip, and it's time to reserve a canoe if you're going. Info is on our website, and repeated here for your convenience.
George J. Waldbusser
Jul 26

Photo from our 6/20 Jones Beach ride

Hi Gang. A photo from our 6/20 Jones Beach ride is available: http://www.bikearoundlongisland.com/p150620Jones%20Beach/p150620.htm Enjoy. George.
George J. Waldbusser
Jun 24

Saturday's Jones Beach Ride

Hi Gang. So far, we should be able to ride, but bring the rain gear if we do. The forecast that I'm looking at, for Jones Beach, Says "overcast with a slight
George J. Waldbusser
Jun 19

Re: Jones Beach Bikeway

Actually, bike paths have 3 times more accidents per mile ridden than roads do, as I recall the stats. I believe this is because the rules of the road aren't
Jun 16

Jones Beach Bikeway

Hi Everyone, This past weekend there were 7 bike crashes on the stretch from Cedar Creek to the beach, that required emergency response. Just a reminder to be
Jun 16

Ride scheduled for 6/20/15 - Jones Beach

Hi Gang. I've updated our schedule (http://www.bikearoundlongisland.com/schedule.htm) to include a ride on 6/20/15 from Bethpage to Jones Beach. See you soon.
George J. Waldbusser
Jun 16

Photos for 6/13/15 Riverhead Ride

Hi Gang. Photos for the 6/13/15 ride are here: http://www.bikearoundlongisland.com/p150613Riverhead/p150613.htm Enjoy. George.
George J. Waldbusser
Jun 16

Photos are available fir the Montauk trip.

Hi Gang. Photos are available fir the Montauk trip. http://www.bikearoundlongisland.com/p150606Montauk/p150606.htm George.
George J. Waldbusser
Jun 11


Hi Gang. We have the Riverhead ride scheduled for Saturday. The Weather Service is talking about possible thunderstorms on that day. As always, call my
George J. Waldbusser
Jun 11


Hi Gang.  My hotel room's phone is out of service.  If you need to reach me in Montauk on Saturday, please either email me early, or call my cell phone
Jun 5

More photos

Hi Gang. I've added some Bridgehampton photos, compliments of Margaret. http://www.bikearoundlongisland.com/p150509Bridgehampton/p150509.htm And, a photo of
George J. Waldbusser
May 31

9x12 Camping Tent (plus other stuff at extra cost) - $100

Hi Gang. If anyone is interested in a like-new camping tent, I'm selling one, along with other stuff. http://longisland.craigslist.org/spo/5042300328.html
George J. Waldbusser
May 25

Added a few photos for the Bridgehampton ride

Hi Gang. I've added a few photos from Dennis for the Bridgehampton ride. http://www.bikearoundlongisland.com/p150509Bridgehampton/p150509.htm George.
George J. Waldbusser
May 19

Photos for 5/9/15 Bridgehampton ride

Hi Gang. Photos are available for the 5/9/15 Bridgehampton ride. Enjoy. George.
George J. Waldbusser
May 15
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