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Re: [Big_Eldorado] Re: The Disaster... Now what?

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  • Todd Overton
    Joe, I know that it is easy to dole out advice when you aren t the one that is going through the crisis. So take what I am about to say with a grain of
    Message 1 of 106 , Nov 1, 2007
      I know that it is easy to dole out "advice" when you aren't the one that is going through the crisis.  So take what I am about to say with a grain of salt. Personally, I wouldn't call it quits just yet.  Even if you take the insurance company's pathetic offer and try to wipe the slate clean to start over again, you will always look back at this ordeal and get high blood pressure.  We can say that we will just forget about it and let it go, but most of us can't do it and just from chatting with you through this forum, I would bet that you fall into that category as well.  Take a chapter from my wonderful life story.  I had to battle the IRS for over a year.  Needless to say, I was scared stiff and always had a big knot in the pit of my stomach.  The good thing is that it didn't end horribly like I though that it would.  I just knew that we would be forced into bankruptcy, but it didn't happen thank goodness.  We still paid a couple thousand dollars, but that was just a drop in the bucket from what the auditor originally "calculated".  And without going into any sordid details.....no we weren't cheating on our taxes.  We had a small business and I made the mistake of doing my own taxes with Turbotax.  My point of this little story is that if I had decided to just throw up my hands in defeat, we (my family and I) would have been in a real financial disaster.  I had to force myself to try to chill out and just continue to deal with the issues as they came up. In the end, it all worked out.  Was I happy to have invested all of that time, effort and lost sleep?  Defintely not.  But that is just how life works.  There are always roadblocks and disasters waiting around every corner.  Some people are luckier than others.  I don't feel that I fall into the lucky category, but I do realize that it could all be much worse.
      After saying all of that, I wouldn't like to see you throw in the towel just yet.  I think that you started down the right path in your efforts to file your complaints with the BBB and the State Insurance Commission.  I also think that it is now time to see about pursuing some legal action.  I know that you can find a firm that will be more than willing to take this on.  Someone in a previous post stated the same thing and noted that the lawyer would probably just take a percentage of the expense settlement versus anything from the value of repairing/replacing Miss M.  As I stated before, the insurance company will do whatever they can get away with to pay a lesser settlement or even no settlement at all.  Unfortunately all of the burden is placed on the individual to fight for what they are entitled to.  Don't let them win!  I also would be careful about your public advertisement idea with putting Miss M on display until you speak with an attorney to make sure that the insurance company couldn't counter sue you for slander or some such thing.  But if he tells you that it won't be an issue, then by all means use that tactic as part of your defense arsenal.
      Now on to another side note.  I was shocked to hear you say that you had checked into collector insurance before and had a quote of $1000 dollars?!  Was this because they asked you if you were going to drive this car to work and other routine driving?  I know that my 73 Fleetwood is not a convertible Eldorado, but I insured it with Haggerty for an agreed value of $17,000.  The annual policy cost was $110 per year!  Granted, I do keep both my Cadillacs in secured storage when I am not driving them.  I also have two new daily driver vehicles.  However, I do drive the Cadillacs whenever I want to.  Granted, I won't say whether or not either one of the Cadillacs get driven to work as this is against the policy rules. ;-) Just look at it another way though.  You can drive the car to work, but you have to be willing to accept the fact that if some idoit rams into it while it is parked there, you will have to pay for the repairs yourself.  On the bright side, the policy does encourage pleasure driving and doesn't limit the mileage.  They also don't require any type of yearly mileage verification to check up on you to see if you put 1000 or 10,000 miles on the car.  This doesn't help you with your current problems, but it is food for thought for the future.
      I know that this is way more than two cents worth of B.S.......more like a quarter....Lol.  I wish you the best with whatever path you choose to take on this.
      Take care,

      Joe Rakes <jrakes1@...> wrote:
      Well, I can probably come out OK for what I paid for the car. Almost
      13 years ago. But I happened upon a bargain, then invested a little
      more $$$ plus a tremendous amount of "sweat equity" over the years.
      The most recent was the new top. But, frankly, what I have invested
      is neither here nor there, any more than replacing a burned down
      house that is worth $200,000 now with a $50,000 house, just because
      the house was bought for $40,000 40 years ago and they tacked on
      $10,000 in improvements. What I have invested in the car, $$$-wise,
      would barely buy a parts car.

      The other reality is: I simply don't have the time, and especially
      the facilities, to undertake any major car projects at present. Not
      to mention I don't have any spare stacks of $1,000 bills lying around
      to kick it off up front, hoping to recoup it later.

      The bottom line, I suppose, is that I'm screwed. Just as I knew I
      would be minutes after the crash. I, wrongly, tried to be optimistic
      that there might be one, single insurance person on the face of the
      planet who had a shade of ethics in doing the right thing: A fair
      settlement to make me financially whole. Shame on me for being such a
      naive, positive-thinking idiot.

      Insurance = Screwed. On a good day. It goes downhill from there.


      --- In Big_Eldorado@ yahoogroups. com, "76 Eldorado" <76eldo@...> wrote:
      > The following is none of my business, but if they come up with a
      figure that is equal to what you paid for the car, plus the new top
      and other improvements, you would be back to where you started.
      > Then you could look for another car at your leisure, and the winter
      is a better time to buy (not sell) a convertible. I guess you could
      also part your car out, or sell it as is. If I had a decent 74 Eldo
      CP laying around, and had access to your car, I would be wrenching
      > I would still pursue the medical and pain and suffering too.
      > Hope it all works out.
      > Brian

    • Joe Rakes
      Now THAT S something to be thankful for! Congrats on a lovely holiday, Todd! :-D Joe-Boy ... unfortunate experience. I have no doubt that he will own another
      Message 106 of 106 , Nov 24, 2007
        Now THAT'S something to be thankful for! Congrats on a lovely
        holiday, Todd! :-D


        --- In Big_Eldorado@yahoogroups.com, Todd Overton <tovert@...> wrote:
        > I am glad to hear that Joe won't be dropping the group after his
        unfortunate experience. I have no doubt that he will own another
        Eldo in the not to distant future.
        > As for getting into the holiday spirit, I celebrated the holiday by
        driving both Cadillacs! On Thursday, we took my in-laws and Son to
        dinner in the Big Fleetwood. That allowed me to log about 60 miles
        more on her. Yesterday, I put over 150 miles on the Eldorado driving
        my wife around to several towns looking at furniture. The beauty of
        that (other than getting to drive the Eldo all day) was that after we
        finally got home, we didn't feel totally whipped like we would have
        if we had driven one of our newer cars. There's something to be said
        about riding around all day in a big cushy living room sofa on
        wheels. Lol. The only drawback was the $60 of gas that I had to dump
        into the tank before I put her back into her storage unit. Of
        course, I suppose it was money well spent for such an enjoyable and
        comfortable day. My wife even found furniture that she liked and
        placed an order. The best part is that my wife likes the comfort of
        these cars so she doesn't complain
        > about the cost of the gas or even some of the repairs. I thought
        that she would be griping about me having to spend money on repairs
        for the Fleetwood so soon after buying it. But get this.......She
        said that since the car had less than 16,000 miles on it that it was
        bound to need some work because it was rarely driven over the past 34
        years. I am beginning to wonder if I am living in a new Stepford
        community! I couldn't believe my ears! It has taken me over 22
        years of marriage, but I have finally gotten this woman brainwashed!
        Lol. Hope that everyone has had an enjoyable holiday as well.
        > Take care,
        > Todd
        > Joe Rakes <jrakes1@...> wrote:
        Thanks, Jess!
        > And I'll be sticking around - As I mentioned previously, my love
        > the Big Eldos is undiminished. Frankly, while I'm doing better
        > it, I'm still not quite over losing Miss M, especially in such a
        > manner!
        > But all things considered, the big FB was a more practical
        > replacement at this point. Fortunately, all has gone VERY well
        > finding, getting, and now settling in with him. I'm enjoying him
        > quite a lot!
        > I'll still be piping up with my comments occasionally here, though!
        > Happy Cruising, All!
        > (And I hope all of you who have been celebrating Thanksgiving have
        > had a wonderful holiday!)
        > Joe-Boy
        > --- In Big_Eldorado@yahoogroups.com, "mrjb9475" <mrjb9475@> wrote:
        > >
        > > good to here you in good spirits I have always wanted a
        > too
        > > but i ended up with a 2001 Deville something about bigg caddy's
        > > can't live without i still have my drop top eldo for summer
        > cruising
        > > though. i hope your not done with this group although your
        > fleetwood
        > > isn't an eldo its still part of the family.. c-ya all later Jess
        > >
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