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2458RE: [Big_Eldorado] NOS power antenna

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  • tovert
    Mar 2, 2014

      I would like to purchase one of the antennas.  Also I haven't heard anything back from you about the other parts that I wanted to buy from you a few months ago. 


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      From: Brian Rachlin
      Date:03/02/2014 5:52 PM (GMT-06:00)
      To: Big_Eldorado@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: " "
      Subject: [Big_Eldorado] NOS power antenna


      I have 3 brand new Delco power antennas for 77-78 Eldorado's.  these are NOS Delco in the original boxes. 
      $249.00 each

      Free shipping to members. 

      Thank you,

      Brian Rachlin
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      On Mar 2, 2014, at 6:36 PM, "Joe Rakes" <jrakes1@...> wrote:


      Long time, Gang! My sincere wishes that things are going well for everyone and everybody is enjoying some fun Cadillac Style! I know I am, although I've been out of touch for quite some time. I do still try to keep up, but simply haven't had the time to be involved.


      Life continues to change and, after such a turn 10 yrs ago or so to help take care of my critically ill / dying step-dad, I no longer had the time / facilities to enjoy the classic Caddies as I had, things have taken another turn. Without going into too many details, suffice to say I'm once again shuffled about and am taking care of my critically ill dad. My best friend in the entire world, and it's a totally exhausting and trying situation, although I wouldn't trade it for anything. It is what it is and we do what we have to do! I have a brutal work schedule, but don't begrudge a moment of any of it for his sake!


      But more related to the group: My previous diversion ~10 yrs ago to help in a similar situation with my step-dad, I had to pretty much give up my garage / shop facilities to play with my old cars. Fortunately, my mother & step-dad had a mini-storage facility so I could hold onto the cars. Well, that's changing now. I've moved to take over full-time care (in addition to a full-time+ job w/ a brutal schedule) to look after dad and mom is finally retiring and selling the storage business.


      SO!!! My point: I still have a couple of cars that HAVE to be dispositioned in the next couple of weeks. Definitely no later than the end of March.


      There's the '77 Seville, which some of you might recall. And the '81 Fleetwood, which some of you might recall.


      The Seville: This car has the original Cadillac EFI system, which I totally loved. It was perfectly working when parked. Some of you might recall the rebuild project I undertook some years ago. EVERYTHING from the driveshaft forward and tires upward was totally rebuilt. Total engine (blueprinted) & tranny (data available for all I did,) suspension, steering, ALL ancillary stuff, everything was rebuilt / reconditioned and made "as new." Right down to cleaning the wiring harnesses. The problem was: After about 25k miles, I think a piston broke. Not totally sure. That was about the time I had some major health problems of my own and simply wasn't able to thoroughly diagnose, much less address, so it was parked. Then other life things happened...


      The FB: This is a DEFI / MD car w/ the 368, last of the "big" Cadillac engines. This was a daily driver and had no mechanical problems. The MD was working perfectly when parked. It had some typical era damage due to aging, as well as some body damage from the ex, but was mechanically great and reliable (besides being incredibly comfortable!)


      Both cars have a THM-400 (short tail) and neither had any issues when parked.


      The major issue with both of these cars is the fact they've been sitting for years. I haven't driven the Seville since the problem occurred in '00, and I haven't had a chance to drive the FB since getting the (current daily driver) '94 FB in late '97 (after the '74 Eldo Conv was crashed.) They've simply suffered, much to my dismay, from neglect. Life has dealt some twists and turns, none of which have been in favor of my beloved old Caddies...


      To be honest, I view both of them as "parts cars" at this point, mostly mechanical. They both are in poor condition visually, body and! trim. All accessories (electronic features and such) were in good working order when last driven but, the fact is, they've both been sitting for years. We all know how that takes a toll on things, so I make no promises as to what might still be in good working condition or not. All I can say is that each was a perfectly functioning daily driver when last driven, and both were maintained to the highest standards during their service lives.


      so here's the offer: I HAVE to dispose of both cars by the end of March. No ifs, ands, or buts. And I do NOT want to see either of them go to a salvager / recycler / crusher. I will happily GIVE either / both of these cars to anyone in this group who can come and retrieve them - For parts, for restoration, for whatever, in the interest of our common love and hobby with Classic Cadillacs. Seriously: If any of you can come and get one or both of these vehicles, they are FREE for the offering. I would much rather them be used for that purpose than see them destroyed. If no one can arrange pickup, however, their fate is much more grim - They must be disposed of before the end of March.


      I'm located in Kingsport, in Upper-East Tennessee (the corner next to the VA state line.) The cars are pretty easily accessible just off a major highway (US 11-W) on the west side of town. I would WELCOME any one of you to come and retrieve one or both. I truly do not want to see them disposed of in a brutal manner - These cars have provided me with many miles and years of pleasure and reliable motoring, so I would much prefer to see at least parts of them continue on in the tradition by which our hobby thrives! As such, I will happily and freely donate them for free to anyone who can make use of them.


      I know the weather this winter has been / continues to be an issue. But I would LOVE to donate ! these to an interested party rather than see them destroyed!


      Let me know... They're waiting on you for rescue! :)


      All the best, Happy Motoring and, more importantly, Happy Cadillacing, everyone!






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