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Re: It's Finished! (was My "Lucky Shirt" and pinstriping a bike)

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  • Anne
    Oh that s really beautiful Chris - all credit to you. Cheers, Annie ... friend. ... group ... drive ... that s ... it ... replicate ... the ... with ... cream
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 1, 2007
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      Oh that's really beautiful Chris - all credit to you.



      --- In Bicycle_Restoration@yahoogroups.com, "Chris
      Davis" <spitfire14@...> wrote:
      > I'm sure most of you read my post about my trials and tribulations
      > (below) regarding the restoration of a 1946 JC Higgins for a
      > I'd like to report that I finished the bike on 30 May, and I've
      > posted "before" and "after" shots in the photos section in
      > the "Chris' Bikes" album.
      > -Chris
      > --- In Bicycle_Restoration@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Davis"
      > <spitfire14@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I'm restoring a '46 JC Higgins for a friend. It's one of a
      > > of seven bikes I got on an eBay auction last summer. Had to
      > to
      > > Dayton, Ohio to pick them up. My friend Samantha sees a photo of
      > the
      > > Higgins, complete with the art-deco skirt guards and decides
      > > the bike she wants. She wants me to restore it (and believe me,
      > > needed a complete restoration). However, she wants me to
      > > the style of a paint scheme she saw on a prewar Elgin, but in
      > maroon
      > > and cream with gold pinstriping. Okay, I can do this, I think.
      > > So far, the hard part of the restoration has been progressing
      > > without too many surprises. Now, it's time to set my sights on
      > > paint. Finding the primer and the cream coloured paint was easy,
      > but
      > > maroon? Why is it so hard to find maroon paint in my area? Must
      > be
      > > made of unobtainium. More than likely it's because Samantha
      > > specified that colour. A trip to a local auto parts store, and
      > > hurrah! Maroon paint! I'm pleased with myself as I head home
      > > the paint in the heretofore unobtainable colour.
      > > I bet you're wondering where my lucky shirt comes in. Read on,
      > as
      > > it plays a big part in the painting process.
      > > The weekend found me applying the primer coat to the bike. As
      > the
      > > fenders get parallel cream stripes, I applied a base coat of
      > to
      > > the fenders before applying the maroon. The frame got its maroon
      > > coat of paint without any problems. Then came Monday.
      > > With two days to go before Samantha arrives from Florida to
      > pickup
      > > her bike, why did I think it would be okay to wear my "lucky
      > shirt"?
      > > On a day I need to do some intricate paint work, I don the shirt
      > that
      > > without fail turns me into a blithering klutz. I don't know what
      > it
      > > is about this shirt, but whenever I wear it I either go brainless
      > or
      > > talentless. Whatever I'm working on turns to s**t. So why did I
      > > think it would be okay to wear it on a day I'll be applying
      > > pinstriping? Oh, and did I tell you that I hate to pinstripe? I
      > > don't dislike pinstripes, I just don't like applying them.
      > > Well, I mask off the parallel stripes on the fender and shoot
      > > with the maroon paint. When that dries, I'll apply the gold
      > > pinstriping to the edges of the cream stripes. But wait, the
      > maroon
      > > paint - it crinkling! That didn't happen with the frame! But
      > > frame didn't have the cream base coat. Let me check. The cream,
      > > yes, it's enamel. The maroon auto paint, you guessed it -
      > lacquer.
      > > Wails of despair fill the garage. But wait! The frame didn't
      > > that problem. My primer is compatible with the lacquer. Leaving
      > the
      > > tape in place, I sand off the crinkled maroon lacquer and shoot
      > > another coat of primer. After that dried I shot another coat of
      > > maroon. Good lord, it worked! I'm back on track, and I might be
      > > able to salvage my schedule.
      > > After pulling the tape off the fenders, my cream stripes are
      > > intact. Maybe the "lucky shirt" jinx has been broken. Now it's
      > time
      > > to set my sights on the pinstriping. Did I tell you I hate to
      > > pinstripe?
      > > Well, the idea of me trying to pinstripe is the worst idea
      > > Hitler's father said to his wife, "Let's go upstairs Brunhilde.
      > I'm
      > > feeling a little frisky tonight." I have severe Carpal Tunnel
      > > syndrome in both hands. I have a hard time holding a pen, much
      > less
      > > a paint brush. Well, being the smart individual I am, I decide
      > > try a gold paint marker. You know, the type with the spring
      > > felt tip. Being larger diameter than a paint brush, I might be
      > able
      > > to hold it better. Did I tell you I hate to pinstripe?
      > > Well, I apply the first shaky line of pinstriping. Well,
      > > an even flow of paint with one of those is about as reliable as a
      > > plumber's estimate. So I go back for the second coat, then the
      > > third. By this time, my pinstriping looks reminiscent of
      > > applied by a three year old. I knew I shouldn't have worn my
      > > shirt. Tuesday will find me touching up the cream striping with
      > > paint brush. And the shirt will be in the hamper, if not the
      > > garbage. It's just too much of a liability. Oh, and by the way,
      > did
      > > I tell you I hate to pinstripe?
      > > -Chris
      > >
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