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Out with the old!

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  • Ghost Dancer
    In with a new start! Happy New Year! Some of the changes I under went in the old (last) year. Durring my atempt to become Car Free I electrified a Trek 3700.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
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      In with a new start!

      Happy New Year!

      Some of the changes I under went in the old (last) year.

      Durring my atempt to become "Car Free" I electrified a Trek 3700. My
      idea was to start riding again. Both because I am a former long
      distance cycler & more just to get some of my health back.
      I aquired a 3 wheel bike with the idea of electrifing it also AND
      adding multi gear set to it. I even toyed with the idea of a mid-drive.

      August 1st;
      Car free would not be!
      Not for a while anyway!
      I was on the back seat of a 4 seat golf cart at work. (SeaWorld has
      golf carts for crew transport in & around the park.) Mistakes were
      made, it rolled over. Oddly it was not the fault of the driver, though
      he did make a few mistakes. Mistakes that under normal conditions
      would have been recoverd from.
      Anyway, the cart rolled onto it's passenger side. There were 4 of us
      on it. I was seated on the left (drivers) side and behind the driver.
      The other 3 riders (2 plus driver) were ejected. Tossed clear. They
      all had minor road rash, but no major injuries.
      I was slammed onto the pavement and the the cart landed on me. Not
      over yet, me & the cart slid down hill for several feet. My right leg
      was first crushed then twisted & rolled for several feet. I didn't
      break anything. But I did creatively re-arrange every thing from the
      right knee down. The worst damage seems to be in the ankle joint.
      I have been (and still am) orderd to stay OFF my bike! The
      articulation motion of turning the pedals will damage my ankle.

      Now 5 months later, I still can not walk right.

      Major injury #2;
      The 3rd week of August, SeaWorld announced at a crew meeting that
      "seasonal" employees would be getting some perks & small amounts of
      "bennifits" and that their season would no longer end.
      (I'd been with SeaWorld for over 5 years, hoping to get a "Full Time"
      job. Full Timers get health insurance & retirement plans. And they
      work year-round with paid vacations & holidays. They also get full
      pay, over-time pay for over 40 hrs/wk. Seasonals get no over-time pay,
      no insurance or retirement plans and 2 months off without pay.)
      To announce that the season will no longer end is to say that they've
      found a way to end all Full Time positions. And the "bennifit" was
      insurance ... that you could BUY!
      INSULT added to Injury!
      (Understand that I can not stand beer drinkers! I'd rather see dope
      leagal rather than beer! Dope smokers just go to sleep, beer drinkers
      get 10 feet tall & bullet proof, then they go out to kill people!)
      The employee PERK? You get a free case of beer every month!
      They just had to remind me that SeaWorld is OWNED by Anheuser-Busch!

      So, when another job was offered, I took it.
      As of Oct. 20th, I no longer work at SeaWorld.
      I now work for L&D Transportation.
      I was hired as a working manager. (Lead Driver & assistant operations
      Back on The Road. Back to pumping out the GNP! (Gross National
      Product) Trash, garbage, useless products, ... GNP!

      But I do have insurance & plans for the future! And the wage is far

      Perhaps I'll build a tad-pole 'bent trike with a mid-drive electric,
      And a 100cc motor?
      That & a trailer would go camping?

      Happy New Year.
      Ghost Dancer
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