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Yahoo Groups Security

With the breach of the Yahoo system I strongly advise that you take the following 3 steps. At your Yahoo profile page.
Sep 22, 2016

Swiss Army Bicycle

Sportsman's Guide has some if you want a good tow vehicle.
Jun 6, 2015

Welcome Aboard Marion

Not a lot of activity lately, but you can help change that. I only dream here, I am the caregiver for my spouse, so I won't get to do bicycle camping any time
Jun 6, 2015

The Flying Tortoise: A Very Cute Very Tiny Gypsy Wagon You Can Tow W

I saw this and thought that you might be interested. It folds nicely and has the essentials. A bit flashy, you'll never get anywhere because you'll spend so
Jun 5, 2015

Wild Edible Cards

I got an email today that has some flash/playing cards on special, here is the link.
Feb 24, 2015

Re: Mail Platform - was: Watch "Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb c

I'm not sure who you are asking B, but I use the Gmail app on an android Samsung Galaxy Note II. Except the first post in the thread was online at
Feb 23, 2015

Re: Watch "Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb capacity" YouTube

If you meant me, I'm using Yahoo mail. I actually have a gmail account but I never figured out the whole Google environment enough to enjoy it at all. Calvin
Calvin R
Feb 23, 2015

Re: Watch "Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb capacity" Yo

B- This is a cool sight U using gmail? Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android https://overview.mail.yahoo.com/mobile/?.src=Android From:"Calvin R
Feb 23, 2015

Re: Watch "Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb capacity" YouTube

Thanks for that. If this works out, it will add a dimension to my abilities. Calvin  "I am grateful I boldly followed my passions while I could." Wendy Martin
Calvin R
Feb 23, 2015

Re: Watch "Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb capacity" YouTube

Calvin, Here is the first video of his that I found on pvc molding < http://youtu.be/szWIcVmP6oc> later he switched to pvc runoff pipe
Feb 22, 2015

Re: Watch "Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb capacity" YouTube

That looks like a pretty decent cart, but he spends too much time on engineering for me. I could not for the life of me figure out the basic structure.That is,
Calvin R
Feb 22, 2015

Watch "Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb capacity" YouTube

Hi All, I was watching some you tube videos idea harvesting and came across this one that I thought should be shared. A lot of low tech, solid ideas that have
Feb 22, 2015


Who has a tent they really like? I'm looking for durability and ease of operation. I expect to use a trailer, so bulk is less of a concern, but weight still
Jan 21, 2015

Old Style Yahoo Groups Format

Over on the Camp Cooking With Da Cap'n group, < http://stage.groups.yahoo.com/group/campcookingwithdacapn>, Doug wrote that by putting stage. in front of the
Oct 20, 2013

That Darn NEO Interface

I have made a suggestion to Yahoo on the new NEO interface. I will appreciate you reading and voting for the suggestion. Here is the link:
Sep 25, 2013
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