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extremism from Pauline teaching on women

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  • Joe Gill
    John, Since you asked, I took a few minutes to look up a site on the internet where extreme doctrine is posted regarding the silencing of women in Christian
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2006
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      Since you asked, I took a few minutes to look up a site on the internet where extreme doctrine is posted regarding the silencing of women in Christian service. I've encountered the teaching of groups like the one that posted this material, and while I wouldn't say it is wide-spread, it's not hard to find. Here is an excerpt:

      What reforms need to be made in this area of women remaining silent in the churches?

      Women should not teach, including First Day School classes. In fact, the concept of First Day School is relatively new and foreign to the Scriptures. This was not found in the Church for the first 1700 years. Fathers are responsible for teaching their children. Of course this task could be given to the wife to be done in the home, but the man is still responsible for what is taught. The husband is responsible for teaching his wife also. And if any woman has a question while attending a worship service of the church, she should wait to ask her man, aner, (husband if married, or father) at home.

      If we want to form our doctrine based on "everybody else is doing it" instead of the infallible Word of God by which we will one day be judged, then anything goes. But if we want to base what we do on the Scriptures---on the commandments of the Lord---then women must be silent in the churches. Again, women should not teach, they are to be silent in the churches (1 Tim. 2:12); they are commanded to keep silence in the churches, they are not permitted to speak, it is a shame for them to speak in the churches (1 Cor. 14:34-35).


      The teaching of this Bethel Ministries is clearly that women should be muzzled in service: that they should not ask questions (presumably not even at a church bible study), they should not make proclamations (like the prophetess Anna did in the temple), they should not speak at all. My previous posting remarked that you did not seem to be this extreme, since you seemed to believe Lydia speaking to Paul one-on-one at the Philippian prayer service would not have been a violation of the teaching Paul gave to Timothy. These folks at Bethel Ministries, and others, would disagree with you.

      - Berean Joe

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