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    Just thought I would drop by and say a few words and post a few sites. As this is a bible prophecy group Im curious how many of you have been doing any amount
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2002
      Just thought I would drop by and say a few words and post a few sites.
      As this is a bible prophecy group Im curious how many of you have been
      doing any amount of research on the new age movement?
      Im actually not the least bit surprised by the falling away from the
      Faith that has steadily been happening these past few years.The new
      age movement has infiltrated even the churches,schools and political
      institutions and only the saints will not be fooled just as it has
      been written.So many people think its just fine to accept false
      doctrines and eastern religions etc.Even the pope has jumped on the
      one world order burning band wagon

      There are hundreds of 'spirituality'sites with some as many as 1000
      members and many of them are christians who have fallen under the
      spell of 'spirituality'which is just a new name for 'satanism'wrapped
      up with rainbows and swastikas.
      Most of them have been completely indoctrinated by the deluding spirit
      and I can tell you right now that if I had not been born again
      sovereignly by the grace of God I would have also fallen under the
      spell.Its only because of being baptized in the spirit that I can
      truly appreciate the Truth written in the gospel of grace in mind body
      and reconciled to God spirit.
      Being raised christian I have always had a strong foundation of faith
      in Jesus Christ but I really didnt know the Bible well or its history
      because I didnt really learn about the grace and mercy and love of
      Christ in the Bible but through the living,beginning in childrens
      bible stories that I would read and through the words of the hymns I
      would sing in school and choir.
      Those stories about the life of Christ centered on HIM and that is how
      I grew to know and love Him.
      I didnt really pick up the Bible until after being reconciled to the
      Father in the spirit through Jesus Christ a couple years ago and I
      also put alot of time into trying to understand why so many people try
      to say it is all just a bunch of made up stories that have been
      mistranslated and retranslated so many times that its invalid.
      They cant know The Father very well.
      Everything possible is made possible by Him through Him and In Him.
      The Bible has only survived through all the generations by the very
      grace of God.
      Jesus Christ fulfilled over 300 prophecies written by God inspired men
      over a 1500 year period.Historians and archeologists have tried to
      prove the illegitimacy of the scriptures over the years and none have
      managed to do so.It has come to us in the present condition on
      purpose.God has a purpose for everything and all is for the good of
      His own children,as it has been written.

      Truly understanding and applying the scriptures to our daily lives is
      paramount if we are to overcome the dragon.

      Knowing Jesus Christ is to love Him and to love Him is to conform to
      His Image.
      For whom He did foreknow He did also predestinate to be conformed to
      the Image of His Son,in the same spirit.
      We know also that the son of God has come and given us understanding,
      so that we may know him who is true,and we are in him who is true-even
      his son Jesus Christ.He is the true God and Eternal life and Jesus
      Christ told us to worship only God the Father and we worship on a
      foundation of faith in truth and Grace and it is the Spirit that
      testifies,because the Spirit is the Truth and Jesus the image of mercy
      and of Grace and love of God and the brethren.
      This is the Image we are to conform to if we are to grow into the
      likeness of Christ.
      The immaterial things of the world will pass away but the word will
      remain the same.
      God has given us so many blessing,
      each breath a miracle and all moments treasured.
      How wonderful it is to serve the Lord by sharing the same spirit
      irrespective of person.
      He loves us all equally,irrespective of who we are and to love Him is
      to show Him by conforming to the image of Jesus Christ.
      I have found in my life that the only true way to love people is by
      walking among them and getting to know them.
      I never meant to end up in the situations I have found myself in but I
      sure have learned alot about people in general and my strength in
      Jesus Christ has never wavered and only grown stronger through
      because I have him as an example.
      Jesus Christ was and is and will always be completely selfless and
      humble and wonderful and he has a great sense of humor and an
      unshakable love for God the Father and each of us.

      Truly truly I say to you,the son can do nothing of himself but what he
      seeth the Father do.

      Jesus Christ is the Father in the flesh and the Holy Spirit.
      and we must be born again of the spirit.
      Jesus is the water and the blood and the spirit.
      He is the alpha and the omega,begining and ending.
      The anointing which you recieved of him abideth in you
      and you need not,that any man teach you,but the same anointing
      teacheth you all things.
      in Truth and grace

      may all amends be made
      in Jesus name

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