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  • J H
    Rebuke a wise man;     It is a pity that contemporary christianity is no longer emphasizing spiritusl growth. Jesus said to Peter, Feed my flock . I believe
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 17, 2013
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      Rebuke a wise man;
        It is a pity that contemporary christianity is no longer emphasizing spiritusl
      growth. Jesus said to Peter," Feed my flock". I believe that this command
      is just as True today as it was in the beginning. I dont even understand the
      sentence above and how it could be used indiscrimanetly. Satan must lust to
      read these put downs of the church.
      If Christians cannot relate to God without their spiritual leaders, whose fault
      is it? If the flock is not trained to follow the good shepherd, are the sheep
      to be critisized?
      !. We are positionnally children of God. If we are children of God, will not
      Jesus finish the work that He began in us without being shown that we are
      2.God cannot love us more because we grow, says who? John whom Jesus
      Loved leaned upon the breast of His Master, he could not get close enough.
      In John ch.14, Jesus said," I go to prepare a place for you". Jesus also said,
      " That where i am there you will be also". This promise is not given to all,
      only to His Faithful Witnesses. Jesus , God, has His favorites and i can
      understand this in the context of what Jesus said concerning the sinner,
      " He or she that is forgiven much Loves much?"
      3.Is it possible for a person to be a chistian for a half a century and remain
      a spiritual infant. My answer to that is, quote me, NO". We dont know what
      we will be until Jesus comes for us.
      4.Tuth that fails to change your Life. Jesus is the Truth and any Truth that
      we have, will and is changing our Lives right at this moment. Why preach
      Hardening you instead of bringing you to maturity are words of the devil,
      The Truth and Words of Jesus will bring forth Fruit, Amen
      5.Another satantical statement: the mistake of assuming that the most mature
      Christians are always the busiest ones. A mature Christian is one that abides
      in the Lord Jesus and one that obeys the commandments of His Savior, and
      One who is running the Race and letting go of sins that easily beset us.
      My fellow believers, if the words that are presented to you are not wholesome
      words that uplift and bring you closer to Christ, then you need to turn away
      from them.
      My prayer for those who are hurting, is that you will never give up what you
      have been given or what you have received from the Almighty, the Father
      and His Son Jesus the Christ.

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