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Fw: Baptists struggle with the concept of the Trinity

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  • leighton julye
    I like to think of the Trinity in terms of ice, water, and steam; three different forms or structures but same substance( ! in 3) (3 in 1) ... From: FirstLook
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      I like to think of the Trinity in terms of ice, water, and steam; three different forms or structures but same substance( ! in 3) (3 in 1)

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      Subject: Baptists struggle with the concept of the Trinity
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      Date: Friday, October 31, 2008, 5:39 PM

      Controversy over the Trinity

      If you thought the doctrine of the Trinity was settled by the early church fathers, you'd be wrong. For instance, Baptists profess to believe in the Trinity. But through history, according to some scholars, some Baptist branches have leaned toward a form of Unitarianism, sometimes centered on the Creator and often focused on Jesus. In a series of stories in this issue we examine a new controversy over the nature of the Trinity.

      Baptists struggle with the concept of the Trinity:

      Baptist hymnody largely settles for two out of three in Trinity

      Hymns sung in most Baptist churches historically have been "More About Jesus" than about either God the Father or the Holy Spirit, several church music experts agree.

      Charismatic Southern Baptist churches see themselves as open to spiritual gifts

      More than 500 charismatic Baptist churches feel the Spirit has been neglected by the denomination.

      Trinity debate trickles down to gender roles

      The tempest over the triune nature of God has the potential to inluence the debate about the relationship between males and females in the church and home.

      EDITORIAL: The new president's memory list

      Congratulations on winning the 2008 election. Although I don't know your name as I write this letter, please keep at least three things in mind...

      DOWN HOME: A long road trip & deep gratitude

      According to MapQuest, 573.17 miles separate my home in Coppell from the South Rim of the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park. Funny, but it only seems like 570.

      Texas Baptist Forum

      Just because Jesus didn't mention something is not a mandate to do it.

      IN FOCUS: Pray for 'something transformational'

      In preparing for the BGCT annual meeting, remember that almost half the state claims no religious affiliation and one million Texans don't know where their next meal will come from.

      2nd Opinion: God transcends political parties

      "I'm a Christian. How should I vote in the presidential election?"

      RIGHT or WRONG? Extent of the pastoral call

      A little graceful clarification can be helpful in avoiding conflict between a pastor and his congregation.

      Quotes in the news

      "We weren't trying to pick a fight. We just did a story on a ... trend in a lot of churches."--Teresa Hairston

      Cartoon: Forgiveness for that bitter taste

      Marv's FaithWorks Blog:

      In praise of vasectomies

      A seminary professor has compared a form of birth control to murder. He's wrong on so many levels.

      A looooong life

      I'm going to live to be 97 ...

      � More ������ � �


      Lottery privatization plan in Texas not dead yet, CLC chief predicts

      Texas has only a temporary reprieve from plans to privatize the state lottery.

      Faculty, students and alumni want voice in selecting next Baylor president

      Baylor University's faculty, alumni and students say they want a vote in choosing the school's next president.

      Children at Heart launches program to benefit runaway, homeless youth

      SAFE-Shelter Alternatives and Family Empowermen-- will help runaway and homeless youth in Williamson County.

      Baptist agency leads shelter operation for Galveston

      Baptist Child & Family Services has been asked to establish a state shelter for remaining victims of Hurricane Ike.

      Three evolution critics appointed to Texas curriculum-review panel

      One is a Baylor University chemistry professor.

      At 100 and 99, South Texas couple still committed to serving God

      Surviving a century is a rare accomplishment, but Catarino Romero and
      his wife of 78 years, Margarita, have done something far more
      significant than survive. They have thrived, living lives of service
      and significance.

      Birth control sinful and maybe 'murder,' seminary prof asserts

      Thomas White, a vice president at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has created as stir over his chapel comments.

      Baptist chaplain offers ministry of presence at San Antonio hospital

      Sometimes Laura Mannes wishes she could fix the pain, grief and suffering she encounters each day as a chaplain. Then she reminds herself of her mission.

      Newly deployed soldiers benefit from chaplain's experience in Iraq

      From 2006 to 2007, Baptist Chaplain Jim Kirkendall counseled soldiers and visited the wounded and hospital workers in Iraq.

      Empty Shoes represent lives lost to domestic violence

      An exhibit at the Bettie and Robert Girling Center for Social Justice at HPU focuses on domestic violence.

      Lottery lease proposals prompt warnings

      Illinois is one of a dozen states contemplating turning over the state lottery to private management.

      Wayland senior battles life-threatening infection to return to school

      Heather Dillard's struggle with ulcerative colitis over the summer makes a simple walk on the campus seem like a miracle.

      Creativity expert offers preachers a silver bullet for sermon preparation

      Even pastors who have little trouble preparing a sermon each week find it's easy to get into a rut over time, said David McCoy, a leader of creative thinking workshops.

      Poverty reduction demands a 'bottom-up' approach

      A Baylor University conference proposed "bottom-up" strategies to reduce world poverty.

      Pastor's daughter killed in crash en route to Howard Payne

      She was the daughter of Darrel Beggs, pastor of First Baptist Church in Teague.

      On the Move

      Around the State

      Texas Tidbits

      � More ��

      Faith & Culture

      Congo: New fighting creates latest humanitarian crisis

      Tens of thousands of internally displaced Congolese have fled the fighting.

      An interfaith church where Christians are not in charge

      "We have to see that we are sojourners instead of competitors."

      Baptist pastor's trial begins; Azerbaijanis claim intimidation

      Another imprisoned pastor was set free in March after a worldwide campaign calling for his release, which included a plea from former President Jimmy Carter.

      Survey: Protestant pastors favor McCain, but many still undecided

      McCain outpolled Obama 55 percent to 20 percent among Protestant pastors.

      Book Reviews: Beyond Left and Right

      Books reviewed are Beyond Left and Right by Amy E. Black, Baptists and the Lordship of Christ by Charles W. Deweese, A Glimpse of Heaven, compiled by Richard Leonard and JoNancy Linn Sundberg, "What Does Jesus Say About": Christ Speaks to Us Today by Cecil Price and Ephesians and Colossians by Charles H. Talbert.

      Faith Digest: Literalists less likely to vote for minority

      The findings were part of a 2008 Baylor Religion Survey.

      � More ������ �


      Next president should focus on human rights, Carter says

      "We need to set an unblemished example for the rest of the world to follow," he says.

      IMB expands child-protection policy

      Short-term mission team participants must go through a screening process.

      � More ������ �

      Bible Studies

      Bible Studies for Life for November 2: You have a story worth telling

      LifeWay Explore the Bible Series for November 2: Responding to loss

      BaptistWay Bible Series for November 2: Follow Christ's pattern of life

      Bible Studies for Life for November 9: Not conformed but transformed

      LifeWay Explore the Bible Series for November 9: Assessing our life work

      BaptistWay Bible Series for November 9: Seek the highest goal

      � More ������

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