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[IN REVIEW] Feb., 2007, DVD Project Web Page

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  • ronaldneil@sbcglobal.net
    Want TV quality, DVD copies of the wonderful Truth Movement videos that are rising to the top of the Google Video rankings? http://www.ibize.com/onedollardvd/
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
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      'Want TV quality, DVD copies of the wonderful Truth Movement videos that are rising to the top of the Google Video rankings?



      A wave of 9/11 truth and other alternative documentaries have suddenly surged up the Google Video rankings, with three "conspiracy" videos in the top eleven alone, including Alex Jones' Terror Storm.

      Loose Change is at number three and Aaron Russo's America From Freedom to Fascism at number four.

      9/11 Mysteries sits at number fifteen.
      (See the link to the story on our DVD page.)

      From your lips:

      I am interested in your $1 DVDs - Both the 9/11 on and the Freedom to Fascism one - probably the 3rd one also. More info??? Let me talk to my husband and see how many he wants. Do you take checks or money orders?
      Anne *:)

      Just got info on your project. Can you please send
      list of what is available and how to get money to you?
      I would love to participate. I have this great hope
      that something I do or say will finally break through
      the barriers and help these people see what I have
      seen for too many years! Russo's video, America From
      Freedom to Fascism is outstanding! Thanks for making
      this available!!!
      B C

      Thanks for the reply. Send me 20 of each. I will put 60 cash in the mail today.

      Hi Ron! Nice work...go ahead and send me 7 of each of the 3 dual dvd's mentioned below along with a reminder (like Tom does) of the 21$ donation-which i will send immediately upon receipt.

      Bravo Bro!!
      This is great and what I have also been doing. The
      tool of the Divine is a DVD that is a million words of
      expression in the moving pictures! Give thanks!!

      Keep rolling brother...keep rolling the ball!!
      Yeah Mon!!!

      do you take liberty dollars? do you take blank postal money orders? is it a "suggested donation" or is there a set price per dvd? is there a shipping charge? i have been wanting to see freedom to fascism for the longest time--a friend went up to new hampshire to see it and didn't even invite me! are any ready for shipment now? if not, when do you start shipping? sorry to bug you with so many questions, but the isolation here in rhode island has really been quenching my spirit. this is a way to edify folks and get something going here! thanks again!

      Please send me an email with your name and address so I can order DVD"s

      So how do I order? I'd like to see the list. I'd start with at least 20 of Russo's Freedom to Fascism DVDs.

      The few who can understand the system (check, money and credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interest. - The Rothschild Brothers of London

      Yes..I would like 8 of the DVD's....4 or each combination. ( I might change my mind on the amount.)
      My address forthcoming when you state the total price and if you accept PayPal.
      Good luck and hope you get a lot of orders!
      Please let me know what else you need in order to get these. Thanks.
      Lou K. (Arizona)

      Hey Neil, I put cash into the mail today for 60 copies (20 each of the double DVDs). I used a work envelope but please don't use that address. I put my home address inside the envelope. Thanks!!! nancy purks

      Keep up the great work! I wish I had had these for the march but I took action too late. However, I did give lots of dvds away which were made by DC911Truth

      I would lik to buy each on of the DVD's you make.
      I would also like to send you a CD I make.

      Hi Ron- I can't find your e-mail in my thousands of others so would you please send me the e-mail to buy the DVD's by the 50's, etc again so I can post it to some groups? Thanks, Patti

      Hi Ron,
      Please send me more information on the cost and address to order the three videos. We live in a location that only offers dial up and consecuently cannot view Aaron Russos Freedom to Fascism video. Thanks and God Bless for what you are doing.


      Please give me the website, address, email or whatever needed to order the quantity DVD's you have mentioned. I am not clear where to order these from.
      Dr. Robin

      I learned from a friend that you are out to destroy our socialist-super-capitalist society, one DVD at a time. Please email me with details on what's on the DVD, along with your mailing address, so that if I can scratch together enough fiat dollar bills to buy a small stack of your inflammatory DVDs, I'll know where to send the thought police--uh--money.

      I would like to participate in your $1 dvd offer. Please send further instructions as per your www.ibize.com/ onedollardvd page. I would commit to twenty every other month for beginners.
      Kindest regards,

      Bless you as well, Ron. These are a wonderful emails to wake up
      to in these times. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't
      reply to every email from this project, partly out of keeping
      the traffic low, and partly because we are so driven to give out
      the DVDs, that it's a little hard to sit down and catch up on
      email. Buddy (also on this project email list) and I have given
      out over two thousand single-burner-burned DVDs in a year and a
      half, and are completely thrilled to be among such honored
      company as this project. One of the biggest thrills/rewards is
      of course "The Stories" that occasionally come back to us from
      the recipients. Every little story of discovery or enlightenment
      fires us up to handout another hundred discs. Congrats on the
      duplicator acquisition and keep in touch, my American friend.

      - Frank in South Carolina


      Not Interested? Why not?
      To be left out of the loop, place REMOVE on the subject line and please, share with us all, why you would step away from this fight for FREEDOOOOMMMMM
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