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    Thanks soo much!!! Hmm, should I attach it?? Nah. I ll just paste it up here... My usual screenname is Archangel, I just used Onyssius to separate some
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      Thanks soo much!!! Hmm, should I attach it?? Nah. I'll just paste it up

      My usual screenname is Archangel, I just used Onyssius to separate some

      Back from the Dead Again
      Rating: PG (Slightly violent and full of angst)
      Summary: The Centre is back....
      Written By: Archangel

      Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to NBC, MTM and Pretender

      Lyle walked out of her bedroom in slowly in a daze, Sydney strode to him,
      "Mr. Lyle, is something wrong?" The psychiatrist asked

      "Ms. Parker���my sister, she talked Sydney���" Lyle's voice trailed off and sat
      down slowly on the couch.

      "Ms. Parker talked?" A wide smile spread across the mentor's face as he
      lowered himself to a chair next to him

      "I told her I knew she hated me and she mouthed no Syd,"

      "Then Ms. Parker had forgiven you,"

      "Do you think so?"

      "She told you she doesn't hate you doesn't she?"

      "Yeah but-"

      "Mr. Lyle, in all my years I had only saw Ms. Parker forgave someone once,
      and that was with her father, she had forgiven you Lyle,"

      "But I'm afraid Syd! You knew what type of a man I was, what if I became
      that man again?"

      "You have to trust yourself Lyle, it's the only way for you to start
      forgiving yourself-"

      "How can I? I killed innocent men and women just for my own enjoyment, hell,
      I even killed my best friend!!"


      "I won't let it happen again Syd, not this time, and if I have to-"

      "You won't Lyle���Have you talked to your father yet?"

      "No. I don't even want to face him after what I did. I betrayed him Sydney,
      and knowing my father he's not going to take this lightly,"

      "Every parent would forgive their child-"

      "Every child never tried to kill their parents, I betrayed him Sydney, my own
      father���" he got up and walked to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him

      "Lyle!" He stared after the closed door and let out a sigh.

      Mr. Parker silently stepped out of the shadows and walked toward his bedroom,
      replaying what the conversation he just heard over and over in his mind.

      Lyle's Bedroom
      1300 Hours

      Lyle sank down onto a chair next to his bed and ran his fingers through his
      hair trying to block out the pain that was spreading through his heart.
      Images of everything from his past flashed in his mind as he lowered his head
      to his hands and cried. The door suddenly opened, and the sound of footsteps
      became louder as it stop in front of him, he raised his face only to stare
      into the eyes of Mr. Parker, his father.

      "What are you doing here?" Lyle asked resignedly

      "You are my legacy Lyle--" Mr. Parker began

      His son let out a bitter laugh, "Well, I'm just the son every father would be
      proud of aren't I���Dad?"

      "You may not-"

      "Face it Mr. Parker, I'm NOT what you looked for in a son, what you want is a
      son like Jarod-"

      "Listen to me! You are my son, and whether you like or not I'm your father,"

      Lyle looked at him, "And why would anyone would want a son like me?"

      "You are my son! And���"


      "And I love you. I love you son."

      Tears filled Lyle's eyes, "Thank you."

      Ms. Parker's Bedroom
      1400 Hours

      Jarod yawned and stretched out on the bed with his arms wrapped around Ms.
      Parker's as they lay lazily in each other's arms.

      "It was a wonderful thing you did for Lyle today Ms. Parker," Jarod said,
      kissing the tip of her nose, closing his eyes he tightened his arms around
      her, "I hope someday you'll do the same for me."

      She leaned her head against his chest and fell silent for a few minutes,
      waiting for him to fall asleep, after she heard his breathing changed and was
      certain he felt asleep, she kissed his forehead and mouthed I love you.

      VERY CONFUSED NOW AREN'T YOU?? Let me explain, before I came here I started
      this series and this is my...55th story in the 2nd series, I'll be posting
      stories up here so...

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