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Highlander Beta needed for all OC fic

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  • Heidi Haring
    I am interested in finding a Beta reader for a multi part, lengthy, Highlander fic starring original characters. In fact I plan on not using canon chars at all
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2003
      I am interested in finding a Beta reader for a multi
      part, lengthy, Highlander fic starring original
      characters. In fact I plan on not using canon chars at
      all in it so really the only thing `Highlanderish'
      about it is the whole `Immortality' `sword fights to
      the decapitation death' part. So if you only do
      Methos or Duncan fics might as well stop reading now
      lol ;) It is slash m/m but as of right now only rated
      PG-13 to possibly R (due to violent content).

      The prologue (which is finished as has been beta-ed by
      another) takes place in late WW2: more importantly
      during the freeing of the death camps. The first
      chapter (done as well - read over/beta-ed by several
      people and an entire writing class lol) then starts up
      roughly a week-ish later in Leningrad. The second
      chapter is currently "done" well just done - very raw.
      If you do decide to take this on I will of course send
      you a copy of or direct you to a copy of the prologue
      and first chapter so you can become more familiar with
      my style/the story/the chars etc.

      I need someone comfortable with slash and the violent
      nature of the flashbacks the chars will have. I need a
      grammar, spelling etc checker and also someone who I
      can bounce ideas off of. Someone who can find any plot
      holes or characterization snafues would ne nice as
      well - though the latter at least is something I
      think, and have been told, I usually have no problems
      with. Couldn't hurt having that extra opinion though.

      Someone who could kick me in the butt every so
      often would be a help as well as I tend to be a slow
      and easily distracted writer. Spurts of writing where
      it flows fast and free for a few weeks then nothing at
      all for upwards of a month or two is not uncommon. I
      do however have a few health problems but I will try
      to notify you if they begin to interfere with my
      writing time. I'll also give you the heads up if I
      need to take some time for classes/class work as well.
      :) I had a Beta for this fic but since it did take me
      several months to get anything else to her she got too
      busy. :(

      You can be fairly frank and a bit harsh with me I
      guess - as I have probably already thought the worst
      of something I've written myself lol (saying I am hard
      on myself might be putting it lightly). I want my
      writing to be as good as possible and grow so
      constructive criticism is wanted. A beta that would only
      give a "looks good write more" responce is honestly not
      what I am looking for.

      Basic WW1, WW2, Russian Revolution and Holocaust
      knowledge would be helpful, but is not totally needed.
      I am a History major that has a particular passion for
      that general era and I am, therefore, fairly knowledgeable
      about it. I am very detail oriented - to the point of
      being anal - so I try my very best to get things as
      accurate as possible - down to the point of doing research
      for a week to get a proper date.

      Since the two main characters are Russian and Italian
      I use some of each of those languages (Italian mostly
      since it has more easy translation services lol - that
      and well I love Russian and all but it is hard to use
      `romanized' trans of the words and most people would
      just gape at Cyrillic.) Knowledge of one or both will
      be much adored - but again not totally needed.

      Religion will come up in this as well, mostly from the
      Judaic standpoint. I am not Jewish myself but again I
      strive to be as accurate as possible so if you know
      anything about it that's wonderful. If not that is
      fine too - we can both learn a bit. ;) If religion is
      not your thing -or a strong religious tilt bothers you-
      than this fic is prolly not for you.

      I think that's it for basics... As said above this is
      a multi part fic with a big story arc in it. For the
      most part it will be a character driven 'drama' I
      guess you could say. I do not know how many chapters
      it will be to be honest but it will be long lol. It
      also has a sequel lurking somewhere in my brain so
      there is that as well.

      So.... if you're interested and/or open email me at icywind378@... or epyon_wing2002@...
      And we can begin to hash out a plan.

      Thank you for your time.


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