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Last update before MediaWest!

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  • Agent With Style
    We ll be MediaWest*Con this weekend in Room 263. We plan to open Thursday afternoon. We hope to see everyone at the con! AGENT WITH STYLE *
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2011

      We'll be MediaWest*Con this weekend in Room 263.  We plan to open Thursday afternoon.

      We hope to see everyone at the con!

                             AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


                       * Criminal Minds *


           On a day when the world seems to be going to hell, the BAU faces the overwhelming task of flushing out a traitor in their own government while keeping the country operational after terrorists strike several US cities.  While Hotch struggles with his grief over Haley's death, taking care of Jack and his new role at the Bureau, Reid takes drastic life-or-death measures to protect the team and secure the nation.  From the crafty mind of K. Ann Yost, topped with a beautiful color cover by Sheila Paulson, comes a gen novel you won't be able to put down!  And as a bonus, it includes two short stories in the same universe from The Mentalist and White Collar.


                                 * NCIS *


           In this richly detailed slash A/U novel by Xanthe, each person has a daemon, a spirit animal that is an extension of him- or herself, which can morph into many shapes when young, but finally chooses a permanent shape when its person is about 15 years old.  When a 20-year-old Gibbs, home from the Marines while recouperating from being shot, meets an eight-year-old Tony who is being neglected by a busy father, Gibbs' wolf daemon and Tony's still-in-flux daemon immediately take to each other.  During a catastrophic event, Gibbs touches Tony's daemon with his bare hands, something never done with someone else's daemon, causing a mental link to be forged which connects the two throughout their lives, even when circumstances drive them apart.  Years later, not realizing that each has been aware of the other through the link, they meet again, this time as adults – and the sparks fly!  Will they finally admit what their daemons have known all along?


      * The Professionals / Man from U.N.C.L.E. *


           An international killer and suspected THRUSH agent in Britain results in Napoleon and Illya being sent to work with the top CI5 team, Bodie and Doyle.  Their investigation leads them to realize that this killer is someone from Napoleon's recent past, and Illya's not-so-recent past.  And complicating things, Illya and Bodie have a bit of history, themselves.  Written by Ravenschild, with a lovely color cover by Shar.  Don't miss this fantastic slash zine!


                       * Sherlock Holmes *


            A salmagundi is 'a hodge-podge of diverse elements in one display' and that's just what you'll get here.  Based on the 2009 movie, this collection of slash Holmes/Watson stories by L.A. Adolf runs the gamut from tales in which the two men are a long-time committed couple to others where they haven't yet taken the plunge.  Some stories acknowledge Mary Watson (though she doesn't come off well in most of these because she's a means to a different end than canon portrays her), and in some she apparently never came into the picture.  With 30 stories and beautiful artwork, this zine contains loads of hurt/comfort and lots of love for our favourite detective and his stalwart companion!


                         * Supernatural *


             With a beautiful color cover by Sheila Paulson, here's what you'll find in this issue:

      "His Most Important Job" by Beth Honeycutt -- The siren call of normalcy, of chucking the hunter's gig and living a regular, nine-to-five life, pulls at Dean — but he already has a full-time job, named Sam.

      "Falling Temperatures" by Carole Seegraves -- What does Sam get up to when Dean goes out to play pool at night and is gone for hours?

      "The First Cut is the Deepest" by Princess Schez -- Brutal attacks have been terrorizing a small South Dakota town, and there are dangerous consequences in store for the Winchesters, who come to investigate.

      "Cash or Credit" by Carole Seegraves -- Sam has to think fast when his credit card gets denied, and Dean is back at the motel, waiting for his pie...

      "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Princess Schez -- Bela's contract is coming due, and she'll do anything to get out of it.  *Anything.*

      "Counting the Days" by Carole Seegrave -- Sam is sick and Dean has nursing duty.  Is it salt and burn a cold...?

      "Sauced" by Firechild -- Thanksgiving was never Sam's favorite holiday; he always preferred to stay in bed and read, if he could get away with it.  But this is his and Dean's first year since John's death, and Sam is determined to celebrate the day in a manner which would have made Big Daddy Winchester proud.

      "Journaling" by Carole Seegraves -- Facing the countdown of his deal running out, Dean leaves a message to Sam in their father's journal, wondering when — or if — he'll ever find it.

      "Celsius" by Firechild  -- Jo Harvelle's life was never easy, what with her mother running a roadhouse for hunters, but when she gets possessed, all hell breaks loose and the Winchesters may be her only refuge.

      "Relatively Speaking" by Carole Seegraves -- Using a fake name can cause problems all by itself when someone recognizes it.  Sam wishes he'd used another identity — *any* other identity.

      "Whispers and Cries" by IMTheresa -- Teenaged Dean is struggling under the enormous pressure his father is putting on him to keep Sam safe and to be the adult when John is away on a hunt, and he begins to make decisions that could lead him down the wrong road.


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