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New zines at Agent With Style, pt. 2

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    Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI. Deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2011. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
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      Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI.
      Deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2011.  
      Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged!  We sell out *fast*!

                               AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


          * Kung Fu:  The Legend Continues *


           This award-winning gen zine is chock-full of well-written stories about Peter the cop and Caine the Shaolin priest, who see things in radically opposite ways, but love each other nonetheless.  They're family by blood, but they have a larger family-by-choice consisting of the Ancient, the Blaisdells and all the folks at the 101st precinct.  It's a large, rowdy group (except for Caine), but laughter outweighs the tears, and love is the backbone that keeps them together. Don't miss these amazing tales!  In this issue:

      “Crossings” by Janet Lampe -- Shaolin Priest Peter has settled down with a new wife.  But how can they have the family they desire when it was written in the Book of Shambhala that Peter would be the last of the Caine line?

      “Grace” by Jackee C. -- In a series of vignettes, Peter comes to reconcile his life and his two fathers, who in turn grow to better understand their son.

      “The Third Sunday in June” by JP Kraft -- What starts out as a dreaded school assignment becomes an annual tradition for Peter and a record of his growing up.

      “A Single Soul” by Cathryn Mortenz-Teal -- A grisly murder, a new friend, and some unpleasant memories all combine to set Peter Caine on edge as he struggles to regain his equilibrium.

      “The Rocky Path of Healing” by Valorie Avants -- A reconnaissance mission gone terribly wrong leaves Peter injured and guilt-stricken.  He finds solace from a most unusual source.

      “Concerto” by Marge Shasberger -- The latest addition to the ‘Baohuren’ series transports us seventeen years into the future.  Peter’s daughter, Jasmine, is a promising cellist.  But there’s something fishy about her new orchestra leader.  And continuing turmoils within the Imperial Household in Taiwan finds Peter’s loyalties stretched.


                         * Lord of the Rings *


           When the Fellowship is attacked by Orcs at the Sarn Gebir Rapids, Frodo falls into the river and a wounded Boromir jumps in after him.  The two are trapped, with the Ring playing on Boromir's mind, until help can reach them.  From there the story journeys to Amon Hen, where an ill Boromir is captured with Merry and Pippin. Once reunited with Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, Boromir and Pippin hurry to Minas Tirith to find Faramir about to be hung for treason -- he has refused his father's order to retake Osgiliath.  Written by Carolyn Golledge and Eleanor Tremayne, with beautiful color front and back covers by Katja Schmitt, this *thick* gen novel will draw you in and never let you go!


                        * Multimedia *

      DYAD 25

           The dictionary defines ‘dyad’ as “two units regarded as a pair.”  And that's just what you'll find here — pairings so hot and incendiary, you'll have to handle the zine with oven mitts!  In this issue, with gorgeous art by Lorraine Brevig and Lupe, you’ll find --

      “Stolen Moments” by Natasha Solten  (Wiseguy)

           His eyes heated as he half-whispered, “You just left me standing there?”
           Sonny frowned. “Hmmm.”
           Vinnie rolled his eyes. Looked away. “I should quit. I should just leave.” He fiddled with the slot machine button, sending the wheels whirring again.
           “I’m sorry,” Sonny said under his breath.
           Vinnie said it again. “You just left me.”

      “Lifeline” by Maxine B. Curry  (CSI: Las Vegas)

           “I thought you were my dad.”
           The soft, rough words stirred the man sprawled in the chair beside the hospital bed. Grissom blinked, momentarily forgetting where he was, then his eyes focused on the ant-stung face of his CSI.
           “When?” Grissom asked…
           “Back there,” Nick whispered, voice nearly giving out beneath the strain. “When you found me.”

      “Headed for a Fall” by Elise Madrid  (Batman/Nightwing)

           “Tonight was a mistake. With Tim leaving, I thought you might need the help. But that was all that was supposed to happen. Not… what happened.”
           “So we’re back to that? Almost strangers except when Batman might need a back-up?”
           “I didn’t say that.”
           “Then what are you saying?”

      “The King's Spirit” by Chris Uebrall  (Lord Of The Rings)

           “I would have followed you, my brother. My captain. My king.”
           The words were echoing in his mind as he leaned over the dead body of Boromir, the second companion to die in their quest to destroy the Ring. Tears blinded his eyes as he kissed the warrior’s forehead.
           “Be at peace, son of Gondor… I will miss you dearly, my friend. My brother. My lover. May we meet again on the other side.”

      “The Jukebox” by Atira Kei  (Wiseguy/Twin Peaks)

           Vinnie said, in earnest, “Please!” And Sonny felt Vinnie’s breath on his face as he said it. It was hot. It was close. It was Vinnie.
           Sonny felt sudden and intense pain, but not physical. Vinnie, he thought. You were the best friend I ever had. Jesus! “What do I do?”
           As he said those words, the crazy guy walked in again and howled. It was awful, this nightmare. Fucking nuts.

      “Taking a Different Road” by Nadja Lee  (Star Trek: Kirk/Sarek)

           “I have been considering a proposition for you for 2.3 months,” Sarek began and Kirk nodded that he should go on…
           “I shall be blunt then,” Sarek said and turned to lock eyes with Kirk. “My seven year cycle is approaching…”
           “Do you have a partner in mind?”
           Sarek nodded. “I do.” His eyes ran over Kirk’s body in a quick evaluating and appreciative sweep. “You.”

      “Forty Years On” by Fiona Pickles  (The Champions)

           “My God,” the voice said, and Richard Barrett lifted his head in astonishment. “You haven’t changed.” The speaker was a large man in a good suit, fleshily handsome, with pudgy hands and a slightly too-full face, intense brown eyes and what appeared to be dyed hair…
           “Hey, don’t say you don’t recognise me, buddy.”…
           And then the penny dropped – slowly, heavily as if made of lead – and it kept on dropping right out through the floor and down deep into the molten core of the Earth. He had never been so shocked in all his life.
           “Craig?  Craig Stirling?”

      “Collision Course” by Starr Copeland  (CSI/The Sentinel)

           Having sex with Nick Stokes was the last thing Blair Sandburg had expected when he and Jim Ellison had arrived in Las Vegas a week earlier for a law enforcement convention… But Nick Stokes was a force to be reckoned with and Blair had fallen under his spell almost instantly.

      “Change Of Heart” by Bast & Sekhmet  (Company Business)

           “Where are we going now?” he asked suspiciously. They had a couple of hours to kill and more, but Pyiotr thought he’d caught a glimpse of some familiar twinkle in Sam’s eyes. But that wasn’t possible, was it?
           “Got us a room,” Sam said, giving him a grin. He waggled the key again.
           That grin again. Pyiotr shrugged and kept an eye out for things around them, anyone taking too much notice of them. It was habit, he couldn’t help it.

      “The L- Word” by Theresa Kyle  (Highlander)

           It still seemed incredible to Duncan that they were lovers.
           It had come out of the blue. Two weeks before, on a Friday night, he and Methos had been sitting together at the back table at Joe’s bar, having beers, listening to Joe’s blues band and talking, as they usually did, about whatever crossed their minds, when all of a sudden an odd silence fell – and Duncan noticed Methos was looking at him, that was all, but something in those intelligent hazel-green eyes made his heart beat a little faster.

      Vinnie’s Fight by Natasha Solten  (Wiseguy)

           He saw a bruise starting to form under Vinnie’s eye. A still bleeding cut oozed at the hairline by his left temple mostly hidden by hair. Vinnie pushed his hand away, hard, as Sonny said, “Fuck, who did this to you?” He reached out again but Vinnie turned away, smacking at his arm again.
           “Just leave me alone.”
           Sonny ignored the gesture, pushing the covers down. “How bad is it?” But he knew. He just knew. Vinnie wouldn’t go to bed early, not this early, if something wasn’t really wrong.

      “Like Lightning” by Dovya Blacque  (Supernatural – “Wincest”)

           “You sweet boy,” she purred, tracing those nails over my face again. “You sweet, sweet, dying boy. Lilith is going to be so angry with me for taking away her favorite toy.” She shrugged…
           I guess I passed out then because the next thing I knew, Sam was standing in the front door, eyes squinty, mouth thin-lipped, hand clenched and trembling…
           “Ah, here he is,” she said, moving back toward me, tilting her head to look into my face. “Someone’s here to see you, Dean.”


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                            * The Sentinel *

      SYNERGY 3

      “Separation Anxiety” by Emrys -- When Blair is given an opportunity to study Aboriginal tribesmen in Australia, he is torn between the need to go in order to maintain his career as a Doctor of Anthropology at Rainier . . . and his trepidation at leaving his Sentinel's side for such an extended period of time.  Jim, however, is insistent that Blair not turn down this opportunity, forcing them to confront the as yet unknown effects such a prolonged separation between Sentinel and Guide could have on them.  This is a wonderful story by Emrys, dealing with the impact of the difficult separation and the discoveries both Jim and Blair make about themselves, their partnership, and each other during their time apart.

      “Danger and Daffodils” by Tiger Tyger -- This story is a chapter in the 'Guns & Roses' universe (first introduced in SYNERGY 1).  Angel and Paulie are settling in with their foster-parents, and Blair decides that it's time to find a bigger home.  Along the way, Jim builds and develops his relationship with his brother, and finally takes down Angel's murderous father.  This story is filled with the love, joy, drama, humor, intensity and heat that has come to define this universe. Tiger has done her usual incredible job creating a detailed, three-dimensional world that you become so drawn into you are reluctant to leave!

      “Missing Pieces” by Glow -- This is an absorbing story that begins where the episode "Remembrance" left off.  It becomes increasingly apparent to Blair that Jim's relationship with his father is more troubled than he originally thought.  When Jim's emotional distress continues long after the Foster case is closed, Blair is determined to find out why.  What he learns when he unlocks some of the secrets of Jim's past sends them both on a cathartic journey as they work to come to terms with the 'missing pieces' of Jim's life together.  Gloria has written a compelling story of emotional trauma and healing that's not to be missed!


                     * Starsky and Hutch *

      A LOVE STORY 6

           The title of these great S/H zines is taken from a quote by David Soul, who said that ‘Starsky and Hutch’ was "a love story about two men who happen to be cops."  Filled with gripping drama and sweet love, these stories by such fantastic authors will hold you spellbound to the very last page!  In this issue:

      “A Close Shave” by Dawnwind -- Shaving is something intimate to Starsky. Shaving his partner makes it even more so.

      “Groundhog Moment” by TLR -- The movie ‘Groundhog Day’ meets the episode ‘Death in a Different Place.’ 

      “Love and Chaos” by wightfaerie -- Starsky asks Hutch for something kinky that Hutch isn't sure he's prepared to give.

      “Concealed” by Monika -- When Starsky and Hutch's relationship is impacted by Hutch's demons from his past, will he be able to get past what happened to him and show Starsky that he truly does love him and need him?

      “A Far Cry from Home” by Marty Chrisman -- When Hutch lies near death in a Minneapolis Hospital, Starsky must battle the rest of the Hutchinson family to keep them from disconnecting his lover’s life support system.


                       * Stargate:  Atlantis *

      JUMPER 3

           From across the ocean to exploring another world through the stargate, a puddlejumper can take you anywhere, and that's just what these intriguing stories in this gen anthology zine do.  You'll find friendship, camaraderie, excitement and adventure in these tales, not mention some banter and a little of Rodney's snarking. Come in, sit down and buckle up -- it's going to be a bumpy ride!

                               AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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