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New zines at Agent With Style, pt. 1

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    Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI. Deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
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      Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI.
      Deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010.  
      Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged!  We sell out *fast*!

                               AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


          * Kung Fu:  The Legend Continues *


           This award-winning gen zine is chock-full of well-written stories about Peter the cop and Caine the Shaolin priest, who see things in radically opposite ways, but love each other nonetheless.  They're family by blood, but they have a larger family-by-choice consisting of the Ancient, the Blaisdells and all the folks at the 101st precinct.  It's a large, rowdy group (except for Caine), but laughter outweighs the tears, and love is the backbone that keeps them together. Don't miss these amazing tales!  In this issue:

      “Three Weeks” by Lisa Lovewell -- Kwai Chang Caine is dead, and Peter must learn to face his fears and accept life without his father.

      “Promises to Keep” by Judy Hoggard -- The demons have caught up with Paul Blaisdell, and it's up to Peter and Kermit to vanquish them.

      “A Lesson in Driving” by Denise Edge -- While waiting for Peter one evening, Paul Blaisdell reflects on teaching his foster son to drive.

      “Soldier of Evil” by JP Kraft -- Peter is torn between honoring an oath to the dead and honoring his oath as a cop.

      “On Faith” by Jackee C -- Visions of a serial bomber put Peter at the top of an FBI agent's suspect list.

      “The Return” by Joann Stroh -- A brutal headmaster, blaming young Peter for his dismissal from the orphanage, returns to get revenge.

      “For Old Time's Sake” by Patricia O'Cain -- In this sequel to the Fan-Q Award winning "Full Circle," an old friend of Captain Simms witnesses a murder, Peter and Kermit must save the woman from becoming the next victim.

      “Circles” by Marge Shasberger – In the latest installment in the ‘Baohuren’ series, Peter must choose between his duty as boajia and his duty to his loved ones.


                                 * NCIS *


            Focusing on the entire team, these gen stories by Lizabeth S. Tucker run the gamut from how-they-met moments to showing the team working as a well-oiled machine.  Come dive into the world of NCIS and you'll be captivated by Gibbs' gruff but fair leading of his diverse group of agents, with Abby, Ducky and Palmer showing their quirky, brilliant natures as well.  Not to be missed!


                            * The Sentinel *

      SYNERGY 2

      “Backfire” by Tiger Tyger -- What happens when a possessive Sentinel hatches a 'sure-fire' plot to hold on to his Guide?  The title of this fiery *hot* story by Tiger Tyger should give you a good indication! Detective Ellison gets way more than he bargained for when he devises a more 'hands-on' approach to keeping his partner by his side.

      “Primal Submission” by Xfreak -- Teasing Blair... hungry, horny Jim... and a wild playtime romp which commences when Blair dares to entice the 'Panther' out of its hiding place.  Another great story by X-Freak!

      “Strong Enough” by Glow -- The pheromone issue rears again for the Sentinel in a way that could destroy all that he holds dear.  Follow along the gut-wrenching path as the lovers struggle tenaciously to stay together when everything seems stacked to tear them apart.  In a society geared towards the 'disposable' -- if it breaks down, just replace it -- can Jim and Blair hold on when confronted with a situation that holds no easy fixes?  This is a classic drama of individual reflection and joint effort written with so much drama and emotional content, you'll be glued to your seat!


                      * Find Us on the Web *

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      -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the latest zine listings! 


                       * Star Trek (TOS) *

      LEGENDS 6

           Kirk and Spock work hard and play even harder, even if it's sweet and romantic.  That's how they became... legends.  Full of engaging K/S stories and a lovely color cover by Romanse, this issue contains:

      “In Your Eyes” by Dovya Blacque

           “You will be seated beside your mate, as is tradition. Tradition,” she laughed.  “Even when we party we follow traditions.”
           My mate?  “Ma’am?” he questioned just as he felt Kirk’s hand in the middle of his back.
           “You and Captain Kirk will be seated beside me and my mate. Though, to be honest,” she said confidentially, “she and I would much rather be at home getting reacquainted; I’ve been off world for nearly six months.”
           Too much information was accosting him.  Jim and I?  What could possibly have given her that idea? She was with us for nearly a week and she created this fantasy?  It didn’t seem like her at all.  No, this was something Anlon thought was a truth.
           Spock was still ruminating over the fact that someone had mistaken Kirk for his mate when he felt a cool hand on the back of his left hand.
           “Relax, Spock,” Kirk muttered to him.  “Just go along with this and you’ll be saving me a lot of grief.”
           He understood:  if Kirk had a mate, the females on Notnob would leave him alone.  It confused him because Kirk usually welcomed such attentions.  And to use such a lie to fend them off?  It seemed beneath his friend.  Then again, the women were very beautiful and very persistent.  Mentally, he buckled down to act as Kirk’s mate for the evening.

      “Beyond the Sea” by Elise Madrid

           Pouring himself a small glass of whiskey, he walked over to the wide expanse of windows that looked out onto the Bay.  It had been the reason they had bought the place.  He and Spock had turned to each other and, without a word being said, the decision had been made.
           He smiled bitterly.  Yet another memory no longer to be shared.  The place was full of them.  How many years here?  Sixteen?  No, seventeen.  Good years.  He snorted.  Hell, they had been great years.  They hadn’t always spent a lot of time here; there’d been the five-year missions, before and after those three unfortunate years when Spock was gone and Kirk had done about the most stupid thing imaginable and married Lori Ciani.  But when they had finally settled down, each taking positions that kept them on Earth most of the time, they’d made the most of being able to sleep together every night.
           He turned away, not wanting to think about what he’d lost, and approached his chair in front of the fireplace.  Placing his glass on the nearby table, he turned on the fire, the flames leaping up as the fuel reached the pilot light.
           He settled into his chair, the heat of the fire warming him.  He hadn’t understood it at first, why he was so cold all the time.  But finally the answer had come to him; Spock’s heat was gone.  The all-encompassing warmth of their bond had died along with him.

      “The Patron” by Princess of Swords

           The night Kirk had first seen the Vulcan he had been onstage performing with an Andorian.  Kirk supposed the brothel paired them because of their long hair, and the exotic contrasts of the fine silver white and glistening ebony, along with the image of jewel blue flesh grasped by pale, spidery hands.  Both male species possess the ability to self-lubricate their erect genitals, and the two slid together belly to belly, spreading the glittering strands between them, as their mouths fused and parted and melted together again and again.
           The Vulcan had eventually broken the languid kiss and pushed the Andorian onto his stomach, blue ass in the air as he was taken.  Kirk had watched the display, cock stiff between his crossed knees.  As the Vulcan pulled out and spent himself on the cerulean back, Kirk decided he had to have this fascinating alien for his partner tonight.  He called the attendant over and made this carnal intention quite clear.
           At that time in his life, Kirk had very recently succeeded in dispatching the former chief authority of the Enterprise, Christopher Pike. The newly ranked captain was burning with a fresh sense of might and triumph.

      “Song of the Nebula” by Dovya Blacque

           The sky was vermillion, nearly the color of a Vulcan afternoon at the height of the heated season, but with shades of umber and rose in the always-present clouds and a constant cool breeze off the deep emerald ocean.  Reclined on the ivory sand in front of a humble clapboard cottage, Jim Kirk basked in the late afternoon sun that filtered through the pink and brown clouds.  He was nearly asleep, as he’d been for quite some time drifting between being fully awake and lost in dream.  He felt wonderful.
           On the wrap-around porch that wreathed the cottage in deep blues and white, Spock sat watching the scenery, not the least of which was the recumbent figure of his captain.  Kirk had been stressed and overworked for too many weeks; it was a private pleasure for Spock to see him finally at ease.  The Vulcan sipped from a tall glass of local tea laced lightly with a sweetener so perfect that it was the planet’s chief export to most of the known galaxy.  The natives called the mix of tea and sweetener jeliso and Spock had become rapidly addicted to it, or so Kirk claimed with a sparkle in his eye and a tilt to his lips…
           Four days into a two-week shore leave on Hoffman’s Planet, the two Enterprise officers had settled into a routine that consisted mostly of Kirk lying in the sun and Spock sitting not so far away on the porch.  Their time otherwise was taken up with reading, hiking up and down the long east-facing beach and, to Kirk’s delight, cooking.  Rather, Spock cooked, Kirk assisted, a system that suited them both perfectly.

      “Pre-Dawn” by Mary Kay

           “Report, Mr. Spock,” Kirk ordered, entering onto the bridge.
           “The distress call is coming from the sixth planet of the system.  It is a low class M planet with no known inhabitants…”
           Kirk exhaled noisily.  “All right. I’m taking a landing party down to the planet’s surface.  I don’t like not knowing what I’m stepping into, but I see no other alternative.  Spock, have four security men meet me in the transporter room.”
           Spock spun around to face Kirk.  “Captain, I ask permission to beam down with you.  It may be a trap of some kind.”
           “That’s why you’re staying up here.  I’m not about to risk both of us if it is a trap.”  Kirk turned to leave, but before he could get two steps away, his arm was caught in a steel vise.
           Spock quickly dropped his hand away from Kirk’s arm as soon as the captain turned back to him.  “Then permit me to go in your stead,” he pleaded.
           Kirk looked stubbornly back at his first officer.  “I believe my orders were for you to stay here on board the ship, Mr. Spock.  I didn’t realize that we had entered into a debate on the matter.”


                            * Stargate SG-1 *


           In this exciting, new, stand-alone gen novel by LRH Balzer, SG-1  visits the planet Sehel, which was on a former Goa’uld trading ring.  Still somewhat shaken from the death of Daniel Jackson’s wife and their subsequent trip to hell to rescue Jacob Carter/Selmak, the SG-1 team agrees to attend the planet’s New  Year celebration when the leader of the planet personally invites them to join him in the festivities.  The joyous occasion becomes deadly, though, as thunder rolls as midnight comes, and piercing lightning flashes fill the sky, striking the unsuspecting crowd.   While several Sehelians are outright killed, Jack O’Neill and Teal’c discover their teammates Daniel Jackson and Sam Carter are among those who have been mysteriously “de-aged.”   When no answers appear available on the planet, they take the two young children back to Earth in an attempt to find some sort of solution.   As Daniel and Sam fight to hold onto their adult memories, the team is forced to journey back to Sehel in a final push to discover who was really behind this ancient phenomenon and why Sehel’s future — and their own — is tied up in it.  Don’t miss this amazing adventure!


                     * Starsky and Hutch *


           The title is a combination of "Ollie," the plush bear from the episode 'Starsky's Lady,' and the "theology" of giving authors and artists a chance to create without limits or expectation, and where size, rating, style or type is unlimited.  In this mixed gen and slash zine, you'll find authors coming together to share their interpretations of the world of Bay City, Starsky and Hutch's stomping ground.  From comedy to drama, in canon and fanon, intermingled with wonderful artistic pieces, this one-of-a-kind zine will hold you spellbound to the very last page!

                              AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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