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intro, and request for feedback....

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    Hi, I m new (just found this list today while searching for Beta Reader resources) and would like to introduce myself... My name is Tara LJC O Shea, and I m a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 1999
      Hi, I'm new (just found this list today while searching for Beta Reader
      resources) and would like to introduce myself...

      My name is Tara LJC O'Shea, and I'm a fanfic writer, editor, and reader.
      Fandoms I've written in include:

      Robin of Sherwood
      Quantum Leap
      Forever Knight
      Earth 2
      Disney's Gargoyles
      The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
      Star Trek: Voyager
      Due South

      As for Beta Reading, I'm hugely busy, so if you don't mind a
      long turn-around on a story... I am hugely uninterested, however, in
      PWPs ("Plot? What Plot?" adult stories), Alternate-universes that stray
      from the series in major ways (such as re-casting the characters as
      historical figures), and parodies, so be warned. I have been writing
      since age 11, and have a BA in Creative Writing, and have been a fan of
      all 4 Trek series, and have a fair number of reference books. I have missed
      a few Voyager eps in the last year, and a few dozen Deep Space Nine in the
      past 3 years, but I am fairly up-to-date. My grammar and spelling are better
      than most, and I am, frankly, much better at line editing others fiction as
      opposed to mine own.

      I am in desperate need to feedback on the Fanfic FAQ I've written for a
      Star Trek: Voyager archive I maintain. I've posted portions to ASC, and a
      private PT mailing list, but would love feedback from writers from other
      series as well. My goal is to help teach new writers about the history of
      fanfic, as well as how to become betetr writers.

      In my never-ending quest to turn the P/T Collective Archive into a
      top-notch writer's resource as well as an archive, I added a Beta Reader
      Index form today in the hopes that truly dedicated folks would sign up so
      that new authors have an index to check to find a beta reader to help them
      whip their goodies into shape... Okay, and so that new writers will find out
      what beta readers are and hopefully employ one or two before loosing their
      creations upon the world.

      Feedback from writers and readers alike (particularly on the fields
      of the form, since I tried to include as much useful information as possible)
      would be HUGELY appreciated.

      I also added a section on Beta Reading to the FAQ, along with links to beta
      mailing lists and websites.

      The archive FAQ is at: http://www.geocities.com/~ptcarchive/faql.html

      If no one wants to clutter up the list, by all means, contact me at any of my
      plethora of addresses, including this one (ljconstantine@...)

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