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Last new zine listings before MediaWest deadline!

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  • Agent With Style
    The deadline for MediaWest pre-con orders is 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. That s TONIGHT! Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out *fast*! AGENT
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2010

      The deadline for MediaWest pre-con orders is 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010.  

      That's TONIGHT!

      Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged!  We sell out *fast*!

                             AGENT WITH STYLE
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      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


                     * Magnificent Seven *


           This gen zine is chock-full of Ezra-centric stories that explore the life and times of a gambler extraordinaire, a man who always has an angle, always has an ace up his sleeve, and leaves absolutely nothing to chance!

      "His Mother's Son" by Helen Adams -- Old West -- Ezra contemplates his relationship with his mother.

      "Investment" by Helen Adams -- Old West -- Ezra has plans.

      "Perspective" by Helen Adams -- Old West -- Ezra gains a new presepctive.

      "The New Law" by NotTasha -- Old West -- Ezra has choices.

      "No Good Deed" by Helen Adams -- Old West -- Sometimes no matter what you do, you have to pay a price.

      "Murder in Red" by NotTasha -- Old West -- Giving something up can be darn hard to to.

      "Justice" by Helen Adams -- Old West -- Nathan and Ezra face a rough piece of trail when their assumptions are challenged.

      "Play Ball" by Helen Adams -- ATF Denver -- Ezra joins the others to play a little weekend baseball.

      "What Was Not Meant to Be" by Angie -- ATF Denver -- Ezra lives another life.

      "Twilight" by Helen Adams -- ATF Denver -- Ezra suffers a life-changing injury, but he has more support than he ever imagined.


           Sure, it's all fun and games, until someone puts a zine out.  And with the multitude of all-Chris/Vin stories in this slash collection, it's an embarrassment of riches!  So put down that ace you've got hidden up your sleeve and pick up this fantastic zine!

      "Full Disclosure" by Ruby J. -- ATF Denver -- Chris/Vin -- An undercover assignment takes the partners to the edge of many things.

      "A Time to Love" by The Neon Gang -- ATF Denver -- Chris/Vin -- When Chris is poisoned the team races to save him, and in the process a secret is revealed.

      "Love's a Bitch" by The Neon Gang -- ATF Denver -- Chris/Vin -- Sequel to "A Time to Love."  A sniper is on the loose, target unknown, but Vin knows one thing the others don't -- he is not about to risk Chris' life, no matter what it might cost him.


           This gen zine contains wonderful stories that focus on the friendship between Chris and Vin, with an emphasis on hurt-comfort tales.  But the rest of the Seven are there, as well, and together they face life in the Old West or in the ATF Denver universe.

      "Glass Passengers" by JIN -- Old West -- This isn't the first time one of Vin's bullets went somewhere he didn't plan, but it is the first time he had six friends to help him deal with it. 

      "Black Water" by JIN -- Old West -- An attempted rescue of a family caught in a flood turns deadly for Vin.

      "Contradictory Intentions" by JIN -- Old West -- When Vin is accidently shot, Chris realizes he cannot let his friend go without a fight, even if that means watching Vin living out a slow death.  

      "It'll be Fun" by Jeanne -- ATF Denver -- A vacation trip takes a turn for the worse when Vin is hurt.  Now Chris must call on all his knowledge and strength to get Vin out alive.

      "Acceptable Risk" by JIN -- ATF Denver -- When Vin is sent undercover by himself, Chris has a bad feeling about how things will turn out.  It's too bad he was right. 


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       * The Professionals / Star Trek (TOS) *


           This intriguing "The Professionals" / "Star Trek Classic" crossover slash novel by Elise Madrid was previously published in a Star Trek zine, but has been expanded to be Pros-centric for this publication.  Bodie/Doyle, Kirk/Spock (no foursome) with a beautiful color wrap-around cover.

           Bodie and Doyle are committed to each other, but struggling with the need to keep their intimate relationship a secret.  On their way to a fishing trip, they stop to break up what looks like a burglary, only to find they've stumbled into something far bigger, something involving men from the future, who are struggling with an intimate relationship of their own.  Each couple sees something of themselves in the other, and gain insights that help them make the most important decision of their lives -- to stay or to go.


                        * Without a Trace *


           When you're searching for a lost child, a missing husband, a wife who has disappeared, no one else understands the tension and danger better than the man by your side, whether he's a fellow agent or your boss.  This zine explores the world of Missing Persons as well as the personal lives of those men who search for them.  Love can happen in the most unusual of circumstances...

      "Let the Games Begin" by Cathy Roberts -- pre-Danny/Martin -- Danny and Martin begin to build a relationship.

      "Oblivious" by Cathy Roberts -- Danny/Martin -- Martin and Danny finally get on the same wavelength.

      "No More Holding Back" by Cathy Roberts -- Danny/Martin -- In this sequel to "Oblivious," the relationship continues.

      "You Can't Argue with Satisfaction" by Cathy Roberts -- Danny/Martin -- A sequel to "No More Holding Back."  Things are good between Danny and Martin.

      "Showdown Epilog" by Ashlyn -- Danny/Martin -- Danny is there for Martin following the shooting.

      "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Eby -- Sheldon Hawkes/Martin – (Crossover with CSI: New York.)   Sheldon is sick, but Martin is there to provide some TLC.

      "Some Like It Rough" by Dori Adams -- ?/Martin -- Martin comes home to more than he expects.

      "Sounding Love" by DarkAngel -- Jack/Martin -- Martin agrees to try something new, and he likes it!

      "Love Cubed" by DarkAngel -- Jack/Martin -- Jack finds a new toy for he and Martin to play with!

      "Love Multiplied" by DarkAngel -- Jack/Martin/Danny -- Jack decides to bring Danny into the mix!

      "Two in One" by DarkAngel and Dori Adams -- Jack/Martin/Danny -- Jack decides Martin can handle him and Danny!

      "Missing" by Melanie -- Danny/Martin -- Danny has been in a happy, stable relationship with Martin for years, but now someone from Martin's past returns, and it threatens to destroy everything the two men hold dear.

                              AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *


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