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Huge Multifandom Crossover Needing Beta

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  • TJ
    Hi - The group that I belonged to before this got poofed out of existence by Yahell without warning. I m writing an epic-sized fic covering too many fandoms
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2009
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      Hi -

      The group that I belonged to before this got 'poofed' out of existence by Yahell without warning.

      I'm writing an epic-sized fic covering too many fandoms to even begin to list. It is set in the SG-1/SGU universe with gen, het, slash, and polyamorous pairings. Ratings vary from G to NC-17. This fic has a sci-fi backdrop and thus includes a variety of plot devices seen as canon in many different science fiction shows, including clones, robotic doubles, vampires, etc.

      As the fandoms are so far reaching (everything from NCIS to CSI and every imaginable fandom and pairing imaginable in between with the characters from those shows interacting) I am in need of at least two or more betas to help keep my writing in line with characterization, to help me get plot contrivances across without being too convoluted, to keep my prose clean and help stop me from veering too far into purple-land, and to remain true to the characters' voices.

      On top of all that, my writing style does not tend to follow normal outline patterns. I have definite ideas and a basic outline that I work from, but I do not necessarily write in chronological order. I have over 750 chapters written to date (bulky, bulky, bulky!), but they do on ocassion jump from one part of the timeline to a later one and then the next chapter will be further back, filling in the gaps as they occur.

      While, I have a complete chapter worked out in my head, I find it most conducive to my writing style to put all of the dialogue down first, letting the characters' voices direct me toward driving the story forward, then I go back and fill in the action and descriptive parts of the narration. This being said, many chapters are dialogue only at this point in time.

      I am desperate for some beta assistance. Anyone who feels they may be able to help me out with this, please let me know, as I would be most appreciative.

      Thank you in advance,

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