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  • nyghte4@hotmail.com
    i ve been on this list quite a while, but i ve been lurking... i hope posting this doesn t violate any list rules... i m starting an informal dream study. if
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2001
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      i've been on this list quite a while, but i've been lurking... i hope
      posting this doesn't violate any list rules...

      i'm starting an informal dream study. if you'd like to participate it
      would help me tremendously if you would record your dreams for me,
      every day for the next 30 days, at least, and email them to me every
      morning (or whenever is convenient for you), with the time you went
      to bed, and the time you woke up (if you remember). if you don't
      remember your dreams that night, just drop me a note telling me you
      have no dreams to report. i need you to be as honest, accurate, and
      detailed as possible. i know that dreams can get disorganized, weird,
      even perverted. it's not the goal of this study to judge what is
      normal, and i will not judge you based on your dreams.
      i need basic statistical information from you - age, sex, region of
      country, marital/relationship status, and living arrangements (with
      spouse, with children, with parents, etc), type of occupation
      (business, blue collar, retail, student, etc), and if you believe in
      the supernatural or not - as these things all affect your dreams.
      please reply offlist at dream_study@... if you're interested
      in participateing. :)

      thank you much for your time.
      nyghte shadow
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