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Re: [Beta_Unlimited] Sports Night

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  • Kali Sandison
    Me too. I watched the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2001
      <<I'm new to the whole Sports night fandom, it becoming another
      in a string of shows I've fell in love with after it was

      Me too. I watched the first couple of eps but had a scheduling
      conflict and dropped it. A friend in the Due South fandom raved
      so much about it that I started watching again when Comedy
      Central began airing it.

      <<so I'd really, really love it if someone wouldn't mind being a
      beta for me.>>

      Pick me! Pick me! Email me off list and we'll work out the details.

      "Kali Sandison", Kalerian@...
      "It takes a lot of brains to enjoy humor, satire and wit-- but none to be offended by them."--The Midnight Skulker

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