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Unititled Fanfiction chapter 4(section 1) PG

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      Untitled Fanfiction

      Section 1

      Chapter 4: The Meeting

      I just don't understand it. I even checked the ship last night and
      there was nothing wrong with it!" Walker says.

      Sky shook her head and said, "Isn't it about time for the meeting?"

      With that last sentence said then, a bunch of "oh yeahs" and they
      headed for the meeting hut.

      Now Walker was top notch in charge of the trip. Jed fell under next,
      then Sky. I was in charge of the weapons. Now, I have not named to
      you all involved in the trip, I cannot. But just know it is a whole
      ton of people. Besides Jed, I, Sky, Id, Walker, and Iot, some of the
      other people are as follows: Sian, Cor, Org, Fe, Binder, Itch, So,
      Stu, Rey, and Vey are other guys. Calris, Ta, Gana, Ett, Spell, Kri,
      Lo, Pid, Nolds, and Har are the others. The ones that are in love
      with each other are in the same order. Example: Cor and Ta are in
      love. Got all that? Anyway, Walker went to the front of the room by
      the tree-cut podium. He waited a few minutes before starting. That
      was to give everyone enough time to get there so they wouldn't miss a
      second of it! Shortly, all was present, except Jed. No one noticed
      Jed was missing, at first. Jed had predicted right after he had won
      the race that the trip would in fact be the next day. He reasoned
      ahead of schedule (by a week and two days.) So, he slowly slipped
      away from the crowd and went over to the ship. He hadn't thought
      anyone would even notice. Back to the meeting that is now just on
      the verge of starting.

      Walker clears his throat and says, "May I have your attention,

      Just as he says this, there is total silence, except for the sound of
      his voice.

      "That's better. Folks, as you know, we are gathered for the purpose
      of deciding when to leave. Now, last meeting we had decided on a
      month later, at that time. That day is a week and two days away. Id
      and Iot, the weather experts, as you well know, have informed me that
      that is not a good time and that tomorrow was the best."

      Discussion among those present arose. After it died down, Walker
      continued, "Id and Iot please come and present your report."

      Id and Iot looked at each other and looked pleased. They walked up
      to the head of the floor.

      Iot said, "Okay guys, Id and I have watched the weather for year.
      We've studied it, as you all well know. We've seen the weather
      before us at hand in the past. We know what will happen. Remember
      what happened five years ago?"

      The audience nodded, remembering that awful year. The year the
      storms brow around them for months. No ships could come and bring
      them supplies. They had almost died that year.

      Id continued Iot's speech. "Well, it's going to happen again, and if
      we don't leave tomorrow, we'll be stuck here forever. Tomorrow's
      going to be the best day for weeks. It's now or never."

      With that Id and Iot sat down. The audience nodded. All but one.

      "Well it's going to happen again, and if we don't leave tomorrow,
      we'll be stuck here forever. Tomorrow's going to be the best day for
      weeks. It's now or never."

      With that Id and Iot sat down. The audience nodded. All but one.
      And that one was Calris, Sian's love. Calris did not trust Id and
      Iot. She never had. It was known to everyone that Id and Iot were
      doing incest. They were gay people with problems. Yet everyone
      respected them and Calris did not understand why.

      "I don't think we should leave tomorrow," she stated.

      Everyone turned to her in surprise. Id and Ito gave nervous glances
      to each other. They glared at Calris.

      Walker glanced over in Calris's direction. "Why not?"

      Calris answered with, "Because we said we'd leave then and I think
      we should stick with our original plan. That's it."

      Walker says, "Even after what Id and Iot have said?"

      Calris says, "Yeah, I just have a bad feeling about this trip, that's

      Id and Iot gave glares once again and Calris did notice it. Calris
      wisely decided to shut-up. Walker called for a vote.

      "Let's vote on this issue at hand. Who wants to leave tomorrow? I
      think we should, the sooner, the better."

      Everyone except Calris raised their hand.

      "All who want to leave on time, Raise your hand now."

      Only Calris raised her hand.

      "All right, then. We leave tomorrow. Any questions?"

      Sky says, "Does everyone have their supplies ready."

      A bunch of people nodded or said yes.

      "Any other questions," asks Walker.

      Calris raised her hand once more.

      "Yes, Calris."

      "Who's in charge of the food?"

      I said after a short pause of silence, "Jed is. He's also in charge
      of packing the ship."

      "Where is Jed, anyway," asks Walker.

      I answers, "I have absolutely no idea. He's supposed to be here."

      But he was nowhere to be found. So, the meeting was forced to

      "Well, then," says Walker to I, "do you know about his department?"

      "Yes," says I, "everything is packed and ready. The food is here.
      I just don't understand why he's not here. I didn't notice he was
      gone until just now."

      "Any other questions?"

      Calris again, "What about the weapons?"

      "Weapons, weapons, who's in charge of those?"

      Sky raises her hand.

      "Okay, then please give us the report," says Walker.

      Sky says, "Well, we don't have much as far as weapons go, but we do
      have some spears."

      Calris did not look satisfied.

      "That's not suffiecient,"she says.

      Sky adds, "Well, we do have a couple swords here and there. I
      think we have a whole supply of them in one of the crates. But what
      use do we have for weapons? We aren't planning on going to war with
      anyone or anything."

      Walker nods in agreement with Sky.

      "No, I don't think we need very many, either."

      Calris is still not satisfied.

      "If you won't provide enough weapons, I'm bringing my own."

      "That's fine," says Sky. "All can bring what they want."

      Calris adds to her earlier comments, "Well I don't think we're
      prepared enough. We're not ready to leave tomorrow."

      Id and Iot give her more dirty looks. Only Calris notices.

      Walker finally has had enough and walks out of the room after
      saying, "This is too much for me. Whoever's second in charge the
      trip, take over."

      I says, "That'd be Jed."

      Walker says to that, "Well as Jed can't be found, no one know where
      he is. Whoever's third take over?

      Sky says, "That's me."

      Walker says, "Fine. Good. Sky take over."

      Walker walks out and sits by a tree, saying to himself, "If anything
      goes wrong, it'll be all my fault."

      Sky says, "Questions anyone?

      "There was silence.

      She looked all around. Then continued, "Well then, looks like this
      meeting is adjourned. We will meet by the dock at midnight. See you
      all there. Remember, double-check everything.

      And with that said, the meeting was over. Everyone left. Now, this
      was a secret voyage from the leader of the town. They could not get
      caught in action, or they'd all be killed. Sky went off to go look
      for her Love, she found him sitting under the tree.

      "What's wrong, my dear?"

      Walker looks up into Sky's beautiful face.

      "Nothing, I was just thinking."

      Sky says, "Well, I guess we had better make it to the ship. It's
      about time to go."

      "I know," says Walker, "I'll be there in a minute."

      Sky turns to see Org behind her.

      She says, "Org, please see if you can find Jed."

      Then, she turns to Walker again and says, "Walker, I'm going to go
      help look for Jed along with the others. If you care to help, then

      "Thanks," said Walker as he remanded where he was. Everyone looked
      everywhere for him and so far they were all unsuccessful. That is
      all except Id and Iot were looking.

      They were talking to one another.

      "So, you're sure our plan is sound, Id?"

      Of course it is, my love. The rafts are all aboard and pretty soon
      we will be the leaders because the others will all be dead. Heh,
      heh, heh."

      Meanwhile, in that other place at the same time, The Maurders and
      the Hutt's had joined up and were preparing war against the others.

      Back to Jed and the others. Jed was meantime packing the ship. He
      was checking it and rechecking it. He was just about done when I had
      had this brilliant idea of checking the ship. And to her surprise,
      she was right!

      "Jed, where have you been? We have been looking for you all over."

      Jed looked surprised.

      "Really?" He says. "I've been here the entire time."

      "Why weren't you at the meeting? Why didn't you tell anyone you
      weren't going?"

      Jed looked again at her.

      "Because. Because I didn't think anyone would notice."

      "Oh, don't be stupid, Jed. How could we not notice?"

      Jed just shrugged his shoulders and stated, "I wanted to get a head
      start on things. I wanted to be ready ahead of time so I could talk
      to you."

      I had to smile at that. Then I remembered that everyone else was
      still looking for Jed. She rushed off to tell the others.

      "Jed's here. He has been the entire time. No need to continue

      And they all went towards the ship with their personal possessions
      in preparation for boarding the ship....
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