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Unititled Fanfiction chapter 3(section 1) PG

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    * Any/all feedback should be directed towards princelukeskywalker_2001@yahoo.com This does include questions, comments, or anything of that nature. Also, if
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      * Any/all feedback should be directed towards
      princelukeskywalker_2001@... This does include questions,
      comments, or anything of that nature.

      Also, if you would like past chapters, please contact me at that e-
      mail address.

      Untitled Fanfiction

      Section 1

      Chapter 3: The Race

      Now, Id has rigged Walkers ship. He put something so the starting
      part of the ship would not work properly after awhile. He had put
      cow dung there. But that was after he built those rafts. You see,
      Iot and Id had been making at and intended on doing so until the time
      of the meeting, but forgot about the Race. Even after Id had rigged
      Walker's ship. (That shows you how much they are in love with each
      other. They forgot the big events!) Sky and I have just kissed
      their guys. They were good luck kisses. Walker climbed his ship and
      so did Jed. They joked around with each other.

      "So, I'm going to be the winner this year," joked Jed.

      "No, I am."

      They just laughed and continued on. While on the other side of
      them, Id was getting in his ship, laughing evilly all the way.

      "That's what you think. Both of you. You're all wrong! Heh, heh,

      Id had not rigged Jed's ship because he didn't think Jed was that
      much of a threat. The sword was thrown and the race began. The
      Great Race. The one held annually. Who would be the victor this
      time? Read on to find out! Not long into the Race, Walker knew
      something was wrong. He tried shouting to the others, but they
      couldn't hear him because he was so far ahead. Finally, his ship
      just stopped and the big towboat towed him out of the race. He was
      forced to forfeit. Id and the other were left.

      "Hey, it worked," muttered Iot. It's time to call!"

      Id put on the ship and it looks like he's going to. But not if Jed
      can help it. Now, Jed had never been the greatest sea captain, but
      he was determined, so he had a chance. Now back to that other
      place. Yoda was injured. Just then, a shadow crept up and kidnapped
      the baby Yoda. Matters are worse for the creatures. Back to the

      Anyway, the Race is 3/4 the way over. Let's review what has just
      happened in even greater detail! Id rigged Walker's ship in hopes to
      win the race. The race started. Walker takes the lead, a very good

      Not too long into the race he says, "What's wrong."

      Soon his ship stops. Now, the Race is setup in a triangle shape.
      There is a mid checkpoint exactly in between the start and finish.
      The checkpoint is an island. They had all made it past the
      checkpoint. Sky, I, Iot, and the rest of the crowd have just taken
      horses to the finish by land. A guy had told them Walker was in the
      lead. Sky was pleased. Then, Walker's ship stopped and was forced
      out of the race. This saddened Sky. She didn't care or pay
      attention to the rest of the race! Anyway, a tow man came and asked
      Walker what was wrong with his ship. Walker had told him he didn't
      know. So he began towing him out of the race. Id takes the lead and
      it looks like he's going to win. The racers are in view. That is
      where new info. Will be given. Who will win the race?

      Jed saw that Walker is no longer in the race. "Where could Walker

      Then he saw the tow ship. He was that far behind. He realized what
      had happened and also realized he now had a chance at the race. Not
      a very likely one, but a chance. That was what he needed. He had
      enough determination. But could he pull it off? Suddenly, Jed was
      going his hardest. He put so much energy into it that he didn't
      notice he had passed all ships...but one. But the crowd did. They
      knew. The crowd went wild! Id glanced back and saw Jed on his

      "Oh no. I should have rigged his ship, too!"

      But it was too late for that and Id and everyone else know that.
      Then, it was then that Jed realized what had happened. He had enough
      willpower to do so, but could he do so? Jed knew that only one
      remained and it was within his reach.

      Iot says, "Use your water power blaster controls!"

      Id was thinking the same thing. He pushed it and saw the waterpower
      thing was empty!

      "Oh no, now I'm really in trouble.

      Id pushed his ship as fast as he could. It was not fast enough. Id
      and Jed are neck and neck and the finish line is only 4 feet away.
      Id was thinking that if only his water blaster controls worked. (It
      was a hidden compartment that when the lever is activated, it sprays
      out water high so the people around him can't see for a brief moment
      and it makes him go faster. But the starting condition is that it
      has to have water in it.) Jed pushed with his remaining strength and
      took the lead. In a matter of seconds he crossed the finish line.
      First! Id was second and the rest followed. The crowd cheered and
      hugged the others. Walker and the toe men came into view. They
      hugged and celebrated. Except Sky and Walker.

      Walker says, "I just don't understand it. I even checked the ship
      last night and there was nothing wrong with it!"

      Sky shook her head and said, "Isn't it about time for the meeting?"

      With that last sentence said then, a bunch of, "Oh yeah," and they
      all headed for the meeting hut.
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