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    That s it, I m goin after em. said Logan as he got to his feet. He picked up his mask and the top of his suite and headed for the doorway. Hang on,
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      "That's it, I'm goin' after 'em." said Logan as he got to his feet.
      He picked up his mask and the top of his suite and headed for the

      "Hang on," Xierra started, quickly running to intercept him. "we
      can't go now, it's almost sun-up, they'll see you a mile away."

      "You don't know me kid." he took another step, trying to push past

      "Then think of it this way,we don't know what their security's like."
      She tried again.

      "Doesn't matter." he pushed past and got to the door. As he opened
      it, he was pulled back and the door slammed shut, locking itself as
      well. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

      "Saving your life, do you think the three of us can go against an
      army of those guys plus the vamps that kidnapped your entire team? I
      don't know these FOH but I do know Rex and I'll be damned if I let
      either of you walk into a trap. We'll go after them, tonight."

      The doorbell rang followed by a few short knocks. "Kid, your friends
      are here." Logan opened the door and in walked three extremely tall
      women. Two redheads and one blonde.

      "Hey guys, thanks for coming." They sat down in the lounge and waited
      for Xierra to explain herself. She filled them in on the present
      situation before asking for their help. "We need your help, Schlang
      filled me in yesterday, I know all about you two." She said, looking
      at Gin and Gerry.

      "As your bodygaurds, we do not advise this." Gerry began.

      "But as your servants, we will help you." Gin finished.

      "You girls better know what you're volunteerin' for, the FOH aren't
      all that friendly." commented Logan.

      "We have had three hundred years of training. They will be a walk in
      the park." Schlang said smugly.

      "Well den, what we waitin' for?" asked Remy.

      "We're not to familiar with the FOH so you two are gonna have to take
      things from here." Xierra said to Remy and Logan. "Schlang, did you
      bring what I asked?"
      "Right here." She tossed her an odd looking wristband which Xierra
      put on instantly. She tapped it once and her body was covered in a
      shiny, organic looking suite.

      "Whenever you're ready."
      Wolverine crouched on a large rock using tiny night vision binoculars
      to survey the area. The night was illuminated by the bright lights of
      the FOH base. "They're moving something, in or out of the base, I
      can't tell." he whispered into the small red X badge he was holding.
      Xierra, Gin, Gerry and Schlang had all been given one for the time
      being. A small kitten jumped up and walked around Logan's legs. "This
      cat better be as good as you say he is."

      Xierra stepped up behind Logan. "He's better." She knelt down beside
      him and called Sabian. "Listen sweetie, go down there and make sure
      no one sees you, it's dangerous so be careful." The kitten purred,
      turned, then scampered away. She closed her eyes and
      concentrated. "Bright lights everywhere, about ten or eleven gaurds
      each of them have...uzis I think. There's a door, behind two trucks,
      it's gaurded, not to well though. Four security cameras and seven gun
      tarots." she opened her eyes which were glowing green. "The door has
      a security code....13456982." She shook her head and her eyes
      returned to normal.

      "The electronics we can take care of." Schlang said, stepping behind
      the two.

      "And the gaurds outside, you guys are going to have to find your team
      mates." Gin added.

      "Good," Wolverine tapped his com-link "get ready cajun, we're going

      "I'm coming with you." said Xierra, her look stern.

      "No way, it's to dangerous."

      "I have a faster healing factor than you and I have active powers. I
      can take care of myself. There's no way you're swaying me on this
      "Whenever you're ready." Gambit signalled. The three banshees nodded
      and opened their mouths. A deafening scream swept the air, it became
      distorted, like when heat rises of the ground. The lights smashed in
      and the tarots shot into the air then turned off. The small blinking
      red lights on the cameras turned off and threw all of the FOH members
      off gaurd. "Guess dat's our cue." The three will-be intruders made
      their way behind the truck and knelt down. "Quick question, if all de
      electronics be disabled, den how we gonna get inside?" He had a point.

      Wolverine unsheathed his claws and got ready to make for the door
      before Xierra stopped him. "I got a better idea." The door began to
      open as if it was being pulled by an unseen force.

      "Ladies first." Gambit said with a smile. Once they were inside, as
      well as Sabian, the door slammed shut. "T'ink dey know what's goin'
      on outside?"

      "'Doubt it, no way they can communicate." Wolverine explained. They
      decided to rely on Wolverine's nose and see where that would get
      them. He led them to a corrior which had a six way fork. "We're gonna
      have to split up."

      "Even if we do there is no way we'll be able to find everyone without
      alerting the gaurds." Xierra said in despair. Wolverine heard
      footsteps from afar, running towards them. He pounced, claws first
      and slammed the body onto the ground. He lay with his claws ready to

      "I'd love to honey, but now isn't really the time." It was Gerry.
      After they had gotten to their feet she explained the Gin and Schlang
      were on their way, and sure enough they arrived as if on cue. They
      all took a corridor and began their search for the X-men.

      Schlang had taken out one of the female gaurds in a room close to one
      of the cells. She walked in and found to FOH gaurds sleeping on the
      floor. "Hey boys, you're shifts over, you've been called to the
      briefing room." she said in a plastic American accent. They got up
      and straightened themselves out.

      "Hey isn't Mike supposed to take over tonight?" one of them asked.

      Schlang hesitated. "We swapped shifts, you know him and the ladies."

      "Yeah, good old Mike." They left her, completely unaware that she was
      about to set free one of the captives. She looked inside and found a
      large, hairy, blue..Beast lying on a cold metal slab. Fearing she was
      to late, she quickly broke down the door and rushed to his side. His
      vitals were normal and she noticed him drifting in and out of sleep.
      He was dressed in a white hospital gown and chained to the table.
      From what Gambit had told her, this was Beast, resident doctor to the
      X-men. The room was dark save for a blue light that hung in a far
      corner, all of the computer keyboards were illuminated with and
      orange light. He was hooked up to a drip which seemed to be feeding
      him a sleep inducing drug.

      She used all her strength to break the shackles from his wrists and
      ankles. He began to mummble words she couldn't hear that well and
      then finally.

      "Behind you" he whispered. She felt a hot striking pain in her
      shoulder and fell onto the table. The two gaurds she had tricked
      earlier where back.

      "Mike's happily married you filthy mutant scum." one called out as
      they advanced.

      "Oh dear, I guess we'll have to do this the hard way." She turned and
      kicked their weapons from their hands before flipping one onto the
      floor and punching the other on the nose and kicking him in the
      groin. "Doctor, I'm here to get you out, Gambit and Wolverine sent
      me." She helped him off the table and with some assist from Schlang,
      Beast walked out, slightly drugged but otherwise okay.

      Gin climbed out from the air duct she had diverted to and into a
      large testing area. In the middle, she found a body of ice inside a
      tinted green tube. There were wires and tubes, computers and
      machines, all hooked up to it. "Well, I guess I found the Iceman."
      She looked around and found an old man writing down all of the
      necessary details before sitting down at a large computer. He typed
      in a few words and a loud voice filled the room. PRESERVATION TUBE,
      DRAINING. It was then that Gin noticed that he had been floating in a
      liquidy substance.

      She noticed other equipment that had been shoved in the corner, the
      room was messy, desks everywhere and papers aswell. There was no
      security inside as far as she could tell so she made her way over to
      the professor. She crept up behind him and twisted his neck then back
      again. Gin noticed that the mask Iceman had on was providing oxygen
      for him.

      She walked up to the computer and spoke into the mic.
      "Iceman, if you can hear me, I'm here to get you out." she typed in
      as many commands as she could think of, open preservation tube, halt
      preservation process, release mask. The mask floated off Bobby and he
      began to pound against the glass. "Shit, there's no air in there."
      She got up and used a chair to smash the glass but to no avail. She
      cast it to one side and began to punch the glass, again and again and

      It began to crack, but not soon enough. "Hang on!" she shouted. She
      half prayed at the same time. This won't look good on the princess'
      part if I kill one of their friends. she thought. Finally it
      shattered and Bobby tried to move out. "Wait, there's some break away
      glass, hold still."
      She brushed it of him and helped him to his feet. "Thank you." he
      coughed. There was a fierce banging on the door and angry shouts from
      the other side.

      "Don't thank me yet." she found a safe corner to put him in and
      tapped the wrist band she wore. She was covered by the same kind of
      organic suite as Xierra but it was more dull, bland and had a faded
      look to it. She held her wrists to the door and a equally organic
      mask slid onto her face. Small weapons, resembling the twin barrel on
      a shotgun emerged from the top of her wrists. "Supper time." she said

      Gerry tip-toed past several gaurds and pried open the door which she
      figured led to one of the X-men. A young girl showed up on one of the
      monitoring screens. Small, Asian looking, with short black hair and a
      fiery temper. She was screaming at the camera and pacing up and down.
      Gerry noticed a collar around her neck that she was trying to pull
      open. It didn't seem to be working. These FOH had kept her caged and
      locked up like a criminal, no an animal. There was a bed with a thin
      sheet for a cover and a bucket which she figured was supposed to be a
      toilet. "Animals." she said to herself.

      She walked through into the room which contained the cell and
      observed carefully, there were about three cameras watching the girls
      every move and a gaurd that was watching with far more interest than
      Gerry liked. From what she had been told, this was Jubilee, one of
      the younger members of the X-men. "Psstt." she called. He spun around
      in a surprised way and was met with Gerry's boot.

      Another two gaurds came out of the shadows and pounced onto her.Gerry
      threw them off and rolled away to where she was free to move. She saw
      them reaching for their weapon and tapped her wristband. It
      distracted her attackers for all of a few seconds and they pulled out
      their weapons, firing almost all their ammo.
      Jubilee screamed and gripped onto the bars.

      The two gaurds walked up to Gerry, poking her with their guns, "The
      bitch is dead." one said with a laugh.
      She reached out and jerked the weapons from their hands before
      smacking them both with the butt-end of one of the guns. Four more
      FOH entred the room but before they could blinked were knocked

      "Cover your ears, sweetheart, and stay away from the bars." Jubilee
      did as Gerry had requested. She saw Gerry open her mouth and the bars
      of the cell melted away from eachother. Gerry helped Jubilee out and
      as they turned, Jubilee dropped to the ground. One of the gaurds
      wasn't knocked out and had shot her in the leg. Gerry pummbeled him
      with rage and went to help Jubilee.

      "It's okay, nothing we can't fix." She pulled off a small piece of
      her suite and placed it on the gunshot wound. It began to grow and
      soon covered the hole. "I'm a here to help you, Gambit and Wolverine
      sent me." She helped Jubilee to her feet and they left.

      Gambit had sneaked his way into what looked like a rec room. There
      were playing cards, beer and cigarettes on the table. A few men were
      playing a game of pool and another few lounging about near a small
      bar. They proudly displayed there T-shirts as if a warning to all
      mutants to stay away from them, to know that they were the supreme
      race, the Friends Of Humanity. He was disgusted to know that he even
      belonged to the same species as them.

      He overheard a conversation between them about how he had made a
      mutant beg for mercy awhile back and in the end he had his way with
      her then shot her in the head, they laughed. They were so sick and
      tortured that they laughed. The truth is mutants are humans and vice
      versa, and they claim to be the protectors of their people. He
      clenched his teeth and tightened his fists then paused. Rage was no
      way to start a fight.

      He snuck past and through two sets of automatic doors. Then stopped
      when he saw a glass room that kept a young woman with brownish hair
      and an identifiable white stroke amidst it. He rushed toward her and
      pulled out his cards. "Hold it right there." A woman from behind him
      called. He heard a gun being cocked and lifted his hands. "What you
      got in your hand there?" She asked rudely. No doubt another one of
      the FOH lackeys.

      "Just lookin' for a game a poker." he said in an extremely southern
      accent. He showed the cards to her, still facing Rogue. She was
      suspicious, he could tell. As soon as he'd turn around and show her
      his eyes, it would be bon voyage Gambit. He concentrated on her
      reflection in the window. She slowly stepped forward, a crunching
      sound on each step. When she was close enough he took hold of the gun
      and she fired into the air. He punched her hard and took the
      gun. "Now..Remy don't hit ladies, but lookin' at you, I guess you
      aren't one."

      He heard heavy footsteps and jumped behind a console of some kind as
      many rounds were fired at him. He propped his back up against it and
      took a few cards from his pack. 1..2..3 He got up and spun around to
      throw the charged cards their way. They landed infront of them and
      blew most of them away. He took out his staff and challenged the few
      that remained. After the short and measly workout, the staff returned
      to it's original size and he tucked it into his jacket. He took out
      two more cards and charged them, Rogue slid away and the glass
      exploded at the touch of the cards.
      "Come on Rogue, we gotta go."

      Feedback, please ;)

      Jade Dragon.
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      Hi. Just so you know... the way this list has worked in the past, is that you send out to the list, a request for a beta. Then once someone has replied to you,
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        Just so you know... the way this list has worked in the past, is that you
        send out to the list, a request for a beta. Then once someone has replied to
        you, on or off list, you and your new beta work just between yourselves. We
        don't send stories or story parts to the list. We just ask for beta's, and
        there are people here who are very likely to reply to that request.

        Evil Willow
      • Sidious Palpatine
        I didn t open this message until now!!!!! I will try not to send out story parts and things to the list. Sorry about that everyone!!!! Palpatine_Sidious ...
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          I didn't open this message until now!!!!! I will try
          not to send out story parts and things to the list.
          Sorry about that everyone!!!!

          --- evlwillow77@... wrote:
          > Hi.
          > Just so you know... the way this list has worked in
          > the past, is that you
          > send out to the list, a request for a beta. Then
          > once someone has replied to
          > you, on or off list, you and your new beta work just
          > between yourselves. We
          > don't send stories or story parts to the list. We
          > just ask for beta's, and
          > there are people here who are very likely to reply
          > to that request.
          > Thanks,
          > Evil Willow

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