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Unititled Fanfiction chapter 2(section 1) PG

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    * all feedback should be directed to princelukeskywalker_2001@yahoo.com If you would like the previous chapter, just e-mail me to let me know. Untitled
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      * all feedback should be directed to
      If you would like the previous chapter, just e-mail me to let me know.

      Untitled Fanfiction

      Chapter 2: The Ohter Place

      In that other place, there are some green creatures (as specified
      before) among other creatures. The green creatures are fighting a
      constant battle with these bright orange gnats like creatures called
      Maurders. Only thing is, the battle is the Maurders are annoying the
      green creatures. The green creatures are called Yoda creatures.
      There is tons of each kind of creatures I'm about to name. There are
      also tall, hairy creatures called Wookiees. Also, in the land lie
      big huge ugly hairy fat things with curly circular horns called
      banthas. There are also ugly slimy fat slugs called Hutts and winged
      creatures that are a sort of goon called gwythaints. All the
      creatures get along, except the Maurders, who annoy the others, the
      Hutts that are far too disgusting for sense, and the Banthas that for
      obvious reasons don't get along with the others! This is what is
      going on there right now:

      A Wookiee is sitting by himself at water's edge of a beautiful little
      stream when a Maurder flies up to him and says in a little mean
      mocking voice. "Um, Wookiee meat. Perfect! That's what I was
      looking for."

      The Wookiee does not notice the Maurder. The Maurder inches closer
      to the Wookiee gets out it's sharp blood-sucking teeth and sinks them
      into the Wookiee.

      The Wookiee howls like this "Awwww."

      The Maurder backs up after taking what he came for, saying, "Um,
      food. Food for the tum-tum."

      The Wookiee swats at, trying to kill it, but unfortunately misses and
      crushes and kills a Fly who happened to be right by the Maurder! The
      Maurder, so scared is it that it flies off as fast as it could.
      Lucky it did because only a few seconds later another noise can be
      heard in the far distance. A Boom Boom noise.

      "Now what could that be, says the once again lone Wookiee.

      He spoke too soon, for in the minutes to follow he recognized it.
      Boom, BooM, BOoM, Boom, BoOm, BOOM, BOOM! Thudding noise was drawing
      louder as the thing, the fat thing approached.

      "A Bantha! A Bantha!" Screamed the Wookiee.

      The Bantha stormed onto the clearing. Bantha did his love call, not
      noticing the Wookiees presence yet.

      "Awroow. Awroooow. Awrooww." Which translated into Basic as some
      gibberish that meant a love call. Bantha all of a sudden glanced
      over and saw the Wookiee.

      "Why are you on Bantha mating ground? How dare you trespass!"

      "? I'm sorry," says the Wookiee.

      Then as the Bantha got ready to charge, the Wookiee got out a weapon
      and chopped off one of Bantha's legs.

      Bantha howled, "Brucow. Didwrow." Which means "Ow, that hurt! I'll
      get you for that!"

      And Bantha hobbled off on 3 legs.

      Endor 6

      The Wookiee decided it was then height time to make a run for it,
      knowing after what he'd just finished doing to a bantha, bantha's are
      creatures that are best left alone at all cost. If you anger one,
      why you'll have a whole herd of them after you! So, not stopping for
      a second, the Wookiee high tailed it as soon as he heard even the
      slightest sound that might be a Bantha. He left the beautiful little
      stream and went on home to his house. Meanwhile, the Maurder who had
      annoyed the Wookiee was now with the others of his species. They
      were all gathered around a Yoda Creature. The Creature looked up as
      they approached.

      "What annoyances!" declared the Yoda creature.

      He was currently sitting on a stump just outside of his hut. HE was
      eagerly waiting to hear new about his pregnant wife. He was ignoring
      the Maurders as they began to try to annoy him. The Gwythaint who
      was helping deliver the baby of the Yoda was away from his post. You
      see, every creature knew something about these orange-gray rocks was
      important. In fact they feared them. They were all in a pile in one
      place known as the forbidden area. It was the gwythaints job to
      guard that area. They didn't know what secrets they held.

      Endor 7

      They had a feeling it had to do with the strange lights often seen
      there that no one could explain. Another kind of creature I forgot
      to mention earlier is the Ewoks. They are a cut little fuzzy brown
      bunch. An Ewok was also helping out in the birth of the Yoda. A few
      seconds passed and a baby was indeed born to the Yoda's pregnant
      wife. They named their son Yoda because that was the kind of
      creature. He was the first Yoda creature named Yoda. The Maurders
      were not happy! They could kill baby Yodas. They couldn't understand
      them. They had tried to kill Yodas before. They went at Yoda and
      almost killed the poor baby. The severely injured him. The
      Gwythaint quickly flew to get the together gwythaints. There were no
      gwythaints left at the post. Who would go there anyway? No one
      wanted to go there...

      Now, again I shall take you back to Sky, Walker, Jed, I, Iot,
      and Id. Now, keep in mind this is happening at the same time as all
      the creatures' happenings. It's still the day of the meeting. The
      race is about to start, the race between Id, Walker, and Jed, plus
      all the other men in the area. This was to take place 4 hours before
      the meeting to be held later. So, Walker, Jed, and Id got ready for
      the big race. IT was held once a year. Walker had been the champion
      for years. Id thought it could be different this time, for he rigged
      Walker's ship. Sky and I went up to their lovers and gave them big
      hugs and kisses. Now the race was ready to commence.
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