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hello I'm new here

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  • palpatine_sidious@yahoo.com
    Hello, I m new here.....so what s been going on????? Palpatine_Sidious PS here is the 1st chapter of my fic :) Please enjoy
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      Hello, I'm new here.....so what's been going on?????


      PS here is the 1st chapter of my fic :) Please enjoy

      please send any or all feedback, comments, or questions to

      Untitled Fanfiction

      Section 1

      Chapter 1: The Group

      Sky says, "So you have everything you need for the trip? I hope so.
      Walker told me he would take care of me and he'll take me on his
      ship! Now, I've liked this guy for quite a while, but did not have
      any idea that he even took notice of me!"

      "Really?" said I. "I like his best friend, Jed which you well
      know. I think he likes me right now. You know, I bet those two are
      talking about us right now."

      Sky says, "Knowing them, they probably are."

      And they were correct, for at the exact same moment who should be
      talking about Sky and I, but

      Jed and Walker. They carry on a similar conversation, exact same,
      but in their sense, so no need to repeat it! At the same time as all
      this, Id and Iot are speaking with one another along a very different
      line of conversation. They too like each other and they both know
      it! Only trouble is the following is their conversation:

      Id says, "So what's your plan, Iot?"

      He says this after Iot had summoned him by saying she had a great
      plan and that she must speak to him immediately!

      So, Iot answers Id with, "Well, figure this.

      They are leaving on that big trip and we're going to go with them. I
      heard there's supposed to be a nasty storm tomorrow. You know how we
      have to leave in a week and two days, well, I figure we convince them
      into leaving tomorrow and the storm comes and hit us and blows them
      off course while we have the safety gear and we escape and watch the
      ship either sink or wreck. Heh, heh, heh!"

      Great Idea, Iot," says Id. "I love your train of thought! Huh, heh,

      "What do you think of my most brilliant plan?" says Iot.

      "It is just brilliant, like I just got done telling you. Why else
      would I have said that about loving it."

      "That's not what I meant, my handsome hunk. I meant about...about
      the actual plan, not the idea of it."

      "Oh, I see my darling. Of course I like it! Going and killing or
      wrecking the others sounds awesome! And that escape part! Our plan
      just can't fail!"

      Iot smiled at the remark. Iot and Id looked like each other...and
      you couldn't expect mush else. They are twin brother and sister and
      they've always known that! They are not stupid, they're just sick!
      They look alike and they are both extremely fat!

      Iot says, "I'll go and do the convincing part. You just go and make
      the safety device for us."

      Then Iot looked around and spotted a tree by the edge of where the
      grass meets the forest.

      She pointed to it and said, "When you're done with your task, come
      near that tree and we'll really get it on. Have sex again using a
      leaf as protection."

      "Great! I can't wait!"

      So they each went off on their own ways. Iot went up to Walker and
      Jed, since they were co-leaders on this great journey. Jed and
      Walker turned to Iot as she approached.

      "So," she said greeting the civilized guys. (No one considered Id or
      Iot civilized, but they accepted him or her as who they were.) "How
      about we leave tomorrow." "

      Tomorrow. Tomorrow," repeated Jed. "That's crazy!"

      "Yeah," added Walker. "Why should we?"

      "Because," said Iot,"because tomorrow is supposed to be our last
      nice day before the winter snows hit. We get started now and we can
      make it past that there hard part by mid-day tomorrow!"

      "Well," said Walker, "give us the statistics tomorrow. I'm calling a
      meeting. No, better make that tonight. We'll make our decision by

      Walker turned back to Jed and the conversation between him and Iot
      was over. Meanwhile, Id was working on some rafts made with sticks,
      logs, and twine. He chopped the too big pieces of wood and the
      longer pieces of rope, he cut. He made two rafts, one for him and
      one for his sister (his love) and was done by the time Iot got back
      to the tree. They climbed up that tall tree and stayed there until
      the meeting time doing it the entire time! While all this was going
      on, in another place and what would seem like a different time, but
      wasn't, a green creature was sitting on a rock. He was fighting with
      bright orange creatures that were called Maurders...
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