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The shamelessly long intro

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  • Little Pinky
    Made my own intro, cause I make my own fun... *Nick/name?* Little Pinky *Where in the world are you from?* Norway. If you don t know where it is, it s the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2001
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      Made my own intro, 'cause I make my own fun...

      Little Pinky

      *Where in the world are you from?*
      Norway. If you don't know where it is, it's the country at the left for
      Sweden. If you don't know where that is, it's north in Scandinavia. Which is
      north in Europe.

      *What fandoms are you in?*
      Mainly Buffy - tVS/Angel:tS and The Sentinel, but I'm a big fan of Boy Meets
      Boy & Queer As Folk (UK), and I've stopped by some movies. In & Out, Three
      Men & A Baby, etc.

      *Any writerific idols out there?*
      Sure. BtVS/Angel: Saber ShadowKitten, Saone, Otsoko, Kay, Mad Poetess,
      Avarice, Kita, Noxy. The Sentinel: alyjude, Candy, The Lady Of Shalott, Kim
      Gasper, Lex, Kass, K9, Agt. Spooky, M-n-M, Montage, Gillian, sasquatch.

      *Do you have any websites?*
      Too many. As of right now, eight active and two under construction. They can
      all be accessed from these URLs: http://shibbybitch.net - which won't work
      this Sunday because the server's down... or

      *What about obsessions? Got any?*
      Website designing. Slashfiction. James Marsters, David Boreanaz & Nicky
      Brendon. Tom Selleck. (Jeez...) Boy Meets Boy.
      http://boymeetsboy.keenspace.com ) Menthol smokes. The BA Boards @
      baboards.com. Queer As Folk. Black clothes. And music. I live and breathe
      for music. No pop, though. K's Choice rules.

      *Are you a fic writer/reader*
      Yes, sir. I'm not, however, a very good beta. I can beta for plot, but
      seeing as English isn't my native language, I think I better stay away from
      grammar/spelling... *g*

      *Other interesting things you can tell us?*
      Well, I have a tattoo, but I don't know what it's called in English, so...
      It's a music thingie. :o) I'm a music student with green hair. I sing &
      compose. I hate mail trouble. I'm list mommy to some mailing lists, and I
      think Vince's the cutest one. You can reach me at inabyhol@... or AIM:

      Love, fangs and railroad spikes,

      ~Little Pinky
      || http://www.shibbybitch.net ||
      I think, therefore I am single...!
      AIM screen name: shibbybitca
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