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Re: Pretender Story Beta

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  • Jase - S.D.N.
    ... Hi Caroline I d love to beta you re story, if you d like for me to. I m a fan, and I m always looking for anything new to read. Well, I can honestly say,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 8, 2001
      --- Caroline <caroline@...> wrote:
      > Hey there. I have an old story I wrote about a year or so ago that I
      > could
      > do with someone looking at. I want to make it clear however, that it
      > is a
      > RAPE M/M story. Someone who once read it called it 'icky'. I
      > wasn't going
      > to bother having it beta'd, but i've decided to make it a trilogy, so
      > I want
      > to get the old one improved as the second piece is almost finished.
      > It's a Pretender story concerning Jarod and a bit graphic, so please
      > don't
      > reply if you think you could be offended or are considered underaged
      > in your
      > country of origin. I want to make it better and for that, I need a
      > beta.
      > Hope someone can help :)
      > Caroline

      Hi Caroline

      I'd love to beta you're story, if you'd like for me to.
      I'm a fan, and I'm always looking for anything new to
      read. Well, I can honestly say, I've read M/M pairings
      and I've read M/M Rapes, and I really don't have a
      problem with reading them. Well, if you'd like to ask
      me more, or perhaps, if you decide you'd like me to
      Beta your work of art, please email or IM me.


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