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New zines at AWS, vol. 2

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  • Agent With Style
    Feel free to pass on. Our next con is MediaWest Con in Lansing, MI, on May 21-26,2008. If you want to make sure you get that zine you ve got your eye on, a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2008

      Feel free to pass on.

      Our next con is MediaWest Con in Lansing, MI, on May 21-26,2008.  If you want to make sure you get that zine you've got your eye on, a pre-con order assures that it won't sell out before you get to our tables.  Pre-con orders can be placed on our website up until 11:59 PM on May 12, 2008. 

      New!  Anyone placing a pre-con order *before* the May 12 deadline can *add to* it up until May 18, 2008.  But you must have a pre-con order already on file with us to add zines *after* May 12.

      We're collecting Coke reward codes and would appreciate any codes sent to us at zines  @ agentwithstyle.com.  Thanks!

                                AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      We've added the following zines to our website:


                                      * CSI: Miami *


           With a lovely color cover and interior art by Shar, these enthralling stories will hold you spellbound!  From Caine discovering that while there are many things that got the better of him, Speedle was one name he never would have expected, to Speed planning a birthday celebration Horatio would not soon forget -- you won't want to miss this zine.  Lots of Horatio/Speed, h/c and all happy endings are guaranteed!


                                      * Kiefer/Lou *

      A NEW LIFE

           Tired of the status quo, cop Buster McHenry decides it's time for a change and enlists his friend, Hank Storm, to go along with his plan: a brand new start for both of them, and more, a new life -- together.   Written by Bast and Shorts, with a color cover and color interior art by Lilac, this is one zine not to be missed!


                                       * Lord of the Rings *


           In this intriguing novel written by Dee Beetem and lavishly illustrated by Erika Frensley, a young college student is unexpectedly lost in Middle-earth, where people are being called upon to fight and die and make terrible choices to save their homes and families.  Traveling in the land of the Horse Lords, learning first-hand about the society of Rohan, she must somehow survive in a country imperiled by marauding orcs.  Trapped in a medieval world in the throes of a terrible World War, what can she do to help Princess Eowyn save her people from the deadly malice of Saruman?


           In this sequel to NIENNA'S GIFT and HONOR, from the prolific pen of Sheila Paulson, the mysterious behavior of orcs traveling northward and the news from Gandalf that Frodo means to sail away to Valinor draws Boromir and Faramir forth on a joint mission, to protect Gondor and the West from threat and, if possible, to see Frodo one final time.  But Gandalf suspects a different explanation for the orcs, and a confrontation seems inevitable.  When Boromir leaves behind a special woman, he wonders if he will survive to speak to her again.  And the survival of Faramir and Gandalf, on their desperate mission into the Misty Mountains, is called into question.  Who will live?  Who will die?  The answers will surprise you.  Don't miss this incredible zine!


                                     * The Professionals *


           Written by Setter and set off by a beautiful color cover and interior art by Bluespirit.  In this absorbing novel, Bodie, an avid book collector, buys a trunk at auction.  Inside is a diary, which reads like the dark thoughts of Jack the Ripper.  When a series of twisted murders begins, and CI5 becomes involved, Bodie is continually drawn back to the journal for answers.  Doyle is rocked by discoveries about his past, frustrated with his present, and looks to Bodie, the one person who has never let him down, for his future. Is he doomed to disappointment this time, when he needs Bodie so much?


            When Raymond Doyle unexpectedly inherits a fortune from his aunt, in this intriguing novel by Sally Fell, his initial shock soon turns to horror as he realises that the inheritance involves conditions that are impossible for him to meet.  In an attempt to take control of his life before it is wrested from him by his remaining family, he leaves his home on an errand bequeathed to him by his aunt, but soon finds himself embroiled in a case of mistaken identity, a situation which is inextricably linked to a hitherto unknown cousin of his and that gentleman's unconventional connection with the enigmatic Captain Bodie.  An historical novel that will pull you into a past time where a man's word is his bond, his honour must be defended at all costs, and the love that must not speak its name must never see the light of day.  Don't miss this amazing zine!


                                      * The Sentinel *


           Through a series of interwoven stories that form an amazing novel, deftly written by Bast and Shar, and illustrated with a color cover and color interior art by Geli, the tales begin on Halloween, and follow Jim's and Blair's ups and downs through their relationship until they breathlessly culminate in the two men's marriage, with each story focusing on a holiday.


            These zines contain fantastic, Fan Q Award-winning stories from LilyK, one of the best authors in this fandom.  The tales run the gamut, from Jim's childhood where he had to keep his hyperactives senses a dark secret, to Blair's idealistic ideas of love and romance being put to the test.  From start to finish, these zines will hold you enthralled to the very last page!


                                      * Star Trek:  Voyager *


           In this novel of hope and devotion by Eugenie Chua, when a terrible accident befalls Voyager, Chakotay's injuries put him into a coma no one is sure he'll wake from -- except one man, Tom Paris, who refuses, beyond all rationality, to give up on the man he loves.


                                     * Starsky and Hutch *


           Behind the beautiful cover by Lorraine Brevig, Rebelcat has written a fascinating novel set about a year after the events of the final episode of the series.  While Hutch is working on a case involving the hunt for a serial killer, Starsky's future as a cop hangs in the balance, and the relationships both men have with each other, and the women in their lives, and how all of these impact each other, play out on the pages of this gripping novel!

                                AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *


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