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questions about beta reading

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  • jae_s1978
    Hi, My name is Jae. I m a writer and I m putting together a list of resources for beta readers (and writers who work with beta readers). Since I m not a beta
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2008
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      My name is Jae. I'm a writer and I'm putting together a list of
      resources for beta readers (and writers who work with beta readers).

      Since I'm not a beta reader, I thought I'd best ask someone who is or
      at least has been a beta reader.

      So here are the questions I have, if you're willing to share some of
      your experiences:

      IMPORTANT: Please put your answers in an email to jae_s1978 AT
      yahoo.de - don't reply to this message on group!

      1) How many writers/on how many stories do you currently work?

      2) In which fandoms (name of the tv show, movie) / genres have you
      beta read?

      3) What's your approach to beta reading? What do you do after you
      receive the story from the writer?

      4) What are the most important things a beta reader should do?

      5) Are there some things a beta reader should avoid?

      6) Do you use MS Word Track Changes or how do you mark your changes
      and comments?

      7) Do you belong to any organizations (mailing lists etc.) for beta
      readers or are you exchanging information about beta reading with
      other beta readers?

      8) Are there any good websites about beta reading that you know? Can
      you provide a link?

      9) Do you also write your own stories?

      10) What could writers do to make working with beta readers easier or
      more effective?

      11) Are there any resources (dictionaries, books, websites, fandom
      specific things, e.g. websites or companions to TV shows) you
      sometimes use when you beta read or that could be of help to less
      experienced beta readers? Please name author/title or link to the
      website, if you can.

      Thank you and have a nice weekend!

      P.S. Feel free to forward this to every beta reader you know.
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