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Re: [Beta_Unlimited] Please allow me to introduce myself...

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  • Desirata43@aol.com
    Wow DLC, nice intro.? You and I have a lot in common.? I d really like to chat with you and possible brainstorm a few ideas.? Drop me an email if you re
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5, 2007
      Wow DLC, nice intro.  You and I have a lot in common.  I'd really like to chat with you and possible brainstorm a few ideas.  Drop me an email if you're interested.
      Val 5X5

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      Hello!! Well, I am a new writer, or rather I have mountains of
      finished and unfinished work but have never had the nerve to post or
      publish. I've undergone some major changes in my life recently and
      have decided that this is my time. My name is Dee but I've used Jade
      as my pen name for 10 years. I would have to say that most of my
      writing leans toward horror/romance horror/mystery/ suspense. Most of
      my writing is sensory and psychological horror. Not so much a blood
      and guts flare, though it is included in a fashion. My writing style
      can also be a pain sometimes (even for me) as I don't write in a
      linear structure. When I get an idea I just write it down. It doesn't
      matter to me if it's the next part of my story or the last. I just
      splice it all together and polish it up when I'm finished. So if
      you're not afraid of that, then I'm more than willing to share. I've
      found that there are just not enough lesbian/bisexual female horror
      writers out there, and I'm tired of waiting. :) On a side note, I
      write constantly (though I obviously need a massive amount of help in
      the spelling/grammar department). I carry a voice recorder, throw
      chicken scratch on napkins, and spend a fortune on cheap pens because
      I've ruined them from writing on my forearms when I'm in a hurry. So
      I'm hoping that this will be a place that I can post and get feedback
      on a regular basis. My ultimate goal is to learn everything I can
      from you good people, and to become the best GLBT female horror
      writer in my genre.


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