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  • Mystery Frank
    Our next con is BASCon in San Francisco, CA, on Nov. 2-4, 2007. I hope to see a lot of you there! We re still accepting Coke reward codes for anyone who wants
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 25, 2007
      Our next con is BASCon in San Francisco, CA, on Nov. 2-4, 2007. I
      hope to see a lot of you there!

      We're still accepting Coke reward codes for anyone who wants to send
      them our way, and a thousand blessings to those who have sent them in
      already to zines AT agentwithstyle.com and continue to do so!

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *


      * Man from U.N.C.L.E. *


      In this amazing slash novel, written by Channel D, Lord Napoleon
      Solo comes to the king's court at Yuletide expecting the usual round
      of tournaments, feasts, and other pleasures. Instead, he meets a
      nobly-born hostage, a youth on the edge of manhood, and loses his
      heart. But political intrigue, the duties of a landed lord, and a
      murder charge against Illya threaten to tear them apart, and put
      their lives in danger.


      A series of slash novels written by Channel D. Each book stands
      alone, but is part of a large six-book arc, so characters will
      continue to develop and grow for the whole series. Adult content,
      rape, abuse/non-con/torture, traumatic childhood memories,
      domesticity and endearments are contained within this series.
      Illya and Napoleon are both retired from the field and in
      executive positions at UNCLE New York. They have a pleasant,
      friendly routine, which is shattered when Napoleon learns some
      unpleasant truths about Illya's past. The confrontation that
      results, though soon mended, sends Illya into a downward spiral. An
      enforced separation, and nightmares from Illya's past, only make
      things worse. But love survives, and wins out.


      Napoleon and Illya are lovers, but Illya's demons return to
      disrupt his life. Stubbornly denying that he may be suffering from
      post traumatic stress syndrome, despite flashbacks and self-
      destructive behavior, Illya's future is uncertain. Can Napoleon's
      support help Illya accept the help he needs? Will love conquer all?


      Illya's recovery is underway, but Napoleon's upward career move
      leaves the Russian alone too often. He finds developing friendships
      with others, one of whom desires to woo him away from Napoleon.
      Alone, and still denying Dr. Ludvic's diagnosis, Illya rediscovers
      his own inner strength, and his self confidence increases despite
      continuing difficulties.


      Illya's nightmares are not in his head, his old enemies are
      real, as he discovers on what should have been a triumphant
      professional visit to Moscow. When he and his associates, George
      and Jess, leave the city, they are pursued and their plane fired
      upon. Back in New York, back in Napoleon's arms, Illya struggles to
      find his equilibrium again.


      Illya must confront the root of his own nightmares, as Napoleon
      must confront demons of his own: jealousy and insecurity. Together
      and apart, each man must find strength in himself, to face the past,
      and finally, forever, change themselves and gain their freedom to
      enjoy a life together without fear. Napoleon and Illya's love
      continues to strengthen. And on more than one occasion we see that
      it is Napoleon who truly understands Illya and knows what he needs in
      order to heal. And it is Napoleon whom Illya needs and loves more
      than anyone. With Napoleon at his side, he can survive anything.


      After the first stormy passages of their relationship, Illya and
      Napoleon now move into calmer waters. Illya, freed from the demons
      of his past, takes up the reins of his life. He and Napoleon grow
      closer and closer still. These stories look in on them from time to
      time - catching them watching fireworks and planning for a future
      when Napoleon is no longer travelling, seeing Napoleon show Illya the
      video of the terrible old house crashing down. They celebrate
      Valentine's Day with flowers and a wild tango, and join with family
      to observe their tenth anniversary. They share an impromptu trip to
      Paris, and have a passionate reunion at their beach house. They are
      a fixture in Napoleon's family, and spend a lovely snowbound weekend
      all together. As they grow older, Illya worries about Napoleon's
      health and fixation on his work, and lures him away for a playful
      weekend at a water park, at the same time asking him to slow down and
      spend more time at home. On their 25th anniversary, they are more in
      love than ever, and Napoleon's sweet surprise at a formal dinner
      paves the way for a future happier even than either had ever
      pictured. Don't miss a single one of these novels!


      * Multimedia *


      These slash zines are collections of stories from the attendees
      of Con*Strict, a wonderful multimedia slash con where anything goes,
      and that's just the kind of tales you'll find here. From Obi-Wan and
      Qui-Gon falling in love to Jim and Blair discovering there's more to
      being Sentinel and Guide than just friendship, and much more, you'll
      never want to put these zines down!


      * The Sentinel *

      24 HOURS

      When the call went out for stories for the last issue of SENTRY
      DUTY, the response was so overwhelming that we had to do an overflow
      gen zine once SD11 was full, because these tales were too good *not*
      to print! Come immerse yourself in the world of Sentinel and Guide,
      and revel in the love and friendship they have for each other!


      Good things come in small packages, and that adage is proven
      once more with this digest-sized slash zine. With stories that
      contain first times as well as an established relationship, these
      tales show that the love between Jim and Blair is strong, solid and
      everlasting. Don't miss it!

      SENTRY DUTY 11

      Stories by some of the best-known writers in Sentinel fandom
      grace the pages of this gen zine. This is the *last* issue of the
      wonderful series, so don't miss out on stories from such great
      authors as Anna Kelly, Carole Seegraves, Sheila Paulson, KAM, Susan
      Macdonald, Annie, Shadde, Crowswork, Sis, Judy Seils, Debbie Tripp
      and Lyn Townsend.


      * Songvids *


      From the amazing minds of Supernatural fans scattered far and
      near, and brought together at KAZCon, the first ever Supernatural
      con, these beautiful songvids will grab hold of your heart and your
      attention and not let go. From pure eye candy to serious drama to
      silliness to make you smile, the vids of Sam and Dean on this DVD
      have it all!


      * Supernatural *


      Written by the attendees of the first Supernatural con, KAZCon,
      held in Lawrence, Kansas -- the hometown of Sam and Dean -- the tales
      in this gen zine are intriguing and will hold your attention to the
      very last page. Come see what happens when the Winchester boys come
      home again!


      While sharing blood with someone can make two people blood
      brothers, Sam and Dean are *literally* brothers of the blood, and
      that means each one's life is in the other's hands. Little brother
      makes sure big brother doesn't make a bet he can't keep, and big
      brother makes sure little brother is safe from the goulies and
      ghosties that go bump in the night. In a family where being brothers
      means living to see another day, Sam and Dean have this act down
      *cold*. Don't miss this amazing gen zine!


      In this *thick* gen zine, Sam and Dean fight demons, have
      heart-to-heart talks, run for their lives, needle each other
      incessantly, drive from one end of the country to the other, meet
      funny, scary, sometimes normal people, and never slow down. Ah, life
      on the hunt!


      From the amazing minds of Supernatural fans scattered far and
      near, and brought together at KAZCon, the first ever Supernatural
      con, these beautiful songvids will grab hold of your heart and your
      attention and not let go. From pure eye candy to serious drama to
      silliness to make you smile, the vids of Sam and Dean on this DVD
      have it all!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *
    • Agent With Style
      With the holidays right around the corner, don t forget your fannish friends! Give them a GIFT CERTIFICATE from Agent With Style. Let them pick out the zines
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 3, 2007

        With the holidays right around the corner, don't forget your fannish friends!  Give them a GIFT CERTIFICATE from Agent With Style.  Let them pick out the zines they want and you get all the thanks without worry that you might have bought them a zine they already have. 


        A gift certificate in any amount, with a message from you, can be e-mailed right to their mailbox on any date you choose, ready to be redeemed.  Or we can mail a gift certificate to you so that you can present it in person.


        To give the gift of zines, keychains, jewelry or totebags, come to our website at www.agentwithstyle.com and click on "Gift Certificate" at the top of the page.


                                   Agent With Style

                      * www.agentwithstyle.com. *



        The following zines have been added to our website today:




                                         * MacGyver *






             Being able to escape a locked room and take down the bad guys with a rubberband, a piece of gum and a turkey baster is a MacGyverism at its best, and no one can pull a rabbit out of hat better than MacGyver himself.  A laid-back genius who can take ordinary objects and make extraordinary things out of them, he's a spy like no other.  Come join some of the best authors in this fandom for some fantastic tales, and maybe you'll discover a few MacGyverisms of your own!





                                      * Multimedia *






             Collected from the various multimedia zines published by Neon Rainbow Press and put into a single zine, here are all the World War II stories from such fandoms as The Dirty Dozen, Combat, Hogan's Heroes, Jericho and Rat Patrol, gathered into one collection.  With stories by such authors as Susan Asselin, Valerie DeVries, Brate and Cheryl Benson, this is a must-have zine!





                                       * Quantum Leap *






             Collected from the various multimedia zines published by Neon Rainbow Press and put into a single zine, here are all the Quantum Leap stories gathered for your reading enjoyment.  With stories by such authors as Cheryl Benson, Lynn Gill and Christine Wirick, you won't want to miss this zine!





                                    * Real Ghostbusters *




        THE HOPE


              From the pen of the amazing Sheila Paulson comes a fascinating fantasy novel where an unconventional transition between dimensions brings the Ghostbusters to a world that once held elves and wizards, but now is engaged in a 500-year-old war with kobolds, a vicious race subject to fits of uncontrolled rage.  An old friend of Ray's is not all he seems.  Can the Ghostbusters prevent an all-out war that would destroy the Land?  And why is one of the enemy a blood brother of the king's son?  Will the team ever be able to return home?  This story is set in the same universe as ANACHRONISM and NEXUS (also available from Agent With Style), and reunites the Ghostbusters with New York cop Sean Kelly and his partner.  Don't miss it!





             Sixty seconds.  One minute.  A lot could happen in sixty seconds.  The "Walk/Don't Walk" sign in a major city could go through a complete cycle.  A man could be waiting for the most opportunue moment of the cycle and begin to cross the street.  A car could come out of nowhere and hit him.  His body could hit the pavement just as the sign flashed to "Don't Walk" again.  In sixty seconds, it could happen.  And in sixty seconds, Peter Venkman's life changes radically as it happens to him.  In this spellbinding novel written by Audrey Lynne, when Peter is injured, his recovery -- and the journey it takes him and his friends on -- means the Ghostbusters' lives might never be the same again.





                                    * The Sentinel *







             For the first time in print, these slash stories from the various My Mongoose e-zines represent the best of the best, and will hold you to the very last page.  From such amazing authors as Angelise, Rogue, Lisa, Duncan's Twin, J.M. Griffin, Akablonded, Scribe and many others, come see what trouble Jim and Blair have stumbled into this time!





                                       * Star Trek (TOS) *




        DARK FIRE 2


             With stories that revel in the dark fire within us all, this slash zine, with a gorgeous cover by T'Guess, contains several tales that use the theme of "the dark meld" between Kirk and Spock, while other stories take some truly fascinating looks at the darker or kinkier side of K/S.  Don't miss this edgy, enthralling zine!



        HEART TREKS 1


             This fascinating zine is a collection of stories written by J.M. Lane which delve into the feelings of love and friendship between Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Christine Chapel and Uhura.  Crafted with care and deftly plotted, these tales show a Spock who is more open with his feelings, at least in private -- though in public, he is still very much a Vulcan at heart and acts as such.  Get this amazing zine!





             In a kaleidoscope, colored fragments are reflected and refracted to produce patterns that constantly change, yet are always eye-catchingly beautiful.  In this wonderful Kirk/Spock zine, you'll find stories that do the very same thing -- take one Human and one Vulcan and mix, to delightful results!



        T'HY'LA 27


             Gene Roddenberry, father of all things Trek, coined the term t'hy'la, which can mean friend, blood brother, lover and soul mate.  The stories in this slash zine cover all those meanings in one way or another, as Kirk and Spock learn how much they mean to one another.





                                   * Starsky and Hutch *









             Collected from the various multimedia zines published by Neon Rainbow Press and put into one zine, here are all the Starsky and Hutch stories in one spot, for your reading enjoyment. With stories by wonderful authors K. Hanna Korossy, Maria Farina, Mary L. Millard, Londa Pfeffer, Katie Steuer and many others, come see what the two cops from Bay City are up to now!



                                   Agent With Style

                      * www.agentwithstyle.com. *


          Dozens of fandoms.  Thousands of zines.

                                 Check us out!


      • Agent With Style
        Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 27-30, 2011. The deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm on May 18, 2011. Send your orders in now and add
        Message 3 of 3 , May 15, 2011

          Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 27-30, 2011.  

          The deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm on May 18, 2011. 

          Send your orders in now and add to them as we add new zines!  We hope to see everyone at the con!

                                 AGENT WITH STYLE
                         * www.agentwithstyle.com *

          Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


                                * Stargate SG-1 *

          A PLACE TO HEAL

          When Daniel Jackson dies during the events of "Reckoning,"  Jack O'Neill impatiently waits for him to return, as he always has in the past.  But it never happens — and finally the general accepts his friend's passing and leaves the SGC to retire for good and spend the remainder of his life in his isolated cabin in Minnesota, alone.

          Two years later, a child, badly traumatized and not capable of speaking, but strangely familiar, walks through the gate.  He is carrying a message of great importance, but before he can reveal it, he has to get beyond his deep fears and find his way back to life.  Jack O'Neill takes the boy home to Minnesota where the two of them slowly bond and find a way to heal themselves.  A straying horse is their only companion, and together the little family is on the search for peace and answers...  Written by Annejackdanny, this engaging gen novel tells a deeply moving tale of pain and fear slowly but surely being overwhelmed by love, and of Jack and Daniel learning to reconnect on whole new level. Don't miss this amazing zine!

          All sales after print costs are being donated to the Red Cross to aid in recovery for the survivors of the tsunami that devastated Japan. So, buy a zine you'll love and help out someone in need at the same time!


                            * White Collar *


          "White Collar" is about the unlikely partnership of a con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat and mouse for years. Neal Caffrey, a charming criminal mastermind, is finally caught by his nemesis, FBI Agent Peter Burke.  When Neal escapes from a maximum-security prison to find his long-lost love, Peter nabs him once again.  Rather than returning to jail, Neal suggests an alternate plan:  he'll provide his criminal expertise to assist the Feds in catching other elusive criminals in exchange for his eventual freedom.  Initially wary, Peter quickly finds that Neal provides insight and intuition that can't be found on the right side of the law.  And the enthralling gen stories in this zine show the begrudging but growing respect each man has for the other at the beginning of their partnership, as well as the doubt and fear that might spell the end of it.

          “Define Partner” by Peggy Hartsook -- Just what defines a partnership?  Words or deeds?  A difficult case tests the idea for Peter and Neal.

          “One Year, Twelve Days and Two Hours” by Catherine Schlein -- There are times you remember with great joy, and moments you wish you could forget.  The team remembers the loss of one of their own, but things are not always as they seem. A surprising turn of events brings a change.

          “The Crime Meridian” by  Pamela Smith -- Stolen maps lead Neal and Peter on a merry chase for a master thief with murder and mayhem along the way.

          “A Tour with Organized Crime” by Peggy Hartsook -- Peter is sent upstairs to take lead on the Organized Crime Team and all does not go well.  That team is in disarray and Peter finds the job very difficult -- and dangerous.  Peter’s team, and Neal, in particular, find it frustrating not to have their leader around -- and wonder if he will be allowed to return.

          “Of Time Spent in a City Different” by Catherine Schlein -- Neal’s four years are up with the FBI, and with Peter heading a new team, Neal finds himself questioning what he should do.  It is, ultimately, that time when he must decide:  Con or Man.  And he finds he can’t do it in New York.

          “A Life for a Life” by Mary C. Jodziewicz -- When Peter goes missing, it is up to Neal and the rest of the team to find him.  The question is, who took him and why?  Can they find him in time?

          “The Road That Might Have Been” by Catherine Schlein -- Some junior grade forgeries lead Peter and Neal to a murdered con man and ultimately into an undercover sting.  Burke has his Seven, but Neal has a Brotherhood.  Peter learns of Neal’s past and Neal is forced to face memories he’d just as soon forget.


                          * Find Us on the Web *

          Get the latest zine listings immediately!

          Facebook --


          Twitter -- www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle  

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