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[The girls are such misterious]

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  • Maria Khan
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      Subject: [SuperGeo] [The girls are such misterious]


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          [The Girls Are Such Misterious]   




      The girls are such misterious living creatures of the Mighty Allah that...........

      If u TREAT her nicely,
      she says u are Flirting with her;
      If u Don't,
      she says u are Rude.

      If u DRESS Nicely,
      she says u are trying to Impress her;
      If you Don't,
      she says u are from Timbuktu.

      If u ARGUE with her,
      she says u dont understand her ;
      If u keep QUIET,
      Even then she says u dont understand her ;

      If u are SMARTER than her, (which is the case always)
      She says its because she is with you;
      If she's Smarter than u, (Exceptional cases) she
      thinks she is

      If u don't Love her,
      she will be jealous and after u;
      If u Love her,
      She won't even look at u and fly high.

      If u tell her your PROBLEM,
      she says u are Timid;
      If u Don't,
      she'll be a problem for u

      If u talk for an hour
      u r a bore
      If she does it
      she is cheerful

      If u SCOLD her,
      u are hurting her feelings;
      If she SCOLDS u,
      it is because she CARES for u.

      If u BREAK your PROMISE,
      u Cannot be TRUSTED;
      If she BREAKS her,
      she had a REAL problem.

      If u do WELL in your Exams,
      she says it's LUCK;
      If she does Well,
      she worked real hard.

      If u HURT her,
      u are CRUEL and don't have any heart;
      If she HURTS u,
      u are too SENSITIVE! !

      Gals are in fact so unreasonable & difficult to
      that even god doesn't know what women want
      if you send this to girls,
      they will say "sick mail"
      but if you don't,
      they say that must be something dirty....



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      Maria Khan



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