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  • Heidi Haring
    Me *grins* I m new here, and here are my specs. Name: Heidi Alias(s): arashi taihuu (fanfiction.net), Sith of the North (TPM/Maul stuff), Icywind (MK and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 24, 2001
      Me *grins* I'm new here, and here are my specs.

      Name: Heidi

      Alias(s): arashi taihuu (fanfiction.net), Sith of the North (TPM/Maul stuff), Icywind (MK and graphics) and several others.

      Fav shows: (in no particular order) Stargate SG1, Babylon 5, Highlander, Farscape, SeaQuest, ST DS9 & Voyager, Profiler, ER, Law and Order, and several others.

      Fav movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, Highlander 1-4, X-Men (I love the toon and comics too), the Avengers, and far too many others to list.

      Fav Anime/cartoon: Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Sailor Moon and Escaflowne (sub on the two later is preferred).

      Fav writers of fanfiction: far too many to list really.

      Fav actors and actresses: again too many to list, um Ralph Fiennes, Peter Wingfield, Michael Shanks, Jason Carter, Ally Walker, Mira Furlan, Claudia Christian to name a few.

      Webpage address: http://rp4all.topcities.com (my RPG), http://www.crosswinds.net/~methoseb my lame, needs a TON of work Methos site.

      Do you write fanfiction?: yeppers, and I am on the lookout for a good beta for most of the stuff I write.

      Do you beta-read: yes. I am a semi strict beta too. I look at characterization, plot etc the most and critique those strongly (grammar and spelling too of course). I am also a stickler for staying in canon and making things believable, therefore I am very hard on Mary Sue type chars going into fics (original chars are great-just dont make them shine brighter than the show's stars.) Since I am in school right now my time is a little limited, but I am willing to work with peoples schedules if they will with mine.

      The fanfiction you will beta read: Ill beta for anything above shows/movies as well as Forgotten Realms fantasy stories, Mortal Kombat (game/show/movies) and a plethora of additional comics, anime, movies shows, books.Ill read most anything.

      The ratings of fiction you will beta read: From G to NC-17 Sap, angst, smut, slash, gore, I dont mind any of it.

      Contact info: I have AOL IM my main nick is Levina Taima I have a few others that I give out on a limited basis.

      Feel free to drop me a line.

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    • Kakarotto Kazama
      Hi Heidi! Actually, I ve been lurking here a while, but I haven t put up any stats yet, so I will now. I m going to modify some catagories because I m a
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 26, 2001
        Hi Heidi!

        Actually, I've been lurking here a while, but I
        haven't put up any 'stats' yet, so I will now. I'm
        going to modify some catagories because I'm a picky
        person. :P

        Name: Eva

        Alias(s): tomorrow_4eva (fanfiction.net)

        TV shows I follow/have followed: (in no particular
        order) The Star Treks, Buffy/Angel (sort of)... I
        can't think of any others right now.

        Fav movies: Toy Story 2! And Toy Story! I like other
        Disney stuff too, and I've seen all the Star Wars

        Anime/cartoons I follow/have followed: DragonballZ,
        Sailor Moon, Pokemon, TMNT, Gundam Wing (sorta),
        Kenshin, Voltron, Simpsons, Robotech, Ninja Robots (I
        know you've never heard of it, but I loved it), FF7
        (well, it's closer to a cartoon then a TV show) and
        probably many, many more.

        Fav writers of fanfiction: Must mention Victr (Ashes
        of the Phoenix) and Jenni (Vejiitasei: Ascendant),
        both of whom are on the Good Fanfiction webring.

        Fav actors and actresses: Ha! I can't be bothered
        learning their names! :)

        Webpage address: Coming, coming, coming...

        Do you write fanfiction?: Yes. Currently only DBZ,
        although I've got unfinished and draft things for
        Final Fantasy 7 and Tekken somewhere.

        Do you beta-read: Yes, when I have the time. :) I
        watch out for grammar/spelling and punctuation. I do
        not read or beta anything slash, yaoi or hentai, and
        I'm one of the people who scroll down then back up to
        make sure I miss the sex scenes. I make up for that by
        enjoying violent fight-type scenes involving
        explosions and, sometimes, large mecha.

        The fanfiction you will beta read: Anything I have
        some familiarity with the back-story of. Therefore:
        DBZ, Sailormoon, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek
        (Orig, NG... oh, I could probably do any of them),
        Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Angel, Buffy FF7...
        feel free to inquire about others, I can never
        remember everything at once. :)

        Warning: I'm very cynical about the romance genre and
        any subsidies. These bore me, so if you're writing
        straight romance/angst piece, I am not your ideal beta
        reader. Angst is so irritating. However, if the
        romance stuff is subplot, I have no problems with it,

        The ratings of fiction you will beta read: G - R, I
        guess. NC-17 as long as it's only for violence.

        Contact info: E-mail me. :P I'm never on AIM, and I
        refuse to get any other form of Instant Messenger
        (because I would never be on it either). :)

        I'm a very friendly person, or so all my friends tell
        me. :)


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