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Looking for Long-Time Beta

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  • Lissie Girl
    Hi all, I m looking for two betas. I ll try to get the gist out in as few words as possible. Gilmore Girls : I need a beta for all of my Gilmore Girls
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2007
      Hi all,
      I'm looking for two betas.  I'll try to get the gist out in as few words as possible.
      'Gilmore Girls':  I need a beta for all of my 'Gilmore Girls' stories.  I write quite a few different pairings.  You could choose which of my pairings you'd like a be a beta for.  Basically, I need someone who can stick with me through each of my stories.  As I write for challenges often, the turnaround time when I'd need the fic back would have to be in a couple of days.  My main pairing is Rory/Dean, though I also write Rory/Tristan, Dean/Tristan, Lorelai/Christopher and Lorelai/Luke.
      I haven't yet posted any stories with the slash pairing, but you can find samples of my other work thus far at my website here:  http://www.behrbemine.com/solemn/fic/gilmore.html
      'Everwood':  My OTP is Ephram/Amy, and that's most of what I write in this fandom.  There's the occasional bit of Delia stories thrown in here and there.  I'd need a quick turn-around for this one as well, but only when the chapter/story is up for a weekly challenge, for instance.
      You can find my 'Everwood' fic thus far right here:  http://www.behrbemine.com/solemn/fic/everwood.html
      The kind of beta reader I'm looking for in both the fandoms is someone who will consistently want to edit my work, one who will let me know if they've decided not to do so anymore; someone who will check not only spelling and grammar, but plot holes and any OOCness, as I hope they know the fandom well.
      Feel free to contact me on-list or at behrbemine@... if you're interested or have any questions.  I know this is a lot to ask, but I'm hoping someone, somewhere might be interested.
      - -
      "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.  Be brave.  Live.  For me."
      -- 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
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