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Re: Xena Uber Beta-Reader (Alt)

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  • chrys_anne87
    ... wrote: Hmmm. Sounds interesting. I ll beta if you want, I m especially good at poking holes in grammar. *smile* chrys ... mostly ... needs ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2007
      --- In Beta_Unlimited@yahoogroups.com, "red_hope1" <red_hope1@...>
      Hmmm. Sounds interesting. I'll beta if you want, I'm especially good
      at poking holes in grammar. *smile*


      > Hey y'all,
      > I'm new to the list but I'm old to fanfiction writing; I cover
      > Xena and some Voyager, Supergirl, and Law & Order SVU.
      > Quickly, I've honestly only worked with one or two beta-readers
      > during my fanfiction writing times. I'm obviously hunting for at
      > least one beta-reader but I'd love two or even three. My story
      > to be read for grammar, mechanics, and general
      > Nobody exactly has to do all of the above all at once because I'm
      > that picky!
      > The story is already written, complete, and posted but I'm doing
      > beta-reading for other reasons. It is Xena universe however it is
      > uber (original) piece; the title is Maryland State Trooper #1153.
      > Below is my website to find it.
      > So if anybody is interested or want more details then please, please
      > contact me! My email is located on my website too. :)
      > Thank you,
      > Lillian
      > Website: http://www.redhope.net/
      > Story: http://www.redhope.net/xena/series3/uber1.html
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