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  • Mauricio Schneeegans
    Hi, My name is Mauricio Schneegans. I m looking for ladies that would llike to beta a JAG fan fic are Harm and Mac shipper them selfs as I m a Harm and Mac
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      My name is Mauricio Schneegans. I'm looking for ladies that would
      llike to beta a JAG fan fic are Harm and Mac shipper them selfs as
      I'm a Harm and Mac shipper my self. And that have beta NC-17 fic
      before. I writng my first JAG fan fic "Harm's Birthday. If any any is
      instrested please e-mail me at mauri1972@.... I'm posting my
      fan fic so that you can see what I have done so far with the fic.


      Mauricio Schnnegans.


      Friday, October 18, 2003
      JAG HQ
      Falls Church Virginia
      Mac's office
      With the last of her paper work done Mac relaxed at her desk. Her
      thoughts shifting to the man she loves. Her memories took her to the
      first time he confessed his feelings for her. During the summer of
      last year, since then, they'd gone on many dates. Many of the dates
      revolved around taking a spin in Harm's biplane Sarah. Mac had given
      Harm her body, but he'd had to fight for her heart. She'd gotten to
      see a different side of to him, one that he did not often show. Harm
      often would leave her a bag of BeltWay burgers on her desk when she
      wasn't able join him for lunch. But her favorite memory was of the
      first time Harm fucked her - making her his.
      --------------- Flashback ----------------------------
      June 2002

      Two weeks after Bud's accident
      Harm's Apartment
      After a long flight from the USS Seahawk battle group, both Mac and
      Harm landed in Langley AFB exhausted, he'd invited her to stay at his
      apartment. Harm opened the door for Mac, letting her in while taking
      her overnight bag from her, setting it down by the couch.
      "Sarah, I have something to tell you." Harm said.
      She was shocked by his use of her given name.
      "What is that you want to tell me Harm?" she asked, facing his blue
      ones, with apprehension in her big brown eyes.
      "I love you, Sarah. I have loved you for these past seven years."
      Mac was stunned; she didn't know what to say. After a few moments of
      silence she spoke in a low voice while hoping her weakening knees
      wouldn't give out on her.
      "Harm, do you mean it? I can't have my heart broken like that again."
      Looking into her scared, but hopeful chocolate pools he said, "Yes I
      meant every word. I'm not sorry that I said it; just that it took me
      seven years to get the nerve and Bud's injury to say it.
      I should have told you long ago that I loved you. I fell in love with
      you when I asked, "Permission to come onboard," and you
      replied, "Permission granted", when you pulled me in your uncle's
      Harm was going to speak again but was stopped with her finger on his
      She whispered "Harm, I… I love you, too, I want us together but I
      don't think I'm ready to be in a real relationship right now. For now
      I can give you only my body… It's yours, do what ever you want to do
      with it. You are the only man I want. Harm, I need time to put the
      past two years behind me. I know I said I'm not ready for a
      relationship, and I'm not, but that doesn't mean we can't be
      Harm replied "I love you, Mac, and I want to be with you, but not
      until you're ready, ready for everything."
      Taking his hand Mac led Harm to his bedroom. "Make love to me Harm. I
      need to feel you inside me. I don't want us to wait any longer. I
      want you now. Take me now, make me yours Harm." As she was speaking,
      Mac had been slowly unbuttoning her uniform top allowing it to slide
      off her shoulders to the floor. She then reached behind and unhooked
      her bra; shrugging the straps from her shoulders it joined her
      uniform top on the floor. Harm could not believe she was topless in
      front of him. "You're so beautiful" he whispered. "You're so
      beautiful Sarah. Harm then realized what the woman he loved most on
      this planet was doing and he couldn't imagine himself having ever
      been happier than he was at this moment.
      Mac continued her slow strip tease removing first her uniform pants
      then her lace panties. While holding his gaze with her smoldering
      eyes she took a few steps to his bed. Stretching herself out on his
      bed, so she was laying on her back, she spread her legs invitingly
      wide for him. Harm couldn't believe what was happening; all he knew
      was that he wanted this woman so badly. Undressing quickly, he
      lowered himself on the bed. Gently he laid himself on top of
      her. "You're so beautiful Sarah..." whispered Harm in a sexy voice,
      all the while kissing her face and neck. "And you're beautiful to
      Harm, please I need you inside me now!" Mac pleaded.
      Both let out loud moans as their bodies finally joined. She felt him
      parting her pussy lips with the head of his ten-inch cock. As he
      slowly moved deeper Mac arched her hips to bring him even deeper
      inside her. After a few minutes to adjust to his size Mac rocked her
      hips to let him know that she was ready for more "Sarah you're so
      tight" Harm moaned softly as he began to move in and out her
      slowly. "You're so huge sailor." gasped Mac. "I want you to fuck me
      hard and fast. OH! YES, THAT'S IT HARM. FUCK ME HARD, SUCK MY TITS,
      "UH! AH! OH YOUR PUSSY IS SO WET." He gasped.
      TWO!" She cried out. "BITE MY TITS," Mac pleaded. "PULL ON MY
      NIPPLES HARM ". Her hands roaming wildly over his body, urging him
      on as their bodies moved faster and faster against each other. "Uh,
      your mouth on my tits feels so good Harm. That's it, suck them and
      bite them harder. Mac bucked her hips to match Harm's faster pace,
      slamming her hips into his while she arched her back to push her tit
      moaned louder and louder as Harm rammed his cock faster, deeper and
      harder into her. Her moans drove him wild, urging him on as he used
      his mouth and hands to suck and play with her tits. Mac experienced
      multiple orgasms that shook her all over; she could not believe what
      he could do to her in bed. Harm was on the verge of losing control,
      so with couple of short powerful thrusts, he sent both of them over
      the edge. Harm shot such a load that it filled her and spilled out of
      her pussy. Harm lay on top of Mac like a blanket, savoring the feel
      of her both inside and out. After a few minutes, she felt him start
      to pull out of her so with a quick jerk of her hips she stopped him
      saying, "Stay! I want you just where you are Harm." Harm complied,
      easing himself back into her, bracing himself with his elbows so he
      wouldn't crush her. Mac reached up pulling Harm's body closer, Harm
      responded by lowering his head to her breasts. She continued
      saying. "When I gave my body to you today I gave up the rights to my
      pussy. Harm, for as long as I've being in love with you, I've dreamt
      of us falling asleep with your cock inside of me. I want to feel you
      inside me while we fuck and after, while we cuddle and fall asleep.
      I want to fulfill all your sexual fantasies no matter what they might
      be." She spoke softly while her hands slowly moved down his back
      massaging his muscles.
      "Are you sure you'd want to do something like." Harm whispered in her
      ear. "Truthfully Mac, I've always had this fantasy about us fucking
      after you've modeled some sexy lingerie and heels for me. All the
      time that I've been in love with you, I've fantasized about your
      breasts. In fact, for the longest time I've wanted a tittie fuck from
      you, which ends with a blowjob that has cum shooting into your
      mouth. All the while Mac, you'd be wearing an open bust push up
      Harm tried gauging her reaction to his confession, not wanting to
      scare her off now that he's finally gotten her into his bed. "But I
      don't want to pressure you into any thing you'd feeling uncomfortable
      doing." Harm quickly added while Mac kept massaging his back.
      "I love you and I want to fulfill your fantasies Harm." Mac
      immediately replied. "When I finally admitted to myself that I would
      like you to fulfill my fantasies, I also made a promise to myself
      that I would try my best to fulfill you're your fantasies as well. "
      "You see, I've always fantasized about you giving me foot massage
      while we're both naked. The massage slowly moves up from my feet to
      the rest of my body. You end the massage by making passionate love
      to me. Of course there's the one where we have a hot lustful fuck in
      the back seat of your SUV. Lastly, I want to give you a tittie fuck
      that ends you shooting your load all over them. After which you fuck
      me hard form behind while my tits are smeared with your cum." Mac
      Harm however had started fall asleep on top of her having spent
      himself both physically and emotionally. Mac let out a sigh, gently
      rolling so that both of them were on their sides with Harm still
      buried inside her.
      Mac awoke early in the morning, only to find his side of the bed
      empty and cold, after sleeping all night in his arms.
      "Harm are you here? " Mac shouted walking naked to the steps of his
      bedroom. Stepping out on the first step to the living room she saw
      him naked sitting on the sofa and deep in though. She sauntered
      sexily toward him, her 38D breasts bouncing gently. She felt her
      nipples start to harden and become erect, while her core moistened
      with desire, for him.
      "Harm didn't you hear me calling you?" Mac spoke slowly using her
      sexy voice as she knelt in from of him cupping his balls in her
      "No I didn't hear you I was thinking about us." Harm mummers, as he
      enjoyed the feeling of her caressing his balls with her hand.
      "So, what were you thinking about?" Mac coyly asked while she
      continued to caress his balls as she stood so she could move around
      behind him. Once Mac was situated behind him she pressed herself into
      his back so her nipples could rub against him as she continued to
      caress the front of him.
      "How much do you love me?" questioned Harm as he enjoyed that the
      delicious feel of Mac's fingers massaging him as she ground her
      breasts into his back. "Is it just as much as I love you? Yes Harm
      replayed moaning softly enjoying her sensual massage. I appreciate
      it very much that you gave me your body to me last night to do what
      ever I want with it. You see I've always fantasized about you giving
      me exclusive rights to your tits and pussy. I don't know how to
      express to you how much it means to me what you did last night. So
      many times I've wanted to tell you how beautiful and sexy you looked
      in that red dress you wore to the Roberts' wedding. Also, when you
      wear a mini skirt, with a low cut top nylons and stiletto heels."
      Harm sighed, from the vision he'd created of Mac in his head and what
      her hands were doing to him. He continued his musings, "What
      beautiful body you have. I love how your tits sway when you walk with
      those long sexy legs. But I've loved you too much to say it because I
      though that your response would have been about me just wanting to
      get you into my bed."
      Mac smiled and placed an open mouth wet kiss on the back of Harm's
      neck while continuing caressing his all ready hard cock and balls.
      Harm's moan let Mac know that he was almost ready, now was the time
      for her to fulfill a fantasy. Mac slowly worked her way back to face
      Harm, changing her position so she could massage his cock with her
      gorgeous full tits.
      "I've always fantasized about having your huge cock between my tits.
      Now that I've got your cock between them it feels so good it's just
      as I imagined. The feel of your tool between my breasts is driving
      me wild!" Mac exclaimed as she alternated kissing and sucking on the
      tip of his cock. The taste of his pre cum let her know that Harm
      wasn't able to maintain control much longer. Just as this thought
      crossed her mind Harm let out a strangled moan. Mac then felt that
      warm salty fluid spray all over her breasts and start to drip down to
      her smooth flat belly.
      ----End of flash back------

      Present time
      Mac's office
      JAG Headquarters
      Falls Church Virginia
      October 18, 2003

      Mac thoughts shifted to what happened next after she gave Harm a
      titie fuck on his cock the morning after they became lovers. Harm
      fucked her hard from behind. That day, they spent the whole day
      fucking and fondling each other's bodies, talking dirty about and
      sharing sexual fantasies with each other. Picking up a photo of Harm
      that sat on the corner of her desk, she smiled brightly; she had
      taken the picture two months after their relationship began. Mac felt
      her pussy getting wet and her nipples getting hard and erect thinking
      about that morning after she found him sitting naked on the couch…

      ----Flash back----
      Harm's Apartment
      Washington D.C
      June 2002
      Mac had once again been caught in the waves of pleasure and orgasm
      form Harm's ten-inch cock as he fucked her form behind. "Uh ah oh!
      louder and louder as her body shook from his powerful thrust.
      "I love your hot wet, pussy Sarah." Harm shouted moaning as he pulled
      her cum smeared tits and nipples. "I LOVE YOUR HARD TOOL IN MY WET
      THAT'S IT."
      Her moans got louder and louder as her hips rocked back and forth,
      matching Harm's rhythm. Mac lifted her right leg wide open giving his
      pussy pumping tool deeper perpetration into her love box. They were
      both in heaven as loud moans of pleasure echoed through out Harm's
      living room. Mac's toned breasts bobbed forward with every powerful
      thrust, as Harm began to pound harder and deeper into her. Mac did
      not know how much longer she could hold on to the armrest of the
      sofa. They were quickly reaching the edge together.
      Mac could not believe how Harm was pleasuring her with his hands, as
      they alternated between tweaking her tits and massaging her clit.
      None of her previous lovers had ever come close to making her feel
      the way Harm was making her feel with his skillful hands on her tits
      and cock in her pussy. Three more powerful thrusts from Harm and they
      went over the edge, calling each other's names.
      "Saaaaaraaaaah!" Harm shouted as he shot a huge load of cum deep
      inside her coating her pussy walls and spilling out of her.
      "Haaaaarmmm!" shouted Mac as she went over the edge with him. After
      minutes later their breathing returned to normal.
      "Sarah you're amazing." Harm said while slowly massaging her full
      tits and enjoying their mutual feel of their joined bodies.
      "Ohhh, that feels so good Harm but you're amazing also. Your hands on
      my tits feel amazing! I wish we could be like this all the time."
      Mac moaned softly as Harm continued his slow but sexy massage on her
      lovely full tits.
      "It's my pleasure to give you exclusive rights to my tits and pussy
      Fly-boy. It has always been you, Harm, which I have fantasized about,
      to have that right over them. And now that you have that right, it
      feels so good to be fucked by you. The man I love more than anything
      in this world."
      Moaning softly, Mac continued while enjoying his large male hands
      massaging her full tits and Harm's amazing cock filling every inch of
      her now stretched pussy.
      "After last night and today I'll always have hard erect nipples and a
      wet pussy for you. I can't have enough of your hard huge cock in my
      pussy, between my tits, and in my hands. I love how it fills every
      inch of my pussy. It feels so good having it inside me. It makes me
      horny and wet to think what you can do with that pussy-pumping tool
      of yours." Harm continued massaging her full tits speaking softly to
      "Sarah I love how your pussy feels around my cock, how tight, wet and
      slick it is just for me and no one else but me, the way your pussy
      walls claim my cock as yours. Just thinking about want you can do
      with your horny, wet, slick and hairy pussy. It makes me have a hard
      on just for you. Your pussy feels so good that I want to be buried
      inside you all the time and since I'll always have a boner for you,
      all the time." Mac moaned her approval as Harm kept massaging her
      tits and nipples. Harm kept on talking softly and massaging her at
      the same time.
      "Your tits are the most amazing tits I've sucked and titie fucked.
      They are large and soft, I love the way they feel in my hands and
      when you have my cock between them. The way they sway as you walk on
      these pair of sexy legs, I love so much to spread wide open. Just
      thinking about what you can do with this gorgeous pair of large tits
      of yours. It makes me so horny that I get hard on and I want to suck
      them and shoot loads of cum all over them.

      ----End of Flashback----

      Present time
      Mac's office
      JAG Headquarters
      Falls Church Virginia
      October 18, 2002

      Mac continued looking at the picture that she held in her hands. Harm
      wasn't just her fuck buddy; he was different from her previous
      lovers. Although Mac enjoyed Harm's stares whenever she wore pumps
      with her uniform skirt or just any outfit were she would wear pumps.
      He'd stare at her legs when he thought she wasn't looking. Harm even
      told her he liked it when she wore tight blue jeans and pumps, but he
      specially liked it when she wore the seven-inch pumps with tight blue
      jeans. Other qualities which made Harm different, than the other men
      that came before him, since that wonderful weekend, she had noticed
      that Harm didn't push her to make love to him but he was content in
      holding her. Always the gentleman he put her needs before his and was
      there to hold her and comfort her. Harm also completely remodeled his
      apartment for her. From then on she spent more time with Harm in his
      apartment than in hers. For her part, Mac did things for him to
      show how much she loved him and appreciated him, things he liked in
      and out of bed. Some times it would be wearing high heels with sexy
      dresses and lingerie for no apparent reason. Other times it was just
      hot passionate lust fuck with her wearing the pair of high heels he
      liked for her to wear or her wearing the locket he had given her. Her
      memories took her back again to the morning after they became

      ****** Flashback********
      Harm's apartment
      Washington, D.C.

      They went back to Harm's bedroom where they passionately kissed, with
      open mouth kisses on the lips, face and neck, their hands roaming all
      over each other's bodies caressing and touching in general.
      "Harm please let me pleasure you. I want to pleasure you like you did
      to me last night and this morning." Mac moaned the words softly as
      she enjoyed his hand on her full tits, the other one massaging her
      clit and pussy walls with his fingers inside her.
      Harm's tong and mouth kissed, sucked and licked her neck and
      collarbone. As much as she reveled in his touch she forced herself to
      pull away form him.
      "Sarah did I do something wrong honey?" Harm asked her with concern
      in his voice.
      "No you didn't do anything wrong Harm. It's my turn now to pleasure
      you like you did for me last night and this morning. I want this time
      for you, to enjoy me as I did you last night and this morning."
      Harm was going to speak but she placed her finger on his lips.
      "Harm before you say `Are you sure?' I'm sure Harm! I want to do this
      for you because I love you. "
      Mac kneeled in front of his erect penis, when Harm spoke softly, as
      she admired his tool and balls.
      "I've fantasized about you giving me a blowjob, you squatting with
      your legs wide open."
      Mac squatted with her legs wide open for him, then placed hot wet
      kisses on the mushroom head of his amazing tool. Harm moaned softly
      while enjoying the pleasure of her mouth on his cock.
      "I love your hot sensuous lips, your tongue and mouth on my cock,
      Sarah, my beautiful big tit and sexy legs cock sucker."
      Mac smiled as she sucked his tool, with her other hand massaging his
      large balls. Between sucking, kissing and licking Mac spoke softly,
      "Your pussy-pumping tool and your big and amazing balls are beautiful
      Harm moaned his approval playing with her hair as she continued
      massaging his steel hard rod with her mouth, lips and hands. Harm's
      fingers ruffled her short hair, enjoying the feel of it; his fingers
      gliding all over her hair.
      "I love what you're doing to my cock with your hot mouth. Your hot
      mouth feels so good."
      Harm pumped his rock hard penis in and out of her mouth just like if
      it was her wet pussy. Tasting his salty pre-cum on her mouth Mac knew
      that Harm would not last much longer before he'd shot a full load in
      her mouth. Harm felt a tightening in his balls and he shouted "Sarah"
      loudly as he shot a full load of cum in her mouth.

      *****End OF FLASHBACK*******

      Harm's Apartment
      Washington D.C
      October 18, 2003

      Mac drove to Harm's apartment after she got off from work. She opened
      the door while balancing her briefcase, purse and other items in one
      Standing in front of the full size mirror in the bedroom that Harm
      had bought for her, she stepped out of her pumps. It felt good to be
      out of them because she had sore feet. She missed Harm's foot massage
      while they were naked.
      She stripped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her uniform blouse,
      letting it fall to the floor and then unzipping her skirt and pushing
      it over her narrow hips, revealing the black lacy low cut see through
      bra that cupped her olive skin breasts. It was the panty set with
      black matching garter belts and nylons that Harm liked to see on her.
      She unhooked the front clasp of the bra and pushed it off her
      shoulders letting it fall on the floor to join her blouse and skirt.
      On her cinnamon nipples Mac wore clip on nipple rings and a chain
      between the rings, were Harm's locket now rested between her lovely
      Wishing, that Harm would be home, with her, she longed to have his
      lips on her breasts feeling him kissing and sucking them. She also
      longed for his hands squeezing her breasts and playing with her
      nipples and for his gorgeous cock moving in between her lovely
      Getting comfortable on the big bed they both shared, she sat cross
      legged and naked on the bed with her laptop on her lap. She logged on
      her account that Harm had set up and checked her e-mails. There was
      one from Harm in her in box. Opening the e-mail she read it.

      To: Harmsgirl@...
      From: Flyboy@...
      Subject: I miss your body

      My dearest Sarah,

      I miss you so very much. I don't have the words to express how much I
      miss you. I'll be home soon – back in your arms. As I sit here
      writing you this e-mail, I long to touch your sexy body, kiss your
      lovely lips, your olive tits and cinnamon nipples. The feel of your
      tits pressed against my chest makes me feel loved by you and no one
      else. I long to be buried deep in your slick, wet, hot, horny pussy,
      your hot lips and hands roaming all over my body. Feeling your
      gorgeous pair of twins; their hard erect nipples brushing my chest;
      while your hot love box massages my tool, which you like to fuck so
      much. I like having you on top of me, feeling you slide slowly along
      the length of my tool. I caress one of your tits while my lips suck
      the other. I miss the feel of your hands, tits and hot mouth on my
      stiff rod. I still can remember the night before I left for this
      investigation. Your hands on my rod, caressing it, when you do that,
      you tell me how much you love me and how much you want me as your big
      tit and pussy lover but also as your boyfriend. Your hands roam up
      and down and your hot sexy mouth kisses and sucks the head of my
      cock. While you caress me I moan your name over and over again. When
      I ride your tight, wet and horny pussy, I suck your lovely tits. I
      miss taking showers fucks with you. Every time I take a shower alone
      I can feel your presence, washing my back. I can feel your hard erect
      nipples pressed against my back as you wash m hard cock. Then I feel
      you change places, rubbing your shapely ass on my cook, letting me
      know that you're ready for me to enter you whenever I want. After
      that you give me a blowjob with your hot sensual mouth. I can't help
      but shoot cum in your mouth. A short time later I suck your gorgeous
      tits, giving them the attention you have always longed for. Then I
      eat your pussy, sucking your lower lips and clit, fingering and
      sucking it at the same time. With a moan of my name you come all over
      my face and lips. You lean against one of the shower walls holding
      yourself. You spread your long sexy legs apart – wide enough for me
      to step between them. Then your legs wrap around my waist. While I
      suck and massage your glorious tits, I hear you moan softly, "Harm,
      please fuck me. I need you inside me now, honey baby." We both moan
      loudly at the parting of your pussy lips. Your juices coat the head
      of my tool you love to fuck from head to base so much. Our hips
      slap loudly as we move fast and hard against each other. I suck your
      other tit giving it the same treatment I gave the previous one. We
      both go over the edge and I shoot my load deep in your pussy. Words
      aren't enough to express how much I miss you. I've never missed
      anyone this much except you, my love.

      With all my love,


      Mac's heart was pounding a mile a minute in her chest, longing for
      the man she loved. The ache in her pussy was stronger than before,
      she missed him terribly. "I miss you and that stiff hard cock of
      yours, Fly-boy, please comes back to me soon." Mac let out her
      frustration with a loud moan. After reading Harm's e-mail Mac could
      not believe how wet Harm could make her with just an email. Her pussy
      lips had swollen and had become wet waiting for his mushroom head
      parting them open. Mac wished that Harm would be with her in bed
      right now, feeling each other inside and out. She wished that she
      could lie in the bed with her legs wide open for him. Feeling his
      massive rod, inching deeper inside her, even if their hips weren't
      slapping against each other in a passionate fuck, she was becoming
      even wetter with the thought of Harm sucking, licking, kissing and
      fondling her big tits and nipples. Mac hit the replay button on the
      email program and started writing her replay.

      TO: Flyboy@...
      SUJECT: Re: I miss your body

      My dear Harm,

      I, too, miss your body just as you miss mine. Gash, Harm, did you
      know that just thinking about your cock and how hard it gets makes my
      pussy wet and slick just the way you like it. My nipples harden and
      become erected, ready for you to suck them, lick them or whatever you
      want to do with them. Did you also know that my panties are get wet
      when thinking about you and your lovely tool all day long at work in
      or out of court? Your cock makes me horny. I can't wait to go home
      to lie in your arms. Lying in your bed on my back with my legs spread
      wide open and your tool ramming my pussy while I hear you whisper in
      my ear: "Baby, do you know how horny and hard your hairy pussy and
      big tits do make me? All I want is to be inside you, fucking you,
      sucking your lovely tits." Like you, Harm, all I want is to have you
      inside me, feeling your cock deep inside me during and after fucking
      and us sleeping while we are still joined. Feeling you sucking and
      kissing my tits and nipples, your large hands massage and squeeze
      them. All I can think of is you and your cock – I miss you both. I
      love the way you moan my name as we fuck hard and fast. The way you
      tell me you love me with your hard cock deep inside me as we move;
      not just as your big tit and hairy pussy cock sucker but also as your
      girlfriend. I miss seeing you walking naked in both of our
      apartments; see your cock swaying gently as you move when it's soft
      or hard. My pussy is soaking wet and my nipples are erect and hard
      waiting for you. I wish you were here with me to give them the
      attention that only you can give them. I miss our shower fucks,
      letting each other each know that we're ready to fuck. When I'm in
      your arms, I'm all woman; I don't have to be Col. Mackenzie, just
      Sarah, your lover. I enjoy your body the same way you enjoy my body.
      Being in your arms is an enjoyment for me that I can't let go. In
      your arms I can be just a woman, taking pleasure of my lover's mouth
      all over me, feeling your lips roaming my face, neck, tits, pussy and
      my body in general. When you take me in your arms all I can think of
      is you pleasuring me all over again. I feel your huge tool against my
      flat belly wanting to spread my legs and bare my tits for you, but I
      know you are just as happy when simply holding me. But I know that
      you like to bury your cock in my pussy. But you don't push me to take
      you inside me, you give me the freedom to do that or not. You're the
      only man that I truly feel free with. Harm, my love, I still feel
      you fucking me that wonderful night before you left. My tits were
      smeared with your cum, your large hands cupping my tits massaging
      them and their nipples. I feel you mounting me from behind, your ten
      inch tool parting my pussy lips slowly, filling me as you push deep
      into me, and bottoming out deep in me. I can feel your cock head
      resting comfortably in my cervix. No one has gone that deep into me
      before. Only you, my love, are the only one that has gone that deep.
      Your loud moans make me pump your cock harder and faster, bringing
      you deeper and deeper in to my warm, wet horny pussy that you love to
      fuck so much. I can feel your fingers on my clit playing with it
      while your other hand massages my jiggling tits. We go over the edge

      With all my love,

      October 18, 2003
      Harm's Apartment

      Mac tuned her laptop off putting it in the bag. Stepping off the
      bed, Mac headed to the kitchen. Her breasts and hips swayed sexily as
      she made her way down the steps. She smiled at the thought of Harm
      enjoying her nude body. Rubbing his body against hers, feeling Harm
      pressing his hard gorgeous tool on Mac's ass.
      Mac's hunger for Harm was greater than her hunger for food. She felt
      his presence everywhere in his apartment, as she walked to the
      refrigerator, from photos all over the apartment to everywhere she
      walked in the apartment and in his bed. Harm gave her exclusive
      rights to his balls and cock and the rest of his body to do what ever
      Mac wanted to do. It's one thing that her previous lover didn't do.
      It was one of many things that she loved about him and how Harm
      showed his love for her. Mac loved the way he made her feel by
      respecting her private space.
      The sexual relationship that she and Harm shared was everything she
      expected it to be and eve more. Harm worshipped her body. He gave
      attention to her lovely big tits and large nipples. He'd suck and
      fondle every square inch, leaving no part untouched and kissed. From
      their first passionate fuck Mac knew that Harm was a breast man. Her
      previous boyfriends skipped her tits or didn't give them the
      attention Mac longed for. They all headed for her pussy. Mac would
      always ask herself why she had to be busty, with long sexy legs that
      men liked to be spread wide open and fucked her for their own
      pleasure. But with Harm it was very different. In him Mac found a man
      that loved her as a woman not just as a pair of 38d tits and long
      sexy legs. With Harm's love and understanding Mac felt secure in
      who she was. Harriet had given them a one year worth of counseling
      sessions with a sex therapist as a gift after Mac and Harm became
      lovers. She and Bud had gone shortly after Bud was release form the

      Part 2
      October 18, 2003
      Harm's apartment
      Mac's hunger for Harm was greater than her hunger for food. She felt
      his presence everywhere in his apartment from photos all over the
      apartment to everywhere she walked in the apartment and in his bed.
      Harm gave her exclusive rights to his balls and cock and the rest of
      his body to do what ever Mac wanted to do with his body. It's one
      thing that her previous lover didn't do. It was one of many things
      that she loved about him and how Harm showed his love for her. Mac
      loved the way how he made her feel by respecting her private space.
      Mac smiled at the thoughts she had of the man she loved with all her
      heart. The many dates that Harm took her out were amazing. On many of
      them Mac made some very interesting discoveries in paleontology,
      discovering several new species of dinosaurs. After which she and
      Harm would spend lots of time making passionate love. Also, Harm did
      his best to express his feelings verbally – something that he was not
      very good at. At work Harm would leave love notes
      and stuff like that on her desk when Mac was in court or when he had
      to leave the office to interview witnesses. They would go to either
      one of their offices, lock the door and close the blinds to give them
      privacy. In the little time they had together before one of them
      would have to leave, were spent embraced in each other`s arms. For
      Mac it was something she looked forward to any time both of them were
      at the office. Mac finished her diner with a ninja-girl smile on her
      face. Putting the dishes in the sink she headed for the bathroom
      where a tub for two was filled with warm water. Stepping into the tub
      she settled herself to a relaxing bath with her favorite bath oil
      that Harm had bought for her before he left for that investigation
      three weeks ago. Mac's thoughts drifted to their first date as a
      couple two weeks after they consummated their love for each other.

      June, 2002

      JAG HQ


      FRYDAY 8:00 Am

      MAC'S POV

      "I can't believe it; this is the third time that I'm running late." I
      spoke out loud to myself, walking as fast as I could in my marine
      green skirt uniform and black heels. Harm liked this particular
      uniform out of all the ones I have because Harm said that it showed
      off my legs and caves plus he also liked how my heels make my legs
      and feet very sexy. Last week I had all my uniforms tailored fitted.
      But as much as I liked to wear skirt uniforms for Harm this is one of
      those times were I would not mind wearing a pant suit uniform. Don't
      get me wrong I loved wearing skirt uniforms for Harm especially after
      he told me last night that since we met he liked how sexy I looked in
      my marine green skirt uniform. What Harm enjoyed most was seeing how
      my skirt and blouse hugged every curve of my body as I moved.

      "Good morning Ma'am" I heard Harriet's cheerful greeting over the
      loud clicking noise of my heels hitting the tile floor.

      "Morning Harriet" I yelled behind me as Harriet tried to catch up
      with me, with a full stack of files that I've asked her to prepare
      for me yesterday. I got my keys out of my purse and I unlocked my
      office door juggling my purse and briefcase with the other hand.

      "Harriet, did you put these packages on my desk" I asked, putting my
      purse and briefcase on top of the cabinet.
      "No, Ma'am" she replayed putting the flies on the desk. I picked up
      the package, with "Sarah" in Harm's handwriting, asked Harriet to
      stay a few minutes longer. She told me that it was Harm whom she saw
      coming out of my office earlier this morning. Harriet was the only
      one who knew at work that Harm and I have been a couple since two
      weeks. I gasped, looking at the outfits that Harm bought for me. He
      had to spend a small fortune on the three complete outfits. Two were
      dresses and one was a skirt outfit. The dresses were low cut with one
      been ankle legs with slits on both sides and bare shoulders. Both
      dresses are fire engine red with spaghetti straps. The other one was
      short above the knee length and covered shoulders. The skirt out fits
      came with one mini skirt and one with below the knee length skirt.
      The skirts and top were red, too. Next I grabbed the lingerie. It
      included two pairs of bras and one pair was very low cut strapless.
      The other one was like the first, very low cut but, a convertible
      bra. The last two were open cups so that my nipples would be bare.
      Obviously for use when we're at home. Next to it was an open tits
      shelf bra, also for use at home. The panties were bikini panties and
      red like the bras, also there were two crouchless panties for me to
      wear at home. Red like all the other bra and panty sets. Wow! There
      are even five pairs of shoes. Three of them with 4 ½ inch heels and
      two with seven inch heels, all were red satrapy heels with one pair
      been pointy toe and the other one been square toe.
      "Commander Rabb is so romantic. The outfits and lingerie are so
      beautiful. I 'm
      so glad that you and the Commander are finally together after so many
      years of
      hurting each other." I replay to Harriet's comments. She's almost
      crying now as
      I pack the outfits and putt them away. "Yes he's very romantic."
      Lastly I open
      the jewellery; it's the most beautiful thing I've seen in all my
      life. The pendant
      and earnings come as a set. In his note Harm asked me if
      I'd wear the pendant between my tits and the clip on ring and chain
      on the
      nipples. His note also said that he wants me to wear them under my
      uniform as a
      tangible token of his love for me.

      JUNE 2002,
      MAC'S POV
      I'd come home early from work to get ready for my first date with
      Harm as his girlfriend. We've been a couple for only two weeks.
      I took a forty five minute bath and here I'm standing naked in my
      bedroom in front of the mirror getting ready. Picking the gold chain
      and rings I clipped them on my nipples, adjusting the chain for
      length. All day I've been thinking about getting laid by Harm. I was
      in this same room and bed that he and I we were fucking passionately
      in the early hours of this morning. That's why I came in late to work
      this morning. "Harm will defiantly like it when he sees the gold
      chain and rings on my nipples" I talk to myself-picking up the
      strapless bra, form the bed.

      The bra is lacy and fire engine red with front close sure. "Harm does
      have a
      good taste in lingerie" I say to my self as I fasten the bra. Last
      night he said he liked it when I wear front clasp bras. Checking one
      more time I make
      sure that the bra fits snugly against my tits. Next I put on the
      matching string
      bikini; nylons and garter belt leaving the red square toe heels for
      last. I can see
      Harm enjoying undressing me later on tonight. I'm looking forward to
      undressing me tonight. Lastly I slipping in the red dress its low cut
      slits with spaghetti straps.

      The dress hugs all my curves like a second skin perfectly. As I look
      at my self
      in the mirror I can all ready see Harm's gaze roaming all over me his
      hands and
      mouth roaming all over my body . That thought is going through my
      head while buckling my pumps on. Harm is the first and only man that
      I've allowed to
      great me with kisses on my tits, that is very special for both of us,
      as a
      couple. It's another way for both of us to break away from what
      couples do
      traditionally. I'm not bordered that the man I love likes my tits,
      not only as
      sexual objects and pleasure that we both enjoy and like, but also
      some thing of
      beauty to be admire as part of me that makes the woman that he loves.
      I enjoy
      pleasuring Harm with my big tits, and receiving pleasure by him on
      the tits. At
      either of our apartments in the evenings after work I'm usually
      walking topless, enjoying Harm's nude body and his gorgeous dick
      fully erect at attention just
      for me, waiting for me to giving it the attention with my
      mouth; tits, hands and pussy. The doorbell rang as soon as I had
      finished getting dressed, the locket resting in my cleavage. I head
      for the door I already know that is Harm at my door but still check
      through the peep hole my heart is beating fast and for him. "Hi
      handsome" I greet him, inviting him in my home. He's so sexy in that
      navy blue suit and black dress shoes. His eyes light up with that
      wonderful blue color.
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