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newbie hello and a beta reader needed ^_^

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  • leucus narciso
    hey ^_^ my name s sasha. i usually go by the name narciso, but i don t mind which one gets used. i m a guy, just to clear that up .o; xD i like gundam wing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2006
      hey ^_^

      my name's sasha. i usually go by the name narciso, but i don't mind which one gets used. i'm a guy, just to clear that up >.o; xD i like gundam wing a/c, gensomaden saiyuki, gravitation, FAKE, harry potter, weiss kreuz .. there may be more .. but i don't know xD i don't really have any favourite authors; i'm usually willing to read anything by anyone and love it [ that's if it's decent :3 ]. i don't beta read, i'm here looking for a beta, but i thought i'd introduce myself anyway. i just write [ badly ] ^^;;

      anyway. onto my plea.

      i'm in serious need of a beta reader, because i had an absolutely wonderful one, but then her work load got too much to help me, which i don't mind at all. but since then i've not been able to get a new beta ; . ; and i've started writing properly again now. the fic i'm writing is called 'confessions of a teenage boy in love' [ i'd like to think people have heard of it, but i know it's not the case xD ] and it's gundam wing A/C fandom, 1x2x1 and 3x4 pairings. it's an NC-17 yaoi [ as you may have guessed ] and it's in need of a lot of help. i've been updating by just running it through a spell checker and apologizing in the authors notes for any inconsistencies, i know it's not very professional [ cause i usually like to make sure everything's okay before i post things ] but i thought feedback from readers would help if i didn't have a beta.

      so! i'm hoping someone can help me :3 i really need someone that can give me the honest truth about my writing ^^; if there's anything else you need to know just wing an email over to me and i'll answer you as best i can ^^

      so, wanna help?

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