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HOTSHOES 4 ready to go!

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  • Mystery Frank
    AGENT WITH STYLE www.agentwithstyle.com is happy to announce that HOTSHOES 4 a gen Hardcastle and McCormick zine is ready to ship out! This 142-page digest
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2006

      is happy to announce that

      HOTSHOES 4

      a gen Hardcastle and McCormick zine
      is ready to ship out!

      This 142-page digest zine contains the intriguing novella, "What
      Happens in Vegas," by Cheri deFonteny.

      Out of the blue, Judge Hardcastle decides to take a vacation to
      Las Vegas, and takes Mark along with him. But as soon as they get to
      town, the judge becomes very cagey, each day giving Mark lots of
      money to go gamble, then disappearing for hours at a time. As the
      days pass, McCormick becomes more and more concerned at Hardcastle's
      behavior, but every time he asks, the judge angrily rebuffs him,
      telling him 'it's personal' and to stay out of it. But when a cop
      shows up at their breakfast table, demanding Hardcastle come downtown
      with him to answer some questions about a recent murder, Mark decides
      he can no longer let the stubborn donkey keep him out of whatever's
      going on. He *has* to help. But how?


      Mark returned to his spot on the edge of the bed. "So where do
      you want to start?"
      Hardcastle appeared genuinely baffled. "Start what?"
      "Jeez. The investigation, Judge, what else?"
      "We didn't come here to do any investigating, McCormick."
      McCormick turned a punishing glare on Hardcastle. "We didn't
      come here to get you arrested, either," he retorted angrily, "but
      here we are, one police detective's whim away from you with a number
      stenciled on your chest."
      Had he not been staring so intently at the other man,
      McCormick might have missed the brief flicker of emotion that ran
      across Hardcastle's face. Even so, it was quick enough that he
      couldn't identify it. But seeing it was enough to confirm his
      "Dammit, Judge, what are you keeping from me?"
      Hardcastle stared back silently for several seconds, but the
      young blue eyes were relentless.
      "Do you trust me, McCormick?"
      "Uh-huh," McCormick objected immediately, "don't be pulling
      that crap. You can't weasel out of it that easy. I asked you a
      question, and I have a right to know the truth."
      "You certainly do," the judge agreed evenly, "but I asked you
      a question, too. And you should consider carefully, because if you
      trust me, you'll let me handle things the way I see fit without a lot
      of questions."
      "I trust you to be the most stubborn donkey walking the
      earth," McCormick fumed. "And I trust you to get yourself into a lot
      of trouble if you don't have me around." He waited expectantly, but
      Hardcastle wasn't budging.
      Finally, McCormick gave a huge sigh and pushed himself to his
      feet. "Okay, you win. Because the truth is, Judge, I trust you with
      my life. I thought that was a mutual thing, but clearly that was my
      mistake." He had almost reached the door before Hardcastle managed
      any type of response.
      "Where the hell are ya going now?"
      "I don't know," McCormick answered coldly, "but I won't do
      anything to cause you any trouble." He paused in the open doorway
      and flashed a grim smile. "Trust me."
      And then the door slammed behind him.

      Now available! Order yours today!

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