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New gen H&Mc zines at AWS!

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  • Mystery Frank
    To commemorate the release of Hardcastle and McCormick season 1 on DVD (www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000EGGBEO/qid%3D1140003132/702- 2542018-6019250)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2006
      To commemorate the release of "Hardcastle and McCormick"
      season 1 on DVD


      is proud to debut 3 BRAND NEW
      Hardcastle and McCormick gen zines!

      HOTSHOES 1
      digest-sized; 138 pages
      "Aggie's Visit" by Owlcroft
      "Have We Met?" by Susan Bischoff
      "Being There" by Cheri deFontenay

      HOTSHOES 2
      digest-sized; 114 pages
      "No Substitute" by Cheri deFonteny
      "Lunchdate at the O.K. Corral" by Owlcroft
      "Before the Thunder Rolled" by Cheri deFonteny
      "A Very Nice Blur" by Michelle Christian
      "The Art of Deception" by L.M. Lewis

      HOTSHOES 3
      digest-sized; 130 pages
      "The Twig" by Owlcroft
      "Deal of a Lifetime" by Cheri deFonteny

      and available in four days (but available for ordering now)

      HOTSHOES 4
      digest-sized; 144 pages
      "What Happens in Vegas," a novella by Cheri deFonteny

      Come share the tears, love and laughter from our favorite crime-
      fighting duo: Mark McCormick, an ex-racecar driver and ex-con, and
      his keeper and mentor, Judge Milton C. Hardcastle, a retired jurist.
      Together they fuss and fight with each other while taking down the
      bad guys! From the early days of Mark's parole into Hardcastle's
      care, when both men are unsure of where they stand with the other and
      trust is at a premium, to several years beyond, when the love and
      belief in each man is clearly shown by the other, and both count on
      that trust to get them through the troubles that seem to follow them
      around everywhere they go -- these zines have it all. Don't miss
      these fantastic stories by new and exciting authors who expertly
      weave their tales and deftly craft stories that you'll remember for
      days afterward!


      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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