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Fic: One Stop Shopping, Faith/Cordelia, R for language

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  • Desirata43@aol.com
    Just stretching a bit kiddies, got to get something out there...It s been quite a while since I ve written anything. This is a slight detour from my usual
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      Just stretching a bit kiddies, got to get something out there...It's been quite a while since I've written anything.  This is a slight detour from my usual Fuffy fic. I hope you enjoy it.


      Val 5X5




      “One Stop Shopping”



                                                                By Desirata 41
      Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are exclusive
      property Of Josh Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and UPN. I'm
      only a pitiful fool paying homage to characters I love!
      Rating: R for Language and sexual situations
      Pairing: Faith/Cordelia

      Dedication:  To
      Dee…just because

      Summary: Faith is heart broken by a rejection from Buffy, but finds hope from a most unlikely source.
      Feedback: I'm a slave for you, give me a shout out!



      Faith’s POV




      Damn, she’s wearing em’ just like she said she would, and they look criminal.  Cordy has taken the Bogie Femme Fatale to a new level.  I’m not the type to get flustered...by anything or anyone (besides B of course) but just now I can’t seem to think straight.


      My eyes travel down legs that seem to go on forever, stopping where the curve of her hip melts into that...fuck.  That bitch will never get the response from me she’s lookin’ for; I’ll die first. She’s all decked out in black fishnets with a seam down the center, just like they used to wear them in the old days. The blood red Mandarin style silk dress she’s wearing is crying, because it must feel so good against her skin.  I know I would be; if I were that close to her right now.


      How can she walk in those six inch heels anyway?  The answer to that is...very

      well.  Her hips seem to be rolling in on each other slowly, and her shoulders flex and fall to give her the appearance of a big cat on the prowl.  Dangerous and not to be played with was something that came to mind when I saw her tonight.  I was used to slaying vamps, but this was different.  She made me feel threatened, if you can believe that.


      Cordelia has always been the type of lady that guys thought they could never have a chance with, and some women too; I bet.  Well, here it goes.


      “Honestly Faith, If I didn’t know any better...I would swear you were ogling me.”


      “Can’t C, nobody admires you more than YOU do.” I shifted my weight and crossed my legs; leaning against her car.


      “Watch the paint job, I just had it waxed.”  She waved her hand at me like I was a gotdamned bug.


      I smirked at her like I didn’t care and settled back on her car hood.


      “Ya look in a hurry C, anything wrong?”


      “Well number one your presence is bringing down the property value in my neighborhood, and two; I need to pick up a few gifts for Angel’s Christmas party.”

      I snapped my fingers as I walked around to the passenger side of her car and opened the door.


      “Come to think about it that slipped my mind.  See you’re good for something

      Cord.  Mind if I get a lift to the mall?


      She hated it when I called her ‘Cord’, so occasionally I said it just to yank her

      chain.  The way she was lookin’ at me with her nostrils flaring and that flash in her eye; made me want to yank something else...her clothes right off.


      “I suppose it’s the only way I can get on about my business without being harassed, let’s go, and don’t touch anything.”  She slid into the driver’s side and turned on the engine, revving it before she pulled off.




      Cordelia’s POV



      I was used to Faith’s cocky attitude, in a lot of ways it rivaled mine, but she would never out bitch the Queen.  When she’d moved to LA and I found out she would be working with Angel, I wasn’t pleased.  Everyone knew two things about Angel: once he made up his mind there was no changing it, and he and Faith had a history together.  Something none of us looking in from the outside would ever understand.


      “So why are you here Faith?”


      “I think I got the right to be here just like you, I told Angel you would give me shit about all this.” 


      The crisp leather of her jacket crinkled as she crossed her arms, and I knew immediately she was in defensive mode.


      “Not what I meant, I thought you would’ve gone back to the ‘Burg’ for the holidays, with Buffy being the love of your life and all.”


      Her face darkened then, and I sensed it before I felt it.  She reached over and hands that felt like vise grips clutching at my throat, cutting off my air.   The car swerved and my brakes protested at the sudden command out of the blue.  We ended up in a small ditch on the shoulder of the road, just before we’d reached our exit to the mall.


      When my head cleared and my eyes came back into focus, I saw and felt something incredible.  She was rubbing my face, frantic with worry.


      “Aw fuck me…I didn’t mean it baby, you just…shouldn’t have mentioned HER.”


      The look on her face was unmistakable; Faith was almost hysterical with worry…for ME.


      “Shit.  Just say something you bitch...anything!”


      I looked at her through half-opened eyelids that she didn’t even notice were open.  This was too priceless to waste; I had to let her sweat a little longer.


      “Please Cordelia…I didn’t mean to…”


      Her warm, salty tears trickled onto my face one by one, and it was then that I realized; she had been in this place before…with Buffy…that night.  Yet another accidental death that she couldn’t have possibly avoided, but nonetheless was responsible for.  My heart took over my cruelty, and I reached out to her squeezing her arm.


      “Faith…don’t “I traced the side of her face with my thumb, along the indent of that damned dimple I longed to kiss every time I saw her.


      “Tell me you’re alright…PLEASE.”  Her dark brown eyes searched mine with concern.


      “I’ve got the full attention of a slayer, how could I not be?” I said softly, almost intimately...in a way that scared me.


      “You bitch.”


      “Of course I am, isn’t that why your heart is racing?”


      I felt her hands grip my shoulders as she pulled me up and towards her.


      “Want to know what body part you’re really affecting?”


      This was happening too fast, but it was happening, and it was so what I wanted.  Faith brushed her mouth against mine, wetting my lips slightly with the tip of her tongue, smirking slightly as she pulled back when I responded hungrily to her.


      “I always knew you wanted a little piece of this.”


      I sighed then as I felt myself blushing, she had palmed my breast, like it was the most natural thing in the world.







      Faith’s POV



      This shouldn’t have happened.  Cord just pressed the wrong button at the wrong time, but it really wasn’t her fault.  No way she could’ve known that I told B I wanted to be with her for the holidays and she turned me down.  I knew things were complicated because of me and Angel, him taking me under his wing and all.  I wanted to settle things…be with her; even if it was just to say goodbye.


      So, I called her out of the blue one day while I had the nerve.



      “What’s shakin’ Slayer?”


      I could hear in her voice that she wasn’t quite sure if it was really me, or what she should say if it was.




      “Yeah B, It’s me.”




      “That happy to hear from me huh?”


      “I’m a little surprised but I shouldn’t be...knowing you.”


      “Do you know me baby?”


      “Don’t be silly Faith, we’re a little different; but still cut from the same cloth don’t ya think?”


      “Not talkin’ bout the Slayer thing Buff.”


      I heard her sigh and then there was a long pause.  I could tell she was thinking, and choosing her words carefully.




      My heart was already breaking; because I knew what she was gonna say, even before I asked it.  You all know I had to though…don’t ya?


      “I’ll just cut to the chase B, I was thinking of coming back to Sunny “D” for the holidays, coming back to you.”


      There, I said it…it was out there.


      “You and I have been through a lot together Faith, and I understand why you left here and started a new life with Angel.”


      “That’s where you’re wrong twinkie…I didn’t start a new life WITH him, it’s more BECAUSE of him.”


      “Well, you’re there and you chose to be…so let’s leave it at that.”


      “Everything has to be so fucking cut and dried with you doesn’t it?  The truth of all this is, you just don’t fucking like losing to anyone.  Me going to LA means one less toy for the ‘Princess’.  That puts a burr up your ass doesn’t it?”


      “So much drama Faith, it never fails with you.”


      “No drama intended B, just trying to figure out why I should stay in love with such a cold, heartless bitch.  You answered my question without me having to kick out any cash for a flight...that’s real decent of you.”


      “Faith...you know it could never work between us.  We tried and, (heavy sigh) I wish you the best.”


      I wouldn’t let her hear it in my voice, but she had just wounded me far worse than any vamp ever could.


      “K baby, call me next time we need to save the world.”




      I hung up the phone before she could say anything else, after all, hadn’t she said enough?







      Present Day


      Faith’s POV


      toward her.   Why didn’t I ever see it before?   Cordelia understood me, I could feel

      it.  That smile she was giving me wasn’t the usual self-satisfied bitch grin she was famous for.


      “Sorry about your shopping baby.”  I moved my hand lower as I spoke to her.


      “I’m thinking I have everything I need Faith, Merry Christmas.”



      THE END


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