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New gen Firefly zine!

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  • Mystery Frank
    Agent With Style will be at ZCon in Chicago on Oct. 20-23, 2005. www.agentwithstyle.com The deadline for ZCon is *midnight EST,* October 16, 2005. If you want
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      Agent With Style will be at ZCon in Chicago on Oct. 20-23, 2005.


      The deadline for ZCon is *midnight EST,* October 16, 2005.
      If you want to make sure you can get a zine, please send us a pre-con

      AWS is pround to announce


      a gen Firefly zine

      From the labyrinthine mind and deft hand of inlovewithnight
      comes a digest-sized zine of previously posted tales about the entire
      Serenity crew -- find out what it's like to be a Companion on a
      spaceship, millions of miles from the civilation of the Core; peer
      behind the thick, impenetrable walls of Jayne Cobb and see what goes
      on in his heart and mind; watch as Book comes to understand each and
      every soul on board, and realizes they're not as far away from God as
      he first supposed; experience Mal's white-hot rage when Kaylee brings
      aboard a former Alliance officer who ordered the massacre of many of
      Mal's troops, and much more. From sadness and tears to laughter and
      love, these stories will hold you spellbound to the very last page.
      Don't miss this zine! (Note: two stories contain mentions of a
      slash relationship.)


      SALVAGE MISSION by inlovewithnight

      "That's him. Hey, dummy! Got someone here to see you."
      The figure didn't so much as look up. It was tapping away at
      something inside the machine with a constant, mechanical rhythm.
      *Tap, tap, tap.* Pause. *Tap, tap, tap.*
      "You hear me boy?" Perry called, striding closer and kicking at
      a clump of dirt lying on the floor. It flew past the man's head, but
      he still didn't move. *Tap, tap, tap.*
      Mal took a step forward. "Jayne Cobb." The tapping stopped.
      The figure went very still. "Do you remember who I am?"
      Slowly, stiffly, the figure got to its feet. The height was
      right, and the broadness of the shoulders. Definitely a big man,
      like he was looking for. The wrench hung loosely from his hand. He
      didn't turn around.
      "Jayne," Mal said quietly, taking another step. "Jayne, it's
      me. It's Mal."
      "Captain." The voice was rough enough to make Mal wince in
      sympathy at the grit in his own throat. Six years of that, and
      apparently not talking all that time to boot. No wonder it sounded
      like it needed oiling. "I didn't tell 'em. Didn't tell 'em
      nothin'. Swear on m' life. M' mama's life."
      "I know, Jayne." Maybe the tightness in his throat wasn't all
      from the grit. "I know you didn't tell."
      He turned around then, stiffly. Mal imagined he could hear the
      bones creaking. It was Jayne, all right; godawful thin, big scar
      across his face, hair and beard rough and matted and eyes staring
      through things instead of looking at them proper. But it was Jayne.
      "They tried real hard to make me," he grated, looking off at
      something over Mal's shoulder and near the ceiling. "Lots of tricks
      up their sleeves. But I did 'em one better." His gaze wandered to
      Mal's face and focused for a moment. "Don't even remember what it is
      I didn't tell 'em. Pushed it to the back of my head so I wouldn't
      let it slip. Ended up pushing it clean out. But I didn't tell."
      The focus faded, and his eyes settled on the floor somewhere near
      Mal's boots.
      "No, you didn't. Wouldn't be standing here if you had." He
      took another tiny step, trying to catch Jayne's attention, get his
      eyes back again. Wanting to thank the man for taking the fall and
      saving their lives. For winding up here, grounded on a rock after
      the Alliance chewed him up and tossed him out with the garbage, while
      the rest of them stayed up in the sky with Serenity.
      "Wanted you to know that," Jayne mumbled, turning back to the
      machine. He lurched back to his knees, settled himself, lifted the
      wrench again. *Tap, tap, tap.*

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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