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New gen crossover zine!

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  • Mystery Frank
    Agent With Style will be at ZCon in Chicago on Oct. 20-23, 2005. www.agentwithstyle.com The deadline for ZCon is *midnight EST,* October 16, 2005. If you want
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      Agent With Style will be at ZCon in Chicago on Oct. 20-23, 2005.


      The deadline for ZCon is *midnight EST,* October 16, 2005.
      If you want to make sure you can get a zine, please send us a pre-con

      AWS is pround to announce


      a gen CSI: New York / Without a Trace / Hellboy novel

      In this amazing novel, deftly woven together by Nina A. Smith, a
      dead Metropolitan Museum guard, a missing painting-and-sculpture
      conservator and a stolen scimitar which might have magical and
      demonic properties bring together the worlds of CSIs, the Missing
      Persons Unit and demon-hunter Hellboy from the Bureau of Paranormal
      Research and Defense, in order to find out what happened at the Met,
      and stop evil before it starts. Strong personalities and specific
      ideas of how the investigation should be conducted, not to mention
      Hellboy, a demon himself, contribute to the tense atmosphere between
      the groups -- until FBI agent Martin Fitzgerald disappears, literally
      into thin air. Now the cops, agents and demon-hunters must work
      together to rescue him before his sacrifice sets off a chain of
      events from which the world will never recover. Don't miss this
      wonderful tale!


      It was a tense and bewildered group of NYPD detectives that met
      an apprehensive group of FBI agents as their cars pulled up before
      the wrought-iron gates.
      "It's good to see you here," Detective Taylor declared to Agent
      Malone as they left their vehicles and recognized each other. "Now
      maybe we'll get some answers."
      Malone shrugged as he turned to look at the gates and the
      immense brick lump of the building beyond. "Not from us."
      "Why not? We got a call from the FBI asking us to be here
      now." Taylor also looked toward the ugly edifice that squatted like
      a resting boar behind the black metal bars. With a glance, he
      indicated the modest sign identifying WASTE MANAGEMENT
      SERVICES. "I'd really like to know why."
      "Frankly, so would we," Malone replied. "We got a call, too.
      He claimed to be from FBI special ops. No further explanation. If
      there's a task force or special unit assigned to this case, it'd be
      nice to be told about it, especially considering that a member of my
      teams disappeared two hours ago in the course of this investigation."
      Flack's eyes narrowed coldly. "Yeah, that was fun. Now I
      really, *really* want to know who called us here -- and for what."
      Among the seven of them, eyes met and hands began to reach for
      Detective Bonasera's gaze had gone to the door of the building;
      she was the first to see it open, and a small figure grow rapidly
      larger as it approached. "Looks as if we're about to find out."

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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