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Revelations (Part 1b/?) (First in New Series)

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    Title: Revelations Author: Skyler Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (NC-17 in later stories in this series) Content: Graphic Violence, perhaps a few graphic language
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      Title: Revelations
      Author: Skyler
      Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (NC-17 in later stories in this series)
      Content: Graphic Violence, perhaps a few graphic language points
      Spoilers: None (This story takes place during the Angel Series but the story
      ideas are completely my own)
      Summary: Someone's new in town and causing defenses to heighten in Los
      Angles. Not only among the human world but among the demon world as
      well...and that someone is watching Angel...but why?
      Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own any of the characters involved with
      Angel. They belong to Joss Whedon, the WB, and Fox.

      Part 1b: Now Leaving Los Angeles: Early Departure

      Willy smiled triumphantly as he looked over his new established bar. "Why
      didn’t I think of this sooner." He shook his head. "A bar, for demons. A gold

      He was right. That tiny little bar was filled from entrance to exit. Which
      happened to be the same door but it was filled. Tonight’s income would equal
      as much as he’s ever made in his short life. But shows then right. For years
      he worked and worked until the pus came from the blisters on his palms. His
      mother even doubted him. Hell she even disowned him. What did he have to
      live for? The bar, that’s what. He grinned. "The demon bar!" His thoughts
      were interrupted when all the noise, including the fights, suddenly came to a
      halt. It was silent enough to hear the footsteps approaching the entrance.
      A demon moved just out the way enough to clear his view of the new one.

      The leather clad, helmet covered newbie approached the bar staring at the
      demon sitting in front of him. Without a moments hesitation, it moved,
      fleeing off the blend with the rest of the silent room. But when Willy looked
      at him, he could tell that through that helmet, he stared right back at him.
      Willy couldn’t help but stare at him, for he wasn’t a him. He was a her. He
      could tell by the way the leather tube top hoisted them up moderately.

      "C-Can I help you?" He asked nervously, wiping his clammy hands off on his
      slacks. She lifted the slot of his helmet, allowing him only to see her eyes.

      "I need some information"

      A simple statement. A statement he was all too familiar with. "Okay" He
      swallowed hard. "I can give you that. Because if you need information, I’m
      your guy." Her pointed stare told him clearly to keep it short and simple.
      "What information?"


      "Oh you mean Angel?"

      "Don’t make me repeat myself" She warned, knowing she was here longer than
      she needed to be. She planned on getting her information within a few minutes
      then leaving. She had already been there too long and the fight was brewing.

      "No" He immediately said, covering himself. "What do you wanna know?"

      "Tell me all that you know" she said. "I’ll tell you when to stop."

      He nervously responded. "Well I don’t know. I mean, believe me I wanna tell
      you but Angel’ll probably kick that crap out of me." She only chuckled.
      "What’s that laugh for?" As soon as the words left his lips, he regretted
      them. She was so fast no demon in the room could comprehend how she got to
      the other side without jumping. It was like she just walked through the wood
      of the bar itself. Grabbing him by his neck with one hand, she lifted him up
      in the air, slamming him into the alcohol shelf behind him. Bottle broke,
      surely lacerating his skin and digging in at some places.

      "Oh that’s gonna need stitches" Willy’s voice was barely audible since there
      was so much pressure being put on his vocal cords.

      She squeezed even tighter. "You don’t worry about Angel. I’ll take care of
      him. You just tell me what I want to know. If not, Angel won’t get a chance
      to kick your ass. And I don’t mean that in a good way"

      During her speech, Willy had been looking behind, at the muscular demon
      approaching her with a bat with a wooden bat in hand. On the end of that bat:
      two ivory spikes. She was gonna get sent right back to hell where she came
      from. Or at least that’s what he thought.

      Every hair on the back of her neck stood up, sensing the onslaught that was
      about to come. In one fluid motion, she shot her right leg back, her heavy
      steel toe boot connecting the stalker square in the middle of the chest,
      sending him flying into the opposite alcohol shelf, smashing what seemed like
      hundreds of bottles. That only heightened the mood. Dropping the little man
      she had actually bothered to spend more than a minute with, she spun around,
      catching the hand of another attacker. Twisting it until she could hear bones
      crack, She served it an upper cut that sent him flying back just enough that
      she could catch the foot that was aimed at her face. Spinning the leg away,
      she caught the foot’s owner by the neck and snapped, letting it crumble to
      the ground.

      It was a flurry of demons that were heading her way, but she only took her
      head. She onto the car counter-top, she blacked a few punched, sending away
      demon after demon while Willy lay in a heap on the floor, trying to
      helplessly avoid all the action.

      Using a demon’s head, she slammed it into the counter-top, easily breaking
      the wood in half right down to the concrete floor. A piece of wood popped up,
      which she instinctually grabbed out of the air, turning, and plugging it into
      the heart of an oncoming vampire. Within seconds it exploded into dust, with
      her walking through it, the dust swirling about her.

      The chair creaked as he leaned back in it, propping his feet up on the
      rotting wooden of the crate in front of him. Pressing his thumb to the blade,
      Gunn slid it through the wood of the stake he was sharpening. holding it up
      to his face, he pressed his thumb to the tip, pulling it away immediately
      after feeling it starting to press into the skin. Losing his train of
      thought, he jumped to his feet when he heard the squeaking of the door’s
      hinges. Turning quickly, he held the stake up high intending on attacking.
      But he shook his head in disdain at the sight of the intruder. "Don’t you
      ever knock?"

      "I could" Angel smiled. "But what would be the point in that?"

      Gunn plopped down in the chair he was previously sitting in. "How about
      saving me a heart attack?"

      Angel chuckled, breathing out a sigh as he walked around in front of him.
      "Look I don’t come her often so I’m just gonna cut to the chase."

      "Why don’t you do that?" Gunn replied.

      Angel swallowed hard, pulling his hands out his jacket pockets. "The other
      night, last night to be exact. I was hunting a demon."

      Gunn interrupted slightly laughing. "What’s so unusual about that?"

      "What’s so unusual about that is because I should be dead."

      Gunn’s laughter stopped immediately, signaling for him to continue. "I’ve
      escaped death time and time again, but this time in every possible way, I
      shouldn’t be standing here before you. But I am." Angel turned to the window,
      looking out at the city he called home. "I was cornered, but something


      "The demon sensed something. Like something was they’re with us but I didn’t
      see anything" Angel relived the moments in his head. "But whatever it was
      scared it. Scared it to death. I could feel it." He shook his head. "It ran.
      But it didn’t get very far. It turned the corner, got a couple yards. there
      was a scuffle then it was dead." He turned back to him. "But it was me that
      killed it."

      Gunn’s laugh was unsuspected. "So you came here to ask me if I did it?"

      Angel’s look was serious. His eyes narrowed. "Did you?"

      "Look" He snapped. "I think I would remember if I killed some demon during
      the middle of the night. Hell, if I killed a demon you were supposed to I’d
      be rubbing it in your face let alone from the fact that I saved your life."
      Gunn shook his head. "It wasn’t me. I’m sorry but I’m not the man you’re
      looking for. As much as I wanna be."

      Willy grabbed a hold of the counter-top, pulling himself up as a bottle
      crashed to the floor behind him. Poking his head up over the top, he looked
      at the state that used to be his bar. Bodies laid randomly in heaps around
      the floor. All taken down by one person. Her. Pulling into a standing
      position, he spotted her bending down at a body, picking up some bottle. She
      pulled the top off as she walked to the door, glass cracking under her feet.

      He watched her leave through the door, walking halfway up the steps until he
      could only see her feet. It seemed to happen in slow motion as she
      deliberately dropped the alcoholic beverage. Probably vodka. A large bottle.
      It smashed into a million pieces, the pieces bouncing down the steps lining
      them. Meanwhile, the highly alcoholic liquid flowed back like a water,
      gracefully. It followed back into the room, entering through cracks in the
      floor, separating into different directions like rivers from an ocean.
      Willy’s attention was focused to one flow unparticular where it stopped
      against a wall where a hose was pulled from the wall; gas leaking steadily
      into the room.

      Before he could even blink, the back door slammed shut, followed by the sound
      of it locking. the side door soon followed. His eyes immediately settling on
      the front door as it did the same, locking itself.

      Standing in the same spot, she pulled out her light out her duster’s inside
      pocket. Bringing it to life, she looked at the small fire that came from it.
      What pleasure it brought her. Letting it fall, struck the vodka, catching a
      blaze and following its trail back down the steps. Shutting the shade of her
      helmet, she proceeded up the steps, leaving only the sounds of Willy’s
      struggle to escape.

      The sounds of guns loading and clicking into place greeted her on the street.
      "Freeze!" He must have been the sergeant. "Get down on the ground, and put
      your hands behind your head." She stood her ground, just staring in their
      direction. Glancing at the two other cops, he nodded and said again. "I
      repeat, get down on the ground and put your hands behind your head."

      The phrase had no effect on her as it was repeated over and over again. The
      cops couldn’t hear her for no mortal ears could. Not the words she whispered.
      All the sounds seemed to settle and become silent as her voice penetrated the
      air against the faint breeze. "Boom"

      The basement floor exploded under them and behind her. The cops flew through
      the air, hitting the ground hard from the force of the explosion. Flames shot
      from the windows, the basement level caving in, the buildings suddenly
      violently sinking into the ground.

      Wesley sat at the computer, trying to figure out how to use the computer.
      "Bloody modern device." The piercing sound of the explosion suddenly hit, the
      building shaking. The force shot Wesley to the ground, covering his head as
      the glass windows shattered around him, scratching up his arms.

      It wasn’t him. But who was it. There was no one else. Buffy was definitely in
      Sunnydale that day. He even called Giles to make sure of it. It could’ve
      been Faith. But then again, that wasn’t her style. She usually had a motive
      to kill anything...or anyone. But who was it?

      Angel looked in his rear view mirror as he switched lanes, but as he was
      doing so the ground started shaking, cars moving in all directions, fender
      benders occurring along with head on collisions. Stomping on the breaks, he
      just avoided one himself but got hit in the back. People ran around, yelling
      "Earthquake." But Angel knew how an earthquake felt but this wasn’t an
      earthquake. It was something else.

      The fire was starting to spread to the surrounding buildings, wild and
      blackening the sky. Debris rained down on the cops that were laid out on the
      asphalt, severely injured. But she still stood, in the same spot she was in.
      Finally moving, she walked casually toward her motorcycle parked along the
      opposite curb. Hopping onto it, she looked over her dirty work. Impressive,
      she thought to herself. Too bad it had end this way. Kick starting the bike,
      she kicked back the kickstand then sped off only leaving the skid marks of
      burnt rubber.
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