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Revelations (1a/?) (First in New Series)

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    Title: Revelations Author: Skyler Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (NC-17 in later stories in this series) Content: Graphic Violence, perhaps a few graphic language
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2000
      Title: Revelations
      Author: Skyler
      Rating: PG-13 to NC-17 (NC-17 in later stories in this series)
      Content: Graphic Violence, perhaps a few graphic language points
      Spoilers: None (This story takes place during the Angel Series but the story
      ideas are completely my own)
      Summary: Someone's new in town and causing defenses to heighten in Los
      Angles. Not only among the human world but among the demon world as
      well...and that someone is watching Angel...but why?
      Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own any of the characters involved with
      Angel. They belong to Joss Whedon, the WB, and Fox.


      Angel lashed out with an upper cut of his own, the vampire landing spread
      eagled on his back with a sickening thud. Angel watched cautiously as the
      vampire regained its composure, wiping the blood off its chin. The vamp
      looked down at the blood staining the back of its hand. Angel took that
      moment to make a funny. "I think you need to wipe your mouth...your
      bleeding." With a growl of frustration, the vamp charged, intending on
      ending the life of the much older vampire.
      Above that very alley, two stories up, where the wind drifted ever so
      gently through the night, the figure watched from atop its perch, studying
      this, this vampire with a soul. How amusing he was. Doing the world a
      favor. Had he no logical morals? Ever since they had arrived, they had been
      studying this character. Not for competition, but...for a challenge. Not
      for physical aspirations, but a mind bender, something to do in the off time.
      What little he knew. What little he knew about the night and the demon
      world. He based his world on vampires, simply demons, hookers. But that's
      where it stopped for him. But the shadowy figure shook their head. Oh, what
      little he truly knew.
      The stake went smoothly through the chest cavity of his charging
      opponent, and slickly through it's heart. The dust settled at his feet,
      Angel staring at it for a few moments. Glancing around, Angel turned down
      the alley, heading back toward the crowded streets of L.A. But midway
      through the alley, his vampire instinct kicked in. He felt as if...he was
      being watched. Turning to look over his shoulder, his instincts directed him
      to look at the rooftops, finding them as they had always been: abandoned and
      deteriorating. Narrowing his eyes, he looked harder, but found nothing.
      Only the sounds of emptiness. Stuffing his hands back into the pockets of
      his duster, he continued on his way, on his mission to save the lives that
      inhabited this very city from the very things they had no idea about. Their
      feet hit the ground firmly as he rounded the corner, walking out of sight.
      Their hand rested on the cracked asphalt, keeping them balanced from the
      two-story jump. Standing up slowly, the figure's leather duster slipped over
      its hips, resting inches above the ground. Looking through the viewing slot
      of its helmet, the figure listened to his footsteps as they faded into the
      many that walked beyond that alley. The footsteps of the oblivious.

      Part 1a: Welcome to Los Angeles

      Cordelia leaned back in her desk chair, ever the proper receptionist.
      The nail file glided along her perfectly tamed nails, Cordelia occasionally
      blowing the remnants off. The sound of the elevator door caught her
      attention, knowing that her boss had woken up for a midday "snack" so to
      speak. She pulled her feet down off the desk as soon as she heard the
      ancient elevator come to a squeaking halt. "Good afternoon"

      Angel headed toward his coffee maker without thinking twice about his answer.
      "Good morning Cordelia"

      Cordelia glanced at her watch. "I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s
      almost three o’clock in the afternoon. Man, you vampires sure lose track of
      time fast."

      "Well" Angel took a sip of the black coffee, spoke in almost a whisper. "I’ve
      been busy as off late."

      Nodding her head, she downloaded a false smile on her face. "Right, reading,
      researching. How fun that must be. How I wish I had your intellect. Doubt I
      ever will."

      Angel released a deep-throated chuckle. "One day Cordy."

      The office door opened, Wesley walking in sipping a cup of his own coffee
      seemingly chipper. "Good morning everyone."

      Cordelia looked at him as if she was the only one with any sense. "Oh no. Not
      you too."

      Setting his suitcase down, Wesley gave her a worried glance. "Why? What’s

      "It’s not morning!" She stated in her whiny voice. "It’s 3 o’clock! In the
      after noon. De la tarde!"

      Wesley looked down at the watch on his left wrist. "You’re right. It’s been
      such a slow day I’ve seemed to have lost track of time."

      Cordelia flopped back in her seat. "Who are you telling? Which brings up
      another thing. Since we’re having such a slow day and the world’s not about
      to come to an end...I was wondering if I could possibly ask for a day off."

      "Absolutely not-"

      "Sure" Angel interrupted Wesley before he started rattling on about

      Turning to Angel, he stared at him in shock. "What?"

      "Great. There’s a sale going on a Bloomindales's. Half off on everything.
      Which means more for me and...more for me." Cordelia gathered her essentials,
      intent on leaving that place.

      "But Angel-"

      "Bye guys. Oh and don’t wait up guys, there’s a clearance at The Rave"
      Cordelia warned. "Bye"

      "Cordelia-" Wesley got the sound of the door closing. He looked at Angel who
      just looked casually back at him. "Well you know that we won’t have a
      receptionist all day."

      Angel shrugged. "Yes we will"

      "Who? You hired someone else?"

      "No, you" He simply stated.

      Wesley was taken back. "Me?"

      "Yeah. It’s not like we’ve been getting any calls as of late anyway. What’s
      the big deal? Can’t handle a telephone?"

      "No" Wesley was quick to defend. "I think I can handle calls from rich,
      rude...people. Yes, I think I can handle that."

      "Good" Angel slapped him on the back. "Get started." Angel headed into his
      private office.

      Wesley adjusted the collar of his oxford shirt, moving around the
      cluttered desk to sit into the still warm chair. Looking at all the papers
      all over the place, and the little dinky items that should’ve even been
      there. Sighing he groaned. "I never asked for a desk job."
      The streets of Los Angeles weren’t as crowded as usual which would give
      him a better view of the demon he had been tracking. This thing had killed
      two people already. For Angel, that was two people too
      many. Better yet, those were two lives he could have saved. So, he blamed
      himself. Wesley and Cordelia tried to say to him all the time that he
      couldn’t save everybody all the time. He was just one man. He wasn’t a man
      either. He was a demon with the face of a man. A soul tortured by the
      killings of the demon. Killings that plagued his thoughts and dreams. He
      couldn’t remember whether it was hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dead
      souls on his tab, but if he was infamous for it, the latter was probably the
      one he should refer to. So much pain he had inflicted, and so much he had
      endured. And so much more pain he had to look forward to.

      Following him had become such a routine that he was picking up on his every
      move. Listening to his thoughts was sometimes interesting, listening to the
      voices of the dead and the undead. Sometimes even Angelus the demon himself
      would speak and taunt Angel with memories of things important to him. Which
      usually revolved around one person when it came to taunting: Buffy. Some old
      girlfriend she must have been. Someone he loved and lost. Love was for the
      weak. He had no time for it.

      Angel hit the asphalt hard, unneeded wind getting knocked from him. Forcing
      his ridges along his facial features, he turned to glare back at his
      attacker, the green eyes of the demon steadied on him. The yellow horns
      seemed worn, but still could cause some problems unless he wanted to suffer
      some stab wounds to the stomach. Jerking a leg out, he took the demon off
      its feet forcing himself up. With his horns pointed, it charged him, Angel
      sidestepping and sending a stiff kick to it’s back forcing it to the ground.
      The demon immediately got back up, charging Angel before he had a chance to
      move. Angel flew across the alley, hitting hard against a rusty dumpster.
      Angel watched as the demon stalked him, approaching and looked as if it was
      going to finish him. The demon suddenly stopped a few feet away, smelling
      the air for something. It surely had a better sense of smell than he did
      because he could only smell the rotting food in the dumpster behind him. It
      looked up and froze. Angel followed its point of view, only seeing the empty
      roof of an old building. It hissed, and ran heading full speed. Groaning
      loudly, Angel pulled himself to his feet, pain lacing his back like spikes.
      As he was getting up, he stopped, as he heard a fight. It lasted a few brief
      seconds before giving way to a growl and a crack. Then...silence.

      Using the wall he pulled up, then walking toward the end of the alleyway.
      Coming to the end, he carefully turned his head around the corner and
      stopped. There it was, his demon lying there is a heap. Approaching it, he
      saw no movement, heard no heartbeat or breathing. Carefully, he moved around
      in front of it. Its neck was what caught his eye. It was clean broken. But
      that didn’t concern him too much either. What concerned him was that the
      demon was killed...but he didn’t do it.

      Opening the door slowly, the sound of snoring filled the air. Angel could
      only smile. Wesley forever doing his duty for the world. There he was, head
      down on the desk, snoring and drooling. Angel closed the door silently
      behind him, approaching his employee. Reaching his hand out to wake him, he
      stopped midway and decided against it. Making his way to his living
      quarters, his mind was there. It was elsewhere. The demon was dead but he
      didn’t kill it. Nobody he knew could’ve done it. Wesley was at the office.
      Cordelia was busy on a shopping spree. Kate was nowhere near strong enough to
      take on anything remotely supernatural.

      The thought hit him quickly: Gunn. He didn’t have the strength but he had
      the smarts. He’d been tracking demons long enough to figure out how to
      tackle the more difficult ones. Angel fell into the cozy lounge chair, lost
      in thought. It to had to have been him. Who else could it have been?
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