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Re: ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT: Need beta. Drama/Angst/Horror with a dash of comedy

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  • Toxic Mind
    If nobody has yet responded, I d be interested. You can email me your story, if you wish. ... like ... issues.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 22, 2005
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      If nobody has yet responded, I'd be interested. You can email me your
      story, if you wish.

      --- In Beta_Unlimited@yahoogroups.com, "vampirefamine"
      <vampirefamine@c...> wrote:
      > Hi my name is Itachi-hime. This isn't a fanfic, but someone might be
      > interested. I am writing a story called the web, that
      > recently I've been having concerns if it's still worth working on. I
      > have a friend that basicly betas for me, but she is only one person
      > and I would like to get another's opinion. However, my story is
      > somewhat mature: and I was hoping I could find someone who would
      > to read what I have so far. It's a bit shorter than it was before
      > since recently I started rewriting it because of point of view
      > It's 32 pages, respond if you are interested?
      > Sincerely,
      > Itachi-Hime
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