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  • Mystery Frank
    Deadline for pre-con orders for the following cons -- -- Gatecon in Vancouver, BC -- Official Star Trek Con in Las Vegas, NV Pre-con orders accepted until
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2005
      Deadline for pre-con orders for the following cons --

      -- Gatecon in Vancouver, BC
      -- Official Star Trek Con in Las Vegas, NV

      Pre-con orders accepted until 11:59 EST on
      July 18, 2005

      Want to make sure we bring the zines you want?
      Send us a pre-con order!

      Please note that we'll be on the road for these cons for nearly a
      month, so all orders placed through our website after July 20 will be
      filled when we return home in mid-August.


      * www.agentwithstyle.com *


      * The Fugitive *

      THE CURE

      In this slash novella by Melody Clark, when Dr. Richard Kimble
      gives testimony before Senate sub-hearings for FDA approval of a drug
      called Provasic, there is only one U.S. Chief Deputy Marshal to head
      his protection, Sam Gerard. When old enemies in new places once more
      threaten Richard's life, it's Sam's job to make sure his good friend
      remains alive. But Sam's feelings for Richard have grown much deeper
      than friendship and their future together soon takes a very different
      turn that will change their lives forever. In the aftermath, another
      Deputy Marshal also finds his own life eternally changed. Thoroughly
      engaging, you won't want to miss this zine! And as a special bonus,
      for as long as supplies last, get a FREE CD of "The Fugitive" song
      vids by Melody!


      * The Man from U.N.C.E. *


      In this novella by PJ Morvant-Alexander, now available in both
      slash and gen versions, Solo and Kuryakin go on a manhunt when fellow
      U.N.C.L.E. agents start disappearing. Those that are found die
      shortly afterwards, screaming the words to a Beatle song: "Nowhere
      Man". All die, that is, save one, who manages to warn Solo that
      Kuryakin is next. But her warning comes moments too late. Solo
      teams with Dancer and Slate to find his partner before the same fate
      befalls him, while an amnesiac man known only as Blue is found
      wandering in New Orlean's French Quarter. An adventure with a
      surprising nemesis, a diabolical device, a lost soul and an unusual
      rescue team, this multi-award winning novel has been 15 years off the
      shelves and is back at last -- re-edited, with new art and added
      scenes. Don't miss it!


      * Pirates of the Caribbean *


      Written and illustrated by P.S. Nim, this fully illustrated
      graphic novel is a hilarious send-up with most of your favorite
      characters: Keira discovers she's not just making a pirate movie –-
      she's living in it! Jack drinks something he shouldn't, Will has an
      idea, Norrington gets wet, and Murtog and Mullroy go a bit too far....


      In this wonderful gen sequel to L-EE-VERAGE! (also available
      from AWS), written and illustrated by P.S. Nim, things take a
      hilarious turn when young Jackie stows away aboard the Black Pearl.
      But he's not the only difficult passenger.... There's also King
      George III. A wonderful tale of fun and derring-do!


      * Star Trek: Enterprise *


      From the prolific mind of M.J. comes a collection of some of her
      best slash stories, pulled from various sources and now presented for
      the first time in a single <i>thick</i> volume. Mostly Archer/Reed,
      with occasional forays into Tucker/Reed and even a threesome, these
      wonderful stories are not to be missed!


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $11.00 -- MORE THAN HALF OFF! D.M. Kraft has
      written a wonderful book of poems, many of which are fandom-
      inspired. "I Walk Ancient Roads," 2002 winner of a Stargate SG-1
      fiction award for best poem, and written from the perspective of
      Daniel Jackson. "I Hurt When You Hurt" and "So Many Things I Need to
      Say," both inspired by a common theme in Sentinel fic that involves
      Jim and Blair unable to express to one another important thoughts and
      feelings. "Dreaming," a poem that helps explain the importance of
      fanfic to both its writers and its readers, as a genre in which "the
      stories never cease to rise, the heroes never die, and I often find,
      to my surprise, they sometimes even cry...." Don't miss this
      incredible book!


      * Starsky and Hutch *


      Now available with a brand-new cover in gorgeous full color!
      With dozens of fantastic illos inside, this slash zine contains
      stories that run the gamut, but focus on an established relationship
      between David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson. From first page to last,
      you'll love everything about this zine!

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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