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New zines at AWS -- part 2

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  • Mystery Frank
    Agent With Style will be at the following conventions in July and August: SHORE LEAVE -- Baltimore, MD -- deadline for pre-con orders is July 2, 2005 STARGATE
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2005
      Agent With Style will be at the following conventions in July and

      SHORE LEAVE -- Baltimore, MD -- deadline for pre-con orders is July
      2, 2005

      STARGATE SG-1 OFFICIAL CON -- Boston, MA -- deadline for pre-con
      orders is July 8, 2005

      GATECON -- Vancouver, BC, Canada -- deadline for pre-con orders is
      July 15, 2005

      CABRILLO CON (Starsky and Hutch) -- Grand Rapids, MI -- deadline for
      pre-con orders is July 15, 2005

      STAR TREK OFFICIAL CON -- Las Vegas, NV -- deadline for pre-con
      orders is July 15, 2005

      Any zine listed below or on our webpage at www.agentwithstyle.com is
      available for a pre-con order. The deadlines for pre-con orders is
      11:59 pm EST of the date listed. No exceptions! If you want to make
      sure you can get a zine, please send us a pre-con order!

      Agent With Style


      * The A-Team *


      It's postulated that at least 90% of the mass of the universe is
      made of dark matter, which has yet to be directly detected. And just
      like that unproven, but thought-to-be-there matter out there in
      space, there are dark matters all around us, from UFOs to conspiracy
      theories to ghosts, ghoulies and politicians that go bump in the
      night. Add in vampires, ghosts, witches, government conspiracies and
      extraterrestrials, and you've got this wonderful gen zine with
      stories that'll hold you spellbound to the very last page. Join
      Hannibal, Face, B.A. and Murdock as they face dark devils -- both
      real and imagined.


      * Beauty and the Beast *

      FAERY TALE 1
      FAERY TALE 2
      FAERY TALE 3

      With a love so true and strong that it can only seem like a long-
      ago tale told to amuse children, the unbreakable, unassailable
      relationship between Catherine and Vincent shines like a modern-day
      faery tale and that love ripples and flows throughout the stories in
      these collections. Don't miss a single one!


      * Lord of the Rings *


      J.R.R. Tolkien once expressed the wish that his mythology for
      England would spark and inspire more stories, thus engendering
      living, evolving mythology, and the authors in this fantastic zine do
      not disappoint with stories that explore the reason -- however wrong -
      - behind Denethor's distrust of his younger son, Faramir, to those
      that explore Middle Earth and the Fellowship with sensitivity, depth
      and skill. With a beautiful color cover by Morgan Reinhold, you
      can't miss out on this keeper of a gen zine!


      The stories in this gen zine are in the universe set up in "The
      Road Goes Ever On" (also available from AWS). Here you'll find such
      stories as -- Frodo decides it's time to clean out the storerooms at
      Bag End. Amid the junk and dust, he finds some very interesting
      things, including a mysterious box which changes his destiny -- and
      effects everyone around him. And Sam and Frodo are caught in an
      early blizzard, but, luckily, they are found by a mysterious elf who
      lives in a secluded valley. Jarnal is a Grey Elf from Mirkwood--or
      is he? And much more!


      * Magnificent 7 *


      In this enthralling gen novel by Katie Penland, with a colorful
      cover by Wendy Myers, that is intense, inviting and simply intriguing
      as it pulls you in through every twist and turn, come see what
      tragedy is bad enough to drive the Seven out of Four Corners and away
      from each other, and then what has the strength to pull them back
      together again, to be a force to be reckoned with once more!


      * Multimedia *

      CHINOOK 1

      Just like the warm, invigorating winds that drive away the
      bitter cold of winter, for which this gen zine was named, come
      immerse yourself in warm and wonderful stories that run the gamut
      from dramatic to funny and back again. They'll drive away your blues
      and make you happy to have picked up this zine!


      Flights of fancy and tales of dastardly derring-do fill the
      pages of this gen anthology zine, from "Lord of the Rings"
      to "Starsky and Hutch" to "Houston Knights" and more! Come join in
      the fun!


      * Robin of Sherwood *

      ALBION 13

      Written by some of the best authors in this fandom, the stories
      in this wonderful zine depict a band of friends held together by
      loyalty, love and a shared
      vision of a more just world. Join this merry band of wolfsheads as
      they live, fight and love in Sherwood forest, while avoiding the
      sheriff at all costs.


      * The Sentinel *


      In a gen novel written by Sealie, with a lovely color cover by
      Joyce Hindman, come explore this alternate universe where Sentinels,
      Guides, fantasy, faeries and magick are the foundations of a legend
      that spans the ages. Don't miss it!


      Stories by some of the best-known writers in Sentinel fandom
      grace the pages of these zines, such as Anna Kelly, KAM, Rebel,
      JadeBear, Annie, Crowswork and Deb Down Under. With a gorgeous color
      cover by T.M. Alexander, this is one zine you'll read and re-read for
      the sheer pleasure of it!


      From Stephanie Pollok come sharp, crystal clear song vids that
      are put together with such a deft hand, you'll wonder why she doesn't
      do this professionally! From songs that will make you laugh with joy
      to ones that make you ache with sorrow, these song vids will reach
      right out from the screen to pull you and make you part of Jim's and
      Blair's lives. These DVDs sold like crazy at MediaWest and word has
      spread -- you can't miss these fantastic song vids!


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      This gen zine focuses on the special friendship between Jack
      O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, but don't forget the rest of the team.
      It takes all four of them to make up SG-1, but there's a little more
      attention on the fierce and do-anything-for-you interaction between
      Jack and Daniel. Don't miss this wonderful collection of stories!


      Written by Charli Booker and Gallagater, with a gorgeous wrap-
      around cover, in this gen novel, mere weeks after watching their
      doubles die in the battle against Cronus, SG-1 returns to Juna for a
      victory festival held in their honor. Hoping to lay to rest the
      ghosts of the *other* SG-1, the team finds instead death and mystery
      lurking beyond the celebratory flames of Darian's people. In a
      mission doomed before it began, Daniel searches to reclaim his place
      on the team while Jack battles demons which look hauntingly
      familiar. As SG-1 attempts to solve Juna's deadly secrets, Sam and
      Teal'c must helplessly watch their teammates struggle to find their
      way back home.


      * Starsky and Hutch *


      With a gorgeous color cover by TACS, and dozens of beautiful
      illos inside, this *thick* slash zine has a plethora of stories that
      mostly focus on first-times, but also has tales of every other type
      you can think of. But they all have one thing in common: the love
      of Starsky and Hutch for each other. Don't miss this great zine!


      Topped by a warm, loving cover by Jean Kluge, with dozens of
      fantastic illos inside, this zine contains stories that run the
      gamut, but focus on an established relationship between David Starsky
      and Ken Hutchinson. From first page to last, you'll love everything
      about this slash zine!

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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