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New zines at AWS -- Part 1

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  • Mystery Frank
    Agent With Style will be at the following conventions in July and August: SHORE LEAVE -- Baltimore, MD -- deadline for pre-con orders is July 2, 2005 STARGATE
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      Agent With Style will be at the following conventions in July and

      SHORE LEAVE -- Baltimore, MD -- deadline for pre-con orders is July
      2, 2005

      STARGATE SG-1 OFFICIAL CON -- Boston, MA -- deadline for pre-con
      orders is July 8, 2005

      GATECON -- Vancouver, BC, Canada -- deadline for pre-con orders is
      July 15, 2005

      CABRILLO CON (Starsky and Hutch) -- Grand Rapids, MI -- deadline for
      pre-con orders is July 15, 2005

      STAR TREK OFFICIAL CON -- Las Vegas, NV -- deadline for pre-con
      orders is July 15, 2005

      Any zine listed below or on our webpage at www.agentwithstyle.com is
      available for a pre-con order. The deadlines for pre-con orders is
      11:59 pm EST of the date listed. No exceptions! If you want to make
      sure you can get a zine, please send us a pre-con order!

      Agent With Style


      * Due South / Highlander *


      Written by Angelise, this Due South/Highlander crossover series
      of stories chronicles Chicago Detective Ray Kowalski's breakdown when
      Mountie Benton Fraser happily tells him that he has been transferred
      back to Canada -- and does not invite Ray to go with him. Can Ray
      swallow his fear and admit his feelings to his partner before Fraser
      is gone for good? Or will it take fellow detective Tom Dewey, and
      his Immortal lover, Duncan MacLeod, to get these two men to see the


      * Kung Fu: The Legend Continues *


      From his laconic style of speech to his mysterious past to his
      cool green sunglasses, Detective Kermit Griffin is a study in
      eclectic diversity and hip computer geekiness. With the enthralling
      stories in this gen zine, delve into his mercenary beginnings and his
      current law-abiding (mostly) activities and find out what makes this
      fascinating man tick!


      * Lord of the Rings *


      Written by some of the most outstanding authors in this fandom,
      this gen zine contains delightful stories where Aragorn wants the
      Hobbits to learn how to fend for themselves in the wild; a tale of
      letters between Faramir and Aragorn as the final days of the war draw
      to a close; Boromir is injured in Moria and learns to accept help
      from another of the Fellowship; Pippin's curiosity unleashes a
      potentially deadly creature in Minas Tirith; Frodo finds himself at
      Brandy Hall after his parent's death. It is a lonely time for the
      young hobbit until he meets Pippin Took and a very unusual hobbit --
      Bilbo Baggins; Faramir, Boromir and Denethor are on a diplomatic
      mission to Rohan, and nothing young Faramir does pleases his father.
      And more! Don't miss this wonderful zine!


      * Magnificent 7 *


      In stories written by Sarah and Susan Bartholomew, come help the
      Seven celebrate the holidays in this lovely gen zine. You'll find
      wonderful tales such as: While desperately trying to recover from
      Buck's wild New Year's party, the boys' desire for peace and quiet is
      disrupted by some very unlucky bank robbers, who soon find themselves
      being tracked by seven very cranky men! And after losing nearly all
      of his money playing poker on Christmas Eve, Ezra is determined to
      forgo a Christmas outing with the other men to try to win it all
      back. He seems unmoved by the holiday's message, but some unearthly
      events are about to change his mind... And many more!


      * Multimedia *

      BY MY SIDE 1
      BY MY SIDE 2
      BY MY SIDE 3

      Friends, partners, heros and sidekicks -- all of them closer
      than friends, closer than brothers. Their trust in, and knowledge
      of, each other is total. In dozens of different fandoms, the dynamic
      is the same, someone to watch your back, confide in, be there when
      the world is against you. Come experience these gen zines where
      being by someone's side isn't just the main thing -- it's


      From light to dark, silly to dramatic, the slash pairings that
      make up these beautiful mosaics will entrance and enthrall you in a
      collage of wonderful stories!


      * The Sentinel *


      In these amazing collections of award-winning gen stories
      written by Donna Gentry, a.k.a. Ysone, the Sentinel and Guide
      struggle to deal with the life-altering results of a devastating
      accident; Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances; in a
      world where Sentinels and Guides are recognized and celebrated, one
      Sentinel's painful past leads him to avoid a bond at all costs, even
      as his emerging senses demand one, while one Guide struggles to hide
      the dark secrets that caused him to be branded an outcast, and much
      more! Don't miss these wonderful zines!


      From north of the border to all over the world, Jim and Blair
      find themselves in odd situations, odd times and even odder
      locations. Not two to let a perfect set-up, where no one knows
      them, get away, they spice up their sex lives while solving cases!
      In this issue, you'll find such stories as: Blair's past holds the
      key to Jim's future; Jim awakes to a world that's all wrong; two
      soldiers take a chance on happiness in an uncertain universe;
      tracking a modern-day thief leads Jim and Blair into the past; in a
      world filled with robot servants, one man resists accepting their
      mock-humanity; is a mysterious stranger behind the attempts on Jim's
      and Blair's lives? And much more!

      OBSENADS 2

      The zine everyone has been waiting for: a second collection of
      Jane Mailander's funny and witty snippets and stories that were
      originally posted on the Senad mailing list! Try to follow the
      twists and turns of her ingenious mind as she writes about Jim and
      Blair's relationship from every angle, but especially from
      her 'established couple' angle -- what she calls 'an old married


      * Star Trek: Deep Space Nine *


      The sparks that ignite between Kira Nerys and Odo whenever they
      come into each other's presence are the basis for the stories in this
      wonderful zine. Does the idea of a fiery Bajoran and a mysterious
      shape-shifter learning to love each other, admitting their feelings
      for each other, push your buttons? Then have we got the zine for you!


      * Star Wars *


      This slash zine brings you the Jedi and the Scoundrel as you've
      never seen them before! A kick-ass collection of stories, artwork
      and poetry about our two favorite men, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.
      You'll find action, adventure, romance, humor and tenderness, not to
      mention generous helpings of steamy lovin' between our two gorgeous
      guys. Stories range in length from vignette to near-novella, and are
      lovingly illustrated by some of this fandom's most talented artists.
      From a sumptuous full-color cover to full-color inside illos to a
      free CD of "Star Wars" song vids, this zine's a definite must-have
      for everyone who loves tales of erotic adventure in a galaxy far, far


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      Have you ever felt that an episode just...stopped, with no
      resolution? Covering seasons 1-8, this gen zine contains missing
      scenes that are team-based or individual-based, and which vary in
      humor, angst, hurt/comfort and silliness. Only one missing scene was
      allowed per episode, so there's not a glut of stories all based on
      one or two particular scenes. Come celebrate the different ideas the
      authors have come up with in this fascinating gen zine, with a
      beautiful wrap-around cover, and see what happened *after* the
      cameras stopped rolling!


      This gen zine celebrates the true friendship and brotherly love
      Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson have for each other, and for their
      teammates. Each story holds deeper facets because of the many
      interwoven friendships they portray. If you're looking for good,
      solid, well-written Stargate stories, you can't pass this zine by!


      Looking for something a little different? This slash zine
      contains alternate universe Jack/Daniel stories with our favorite
      pair in unusual situations, some through the quantum mirror, and
      others just a bit askew from the universe we know. Don't miss it!

      PRETENSE 7

      This slash zine is chock full of stories about Jack and
      Daniel...nothing *but* Jack and Daniel, in fact. Jack and Daniel
      coming together; Jack and Daniel already together; Jack and Daniel
      having adventures; Daniel getting whumped.... But mostly just lots
      and lots of Jack and Daniel in love.


      * Starsky and Hutch *


      From canon-based all the way up to the present-day, the stories
      in this wonderful slash zine are a celebration of the love and
      commitment Starsky and Hutch have for each other that is timeless and
      enduring. So from the two young cops we fell in love with on the
      screen to seeing our heroes as older men, dealing with the powerful
      ramifications of a parent's death, these tales will draw you in and
      hold you spell-bound until the last page. And because the editors
      are self-confessed hopeless romantics, all the stories have happy

      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
    • Shabana Khan
      Hey, First off I know somebody sent me a Harry Potter fic to beta read for them. For some reason I have no idea why it isn t saved on my email. So whoever did
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 2, 2005
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        First off I know somebody sent me a Harry Potter fic to beta read for them. For some reason I have no idea why it isn't saved on my email. So whoever did send me the fic, if you still want me to beta read for you re-send the fic.


        On another note I need someone to beta read an original m/m slash story. It's only 3 pages long. What I am looking for is the whole whack I need honest opinions. I was also hoping that someone could do it in the space of 3 days? So if you are interested email me at


        Thank you.

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