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Beta Reader Appreciation Day Announcement

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  • Amy Fortuna
    (sorry for the crosspost) ANNOUNCEMENT Beta Reader Appreciation Day on October 13th Do you remember the last story that made you smile, sigh, gasp, cry or even
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2000
      (sorry for the crosspost)

      Beta Reader Appreciation Day on October 13th

      Do you remember the last story that made you smile, sigh, gasp, cry or even think? Do you remember the author and title? Good.

      Go back to post 0 of that story anyway, scroll down the archival notes and the disclaimers, past the summary, there - notes and thanks to the betas.

      Betas, even the best author needs them.

      For first thoughts on a new story idea, for judging the credibility of a background, a character, a move, for encouragment during the long weeks of writing a 100+ page story, for spotting holes, for keeping the authors on track when they are in danger of losing the focus of their story, for convincing them something just does not work, for nitty gritty grammar fixes, for chocolate covered Jedi at four in the morning...

      Every author needs and wants different things from her betas, but whatever it is, they always want it NOW. When a new story is burning a hole in your pockets you don't give a damn that it's midnight in Down Under or wherever your betas live. And you don't care that it takes a while to read some 50 pages, you just have to know if it's good.

      But betas have lives too. They do what they do for quite a number of reasons, devotion to the fandom always being one of the most important. And they all have this overwhelming desire to share, to give freely
      whatever they can to make a story better, to help an author through the obstacles and traps of writing.

      Devoted betas are as important for a thriving fandom as talented authors.

      It is about time to take a minute and thank all those betas working hard in the background. Therefore October 13th shall be the Beta Reader Appreciation Day.

      We encourage all authors to tell their betas on that day how much their work is needed and valued. We encourage everybody to thank the betas on that day, because we make the story, but they make it good.

      We are also putting together a website dedicated to betas, which is still heavily under construction, since all committee members...well, have lives too.

      Please visit us at: http://devoted.to/BRAD

      Among other things you'll find banners there. By putting them up on your own sites you can help us spread the word.

      You can also help us by passing this letter on to all lists you think might be interested in the project. Help us to make October 13th a memorable day for eveybody, betas, authors, readers in all fandoms.

      If you want to do even more, for example help us with the site or have more ideas, we have our own little list at egoups now. We are a friendly bunch and always welcome more help.

      To subscribe:

      Thank you

      The Committee

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